Battle Info  2003-04-28 Division 3 - Week 5 (7)

Maniacs 0 - 2 griffin's tappra gossar

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Since we've played two dm2s today it's a bit blurry. I think they spawned lower and got quad, but I beat my guy at telly and got the first high rl - neutralizing their quad. What I'm sure of however, and what surprised me a bit, was that maniacs just fell back. They let us have the second quad... the third... the fourth... and just camped out in lower/bigroom sniping our guys one by one - once every 30th sec maybe, so we just reloaded with a new high rl. I think this was their only fallback, and the big reason for the huge score. It wasn't that big of a difference between us, really. //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Well, on our second 100% effi map I must say that maniacs impressed me a bit. They showed good teamwork on a map that isn't all that easy to play. The score, as you can tell, was also much closer when they actually tried to win the map. All I personally wanna say about this map today is - gimme SNG over RL any day! :p //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar


cmt - 2003-03-13 05:02:48
vem vinner
dak - 2003-03-30 01:11:03
slugfestv?rldensb?staqwspelare, s?klart!
Link - 2003-04-29 00:07:40
Ermac wins the game for GTG again!
Sassa - 2003-04-29 00:25:47
it was UL vs maniacs ;) nah just kiddin, GG u guys are la best
Hagge - 2003-04-29 15:37:56
why weren?t the hpwking playing? :) well still gg!

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