Battle Info  2003-04-16 Division 3 - Week 6 (6)

Maniacs 1 - 2 FUDOH

E1M2 - Castle of the Damned





E3M7 - The Haunted Halls





DM3 - The Abandoned Base




nikke - 2003-04-16 01:15:05
Link - 2003-04-16 05:26:08
What do you do if you are bored? Well, here is a suggestion: Get some soda, grab a snack and put on some FUDOH demos :) From my perspective, having played quake/qw since it got out, and then watch the old'n'grey Norwegian Game Over players, who are totally outskilled head to head by the young Swedes from Maniacs and CB2, winning games, on pure tactic, is just fucking fun to watch at least for me. Warrior have not touched qw for, what, 3 or 4 years? Still he plays 4on4 TP like a CS god from hell. Back in the old days bunnyjumping was not invented, when it finally got invented, most of the old quake gurus started to do other things than qw. Then a whole new breed of quakeworld players grew up, they learned their bunnies and rljump-scripts on dm6, going +forward in maxspeed 600. Add that to a 1ghz+ cpu and 24/7 qw-playing and there was your new breed of qw'ers. Well, in the FUDOH demos vs [0] and CB2, you can see the star players of 1996-1998, who dont know nothing of bunnyjumping and RL-scripting just play some good old solid 4on4 tactics. Well, that was enough vs the new breed of players that totally outskilles them head to head, even on dm3 and e1m2. And when the Swedes then starts to whine on e3m7 when Stalin assrapes them, well, being the Norwegain that I am, can it get any better than this ? :))))
diablo - 2003-04-16 06:35:37
sorry but we play for fun and e3m7 is just not fun. nuff said.
Strife - 2003-04-16 10:29:19
Whine Diablo, whine.
Hagge - 2003-04-16 11:47:47
gg gamla norrbaggar! ;)
Link - 2003-04-16 13:18:28
Try and look at it from Stalin's pov, do you think he had fun? =) Demo is highly recommended :))
crazymac - 2003-04-16 14:40:25
e3m7 rocks! lots of action.!
gah - 2003-04-16 15:08:20
men diablo du suger b?g du kan fan bara spela 3 banor, dm2, dm3 och e1m2 i tp, j?vla sopa, o bara f?r du inte tkr en bana ?r skojj s? beh?ver det inte betyda att andra inte kan g?ra det? idiot? jah ...
Janozh - 2003-04-16 17:06:50
nice. gg.
oCoiNi) - 2003-04-16 17:42:42
btw,that was the first time FODOH won on dm3 ;))
znappe - 2003-04-16 18:04:44
stalin eger, fudoh eger.. oldschool eger.. till nrebielirarna finns bara en sak o s?ga -> K?BBAN ffs...
znappe - 2003-04-16 18:05:57
newbielirarna skare f?rst?s st?.. JEVLA BLISTERS P? pekfingret, blir s? galen
Sassa - 2003-04-16 18:08:23
we just played SHIT on dm3, shitty talk before the game and we just warent concentrated!! well nuff said, and stal, hmz I mean fudoh, played very good! they deserved it...
fanti - 2003-04-16 20:51:35
You are full of bs Link, tu comprendre? Nice tale.
RocketZ - 2003-04-16 21:37:42
My only memory from this match was.... rocketz rides .stl.'s rocket.. i was spectating the e3m7 (lucky me) from stl's pov, pretty damn goodie.. it was stl vs. maniacs at that map (well, he was the fragmaschine.. rest of the team securing the endarea) then dm3.. its just so blury :) gg fudoh!
diablo - 2003-04-17 02:16:13
gah whatever, jag v?gar iallafall s?ga vad jag tycker med realnick.
znappe - 2003-04-17 03:56:08
ja me, o du e en pajjas diablo :) tror ingen bryr sig om ni inte gillar e3m7.. ingen tvingar er o lira i nqr :/
[E] Hixen - 2003-04-17 20:53:37
e3m7 stal (103 frags) , 4 players from maniacs x 2 (96 frags) i call that ownage, but i know fudoh and there tactis, and I know that stalin couldnt have pull that one off without his teamates.. great game FUDOH
diablo - 2003-04-18 21:07:46
znappe du sa de precis som att man hade ett stort val av turneringar... :P

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