Battle Info  2003-03-24 Division 3 - Week 4 (2)

Ax3 1 - 2 EuthanasiA

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


I was suprised by our preformance on this map coz in we don't play any prac at all during the NQR4 season wich is pretty bad in my opinion :/ never the less gg's - by Ax3

this was a very funny round, before the game we told riwzo and tjilpi to try to camp ra as best they can... and after 1 minut they were the only ones with rl's and both of them camped ra. After awhile ax3 gave up trying to take over RA, due to riwzo's and tjilpis great camping, so they started to camp the rest of the map, leaving me and dexter in the middle. but after awhile, they manage to break down tjilpis and riwzos camping grounds at ra, and we were shatterd all over the map. Me and dexter tried to use some quads and pents to gain some control back, but everytime we killed 1, they killed 2 of us. and after 20 minutes, the round was over.. - by EuthanasiA



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Thats kind a funny coz our biggest m8 become our worst enemy :E I mean DM2 of corz ... we used to be pretty strong on this map and now we were shown that we r wrong :/ GGs and AX3 will show some more skills on this map this season i hope :) - by Ax3

i think they pretty much got a fullstart here, atleast lower rl and quad.. and they used it very well... and they got a pretty fast lead with 20 frags or something... I really thought this would be a round were we spawn and spawn and spawn.. but the something happend.. it seemed like ax3 was abit nervous or something, as they left teleport/water free for us to take over, and after we gained control over that area, we started slowly to gain more and more control over the rest of the map.. first we started with riwzo at lower, but riwzo dont like lava or lava loves riwzo, either way.. after awhile we told him to camp teleport.. and it was then we finally could get some good control over the water/quad/tele area.. we did many quadruns to lower, but it was like twilight-zone there, they never came back alive.. when everything was going really good, riwzo keyboard and mouse stopped to working, and he didnt play for 3-4 minutes.. then I told him to try and alt-tab, and wola!, he was back into the game.. but by then it was 30 seconds left.. ax3 played bad, and I think they know it.. as they wanted to play dm2 again as the 3rd map, to prove they are better then they showed us (anyone can play a bad round) - by EuthanasiA



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


I will comment this map by "They scored much we did less :)" GGs - by Ax3

holy shit, either we are really good on e1m2 or ax3 haven't done there homework.. there was no pressure on ya from ax3.. it seemed as they didnt want it.. so we got quad and ya under control, right from the start.. while ax3 played at mega/ga. but the game was even, as they had all the rl's.. but when we could take unlimited yas and 90% of the quads, we manage to get more and more firepower.. and after about 7-8 mins into the game, i was w8:ing for quad, and went down to check crossing for enemys.. i noticed riwzo singel handed taking out ax3 defenses at mega.. so I showed him a good spot to camp at mega, and he camped it.. like he had played qw for over 5 years.. it was insane, very impressive riwzo. now we had ya,gl,mega,quad under control.. and using quads to clear out crossing/ga/rl aint that hard.. it's a small area and you can attack it from 3 ways.. great game, both clans.. abit more practise on dm2/e1m2 and I think ax3 could be a runner up in this group. GG - by EuthanasiA


ztranger - 2003-03-24 02:39:58
gg both! nice hixen's pov at e1m2...
[E] Hixen - 2003-03-24 03:58:21
hehe thx, i was inspierd by vana
crazymac - 2003-03-24 11:53:19
ztranger, where did you finde those demos ?!
[E] Hixen - 2003-03-24 13:40:54
crazymac, it's called spectator... and it's strange, I didnt record that round, coz I thought i could download the mvds later.. but it seems that, dont have mvd recording, or I didnt understand how to get those dame files :/
crazymac - 2003-03-24 14:10:29
letrev - 2003-03-24 14:44:15
billy - 2003-03-24 15:21:46
again, after losing one round , hix gets in one of his div1 owners so they can win the last 2 maps :D
[E] Hixen - 2003-03-24 16:18:05
billy again you are right.. after losing the first round, we wanted to win the 2nd map.. and I brought in grisling, our one man army.. well not really, E is a clan, we play for fun, and as in any other clan, we consist of many players that want to play, and belive it or not, many of those players also wants to win. and if someone is not feeling like playing, and others want to, the only thing I can say is ok, i can't make ppl play, I can only ask them nicely... we are a clan that consist of friends, I can't blame any of my noobs wanna get raped on a map they dont know (by knowing I mean, howto play the god dame map in 4on4) I can't blame riwzo that he wanted to watch the green mile on tv, (ops I made him play anyway, sorry) and I can't blame grisling being in the army all week, and when he comes home for a day, that he wants to play some qw with us.. billy try to understand, and trust me.. i'm trying. I can't make ppl do what they dont want..
Hagge - 2003-03-24 17:08:32
hixen ownz! ;) gg!
R2D2 - 2003-03-24 22:25:35
*sigh*. What is it with you people complaining about what lineup Hixen choose to play with? As Hixen said earlier, EuthanasiA consists of players who wants to win, and we're all a group of friends who doesn't feel any rivalship between eachother. I mean, what are we supposed to do? Apologize because we'd like to win the game?
aNi - 2003-03-25 09:31:45
Billy me and grisling don?t have even 50% of the skills we had one year ago. We are not active at all. I play the offmatches and very seldom play any other matches to keep in good qw shape. So we are not Div 1 players trust me.
Grisling - 2003-03-28 10:45:47
Speak for yourself aNi!! :))
dexter - 2003-03-30 08:10:46
i suck so hard i just wanna kill my self
znapz - 2003-04-04 03:39:28
primovic - 2003-04-15 19:17:07
i think dexter is the best player in teh w0rLD
fisto - 2003-04-17 22:50:22
gg mama

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