Battle Info  2003-04-24 Division 3 - Week 6 (6)

griffin's tappra gossar 2 - 1 FUDOH

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Not to write down on Fudoh's efforts in any way, but god damn did we suck on this dm2. Nothing was secured, everything was tossed up in the air and it landed whichever way it felt like. We must've had over 50 fudoh spawn telly and slip through, so they got lots of high rls to break up the map from us. Well, at least we won :p //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar



E3M7 - The Haunted Halls


I love e3m7 for it's extreme firepower. 2 RLs, GL, 2 Quads and 1 pent thrown into a map scarcely bigger than dm6. I hate it for it's stupid simplicity of winning on a spawn. Fudoh proved that they knew what they were doing, spawned pent/quad/rl and got a good first 14 minutes on the map. We were virtually powerless to stop them, but they never got very good control over the YA area. Then, with less than 6 mins to go and the last pent just around the corner, UL picks up a quad and while he grabs mega I start poking ahead. I manage to sneak into RA with my RL and pick up a good frag, and at the same time hurt their quad and unbalance it before UL comes in and plows the way. We had secured pent/quad/rl/ra! One word can summon up the last 5 mins of the map: Spawnfrags. We must've taken at least 80 of our total 125 frags in those 5 mins. Alas, Fudoh's lead was too big to catch up, and they did a good job at bunkering GL/GA/SNG to slow us down. //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Well, a very chaotic e1m2 as always from our side, yet we somehow always pull out on top. It's the one map we've never lost and I'm as amazed by it every time we win another one. We had some good quads, made sure that the ones Fudoh got never resulted in much, and in overall kept em on the lower part of the map. Good game! //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar


Horatio - 2003-03-14 12:53:13
gg griffin
drejfus - 2003-04-24 22:18:44
va g?r du peter? suger du?
Hagge - 2003-04-25 00:20:38
gg ;) griffin gossar eier
HumbleGar - 2003-04-25 14:40:47
on E3M7 : ->I manage to sneak into RA with my RL and pick up a good frag<- Usually I stand behind the spawn in the narrow hallway, and back down on the RA myself if the attacker don't die in 1 shot. But I had just reported that the RA was there to the others, and lost concentration, when you came bursting in, and landed right on the RA, the sound of you taking the armour still plagues me at night ;> Nice momentum you guys had as well though, getting control as fast as.... well, Fudoh would have done :) Weird that we didn't get more frags on DM2, guess we're just not good enough yet. GGS and good luck in div... 2?
dak - 2003-04-29 09:52:35
Yea, was really lucky coming in right as you had your back turned :) Good games, and good luck to you too! :)

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