Battle Info  2003-03-24 Division 3 - Week 1 (2)

griffin's tappra gossar 2 - 1 Quake-o-holics

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


What to say, what to say... It was a shaky start for us, something we're not really used to. But once we got going, we really got going. Although they did control water area for a few minutes and got a few quads, they were not able to produce anything viable out of them. Oh, and Motu's name is !#$%#$ annoying, k? :) //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar



E3M3 - The Tomb of Terror


This has got to be the lamest map in quake history. I think endif would be a better choice. They spawned RA and I don't think we got close to taking it over once. We kept mega/ya/lower rl fairly safe throughout the match however, and were able to keep up. It was exhilirating until the end, and with a minute left we were actually leading! QH did a great last rush however, and secured the win - barely :) As good as this map gets, I believe. //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Well, e1m2 started as e1m2 usually does. Chaos. For a good 5-6 minutes chaos flowed through the map in it's ever vigilant state. Until all the pieces fell down right for us, one of them was me picking up a chance RL-pack off an enemy that came through crossing (thx sng). Griffin picked up a RL and came to take my spot at mega, and didn't die after that I think. Somehow both UL and Spazer had outfitted themselves with a RL each also, and were spawnfragging at YA/GL. Quad was mine, although I did let spz have a taste of it when I died a few times on deep RL/GA runs. To end, a quote from after the game: "[23:40] [Sir_SpaZer] jag vill kvadda" :) //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar


Horatio - 2003-03-24 23:58:07
GG griffin
TetriS - 2003-03-25 00:11:22
MOTU hade aldrig lirat e3m3 f?rr men med hans 50 deaths lyckades vi ?nd? vinna. ha ha, bra jobbat grabbar..
Horatio - 2003-03-25 00:18:19
de va iaf sp?nnande som fan
Hagge - 2003-03-25 00:29:23
motu suger du? 8) gg!
ApoKaLypZe - 2003-03-25 11:06:40
UL, suger du? =B-(
[SSc]dECe - 2003-03-25 17:13:04
skulle va kul ? ta en e3m3 n?ng?ng quake-o-holics. =)
dak - 2003-03-25 17:41:48
PACK > someplace
anger - 2003-03-30 16:09:44
i want those smile faces from motu nick ! they own 8(

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