Battle Info  2003-04-03 Division 4 - Week 4 (4)

Dybbuk 2 - 1 numeric

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





DM3 - The Abandoned Base





E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Message from Dybuk: well, numeric breaked after a few minutes due to some internal player problems (one has left). they didn't want to play the game till the end and gave us the win. - by NQR Admin

this was a major accident. first of all i want to mention that the numeric people were some pretty nice people. we had to reschedule our game on sunday because our dsl line went down :( so we decided to play wednesday at 21CET which is 22GMT. before that we had a game versus Gauntlet which went over 3 whole maps, and they needed ages to get the people ready for each map (*hint, hint*). so we delayed again for about 30 minutes and we could finally start at about 23GMT.. and again we needed to play 3 whole maps, and in the end des got into trouble with his mom as he should do his homework and it was rather late already (plz ask des to comment on this one as i dont really know if that is true =)). so after a quarter of the game des dropped and none wanted to enter. so numeric breaked the game and right as the break 2 numeric people joined as substute player (screenshot). now we have real mess here what to do next.. as chewz was watching a soccer game, and des had to do his homework and we had to leave too, tiB said that we could take win if we want to because we deserved it.. so we took it. this of course doesnt feel like a real win, and im sorry for the numeric guys as we couldnt play the game to the end.. but thx anyway, we had a lot of fun! - by Dybbuk


Link - 2003-04-03 17:32:23
Let me speak to your mom des! At least put a pic off her up on your site and put the txt SATAN at the pic :-)
Tuna - 2003-04-03 17:38:02
and of course adding that map to the player statistic drastically ruined our average frags ;)
gore - 2003-04-03 18:22:38
yeah was a shame about the last game but oh well :P some major cs play by us on dm3 :D
nielz - 2003-04-03 18:40:57
hm, good score for uqe , never the less to bad you couldnt finish the game ! 8(
FlePser - 2003-04-03 18:51:16
:(, why not play decider another night?
Hagge - 2003-04-03 18:54:16
des is a kid!
Hagge - 2003-04-03 18:54:41
plz make nqr for +15 years only so this wont happen again :[
Tuna - 2003-04-03 19:30:46
lol hagge :)
pattah - 2003-04-04 11:01:58
GMT = CET -1 :p
pattah - 2003-04-04 11:02:53
Almost forgot: \o/ DESBOOOO!!! \o/
Tuna - 2003-04-04 11:24:37
oh.. so it wasnt that late anyway.. my mixup =)

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