Battle Info  2003-04-26 Division 5 - Week 5 (7)

Frag Shack 2 - 1 Clan Edge

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


This map was not the first map played. dm3 was. Anyways, it started off after dm3 game on same server. 6 mins into the game and FS have full control, 4 rl's every thing secured. Edge had no rl's and we had a 40+ lead. We had this game won. Now, one of edge players go idle for a while and miracolousy on the 6th min left of game, the server crash's. We ask edge give us the win, considering we had it won and all, we got no as an answer. So then we end up on austrian server, with a ping difference of 15, but nqr admin thought it was fine. So we replayed the match and lost even tho we had clearly won it b4, but was'nt included. I have to say EDGE is the lamest clan we have ever met, they have'nt got a patch on WH when it comes to lameness. This game was schedueled for 8pm GMT and did'nt end till 11:30 gmt. gg? Also, i find it funny how EDGE went balistic over one map, and did'nt give a rats arse about the next map (e1m2) when they offered us WO after dm2 game. GG Coincidence. - by Frag Shack



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


way2ez - by Frag Shack



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


'zz - by Frag Shack


ShaFt - 2003-04-27 19:04:29
ping win...
moris - 2003-04-27 19:05:03
2on2? lol?
Hagge - 2003-04-27 19:45:58
wtf happend ? omg devious specced on dm3.......!!! bg 2on2 ?!?!?
MIXU - 2003-04-27 19:49:08
That is'nt devious hagge, and EDGE are lame.
envi - 2003-04-27 19:56:48
On e1m2 they decided to give us wo but we did a 2on2 instead, the whole night was completely chaotic. Took like four hours to get the games played. Anyway got there in the end and now our goal is to make it to division four. Oh and shaft we could say ping win on dm2 too so bit irrelevant dont you think?
vickers - 2003-04-27 20:22:27
consider which is greater lameness: gathering the 4 ppl half an hour later than agreed or blame somebody for doing something he never did ? server crashing in this case. oh, and by the way : anyone taking a closer look at the screens can surely decide which server offered more equal pings. so why we can not play a server we choose especially an nqr admin approves it ? 3rd game was quite lolish you should take it by wo i agree on that.
MIXU - 2003-04-27 20:48:05
er Vickers, sorry to interupt on you're wrong crusade, but we were on the server first and waited 20 mins for u to get Kamix. Envi had to get his hair cut (lol) and we agreed to play the night after but your actions changed when a 4th Edge player came on 20 mins later than the desired time. gg?
vickers - 2003-04-27 20:57:41
no prob, i simply didn`t like the idea to call a whole clan lame because of one person. it takes a long time till next nqr, so i don`t think it does count which pos you`ll finish in currend div5.
MIXU - 2003-04-27 21:38:46
Not the point, we should be 2nd.
ShaFt - 2003-04-27 22:21:22
DM3: 53vs38ping DM2: 33vs38 E1M2: 40vs29 no ping win??
Lolo-- - 2003-04-27 22:44:45
My opinion is it was fair game, just look at avg. pings on dm2 (6 ms difference for us) or on dm3 (20 ms difference 4 u). We got wo, cause i had to go ( didnt expect that game wont end till 11.30 gmt). And btw i am for FAIRPLAY and SPORTSMANSHIP and not for arguing about who has come 1st or 2nd.
aGrb0lha^ - 2003-04-27 23:12:33
hehe, mixu just one point, we would have to play that match weeks ago, but ur clan wasnt able to play, who is the lame now?and just a bit about sportsmanship, on dm2, with nearly equal pings, mixu was sayin full time in spect: oh, fuckin lame edge, edge sux, fuckin edge. who r u to say things like that?we didnt say anything about ur clan, than why did u?its so childish. like a f*ckin 12-years-old child, who just sayin dumb shit, and waiting that others will say thats the, i think u should think about things, before u do them...
MIXU - 2003-04-28 00:54:39
stfu, k?
envi - 2003-04-28 04:37:55
edge please can we have a practice soon i cant believe u think you could take us on dm3 and as for dm2 i beleive you had full start. Shaft as for dm2 i was meant to play but couldnt with 60-70 ms, thats why we didnt want to play there!
envi - 2003-04-28 04:41:03
Or am i mistaken is it just shaft the kiddiot?
MIXU - 2003-04-28 06:02:59
agR: If you think that i wont say what i said in Spec on this site, your thinking wrong. "EDGE SUCK" <---- gg
vickers - 2003-04-28 09:23:38
lot of miserable flaming from both side. let us try to concentrate to the upcoming rather than whining about a league that had already ended .
ShaFt - 2003-04-28 10:36:29
fs kids...
Lolo-- - 2003-04-28 12:00:41
dear fs i never heard ppl arguing about same conditions that way. We r too educated to react when mixu masters next level in lameness, and proves his skills as the cultureboy :}. GG mixu... :}
MIXU - 2003-04-28 20:31:32
stfu lolo, annoying little pest. Go die

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