Battle Info  2003-03-31 Division 5 - Week 3 (3)

Bleed 2 - 0 Vet's

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


ok, well bleed started well, with krass taking ring and quad, and chojin pent. from here krass went to ra, and managed to kill the 1st rl of vets. the next few mins were a scramble over the ra, but in the end bleed took control. The next q went to vets, but they didnt manage to make full use of it, so bleed still had the upperhand. Bleed managed to stay in control with some exceptional work from jamo, the often unsung hero of the group. At about the 6th minute speed of the verts managed to get quad, and from here he went on a bit of a rampage clearing ra. 7th q went to bleed but they couldnt take over ra, vets ahd dug in, and didnt want to give it over. From here vets managed to take the next quad, but bleed hid/camped ya , and so the death toll was minimal. things stayed even until the 3rd pent went to -b- due to some exceptional work by chojin, who then went to ra, and cleared it for his team mates. 12th Quad went to chojin, and he used his uber 1337 skills and got quite a few frags. As the 14th minute came by, it was extremely tense, with bleed only a single frag in front, when once again chojin came to the rescue and managed to kill a rl nme at ra, and from there krass got the pak, and camped ra. The game continued well for bleed with ferret and jamo running the last few quads, and paving the way for a nice bleed victory. GG player of the match - Chojin (pld dude) //krass - by Bleed



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Well, what can i say except for this map should be renamed to "castle of the ferret" Vets managed to get the first quad, but i think jamo killed it with some nice gl spam/skill. Jamo then proceded to hold the ya for bleed, fending off the evil vet players. bleed were playing well, then Krass managed to get the 5th Quad, what did he do? go on some kind of leet fraggin rampage, no he killed jamo at mh :///. this allowed vets to gain a sligh control, until......... the "ferretness" began. OMFG!?!?! then we kinda held control over most of the leel, with krass and jamo holding the ya and gl respectively, and with chojin helping ferret with the quad. bleed stayed in control until the last few minutes, when vets gained control of the map, but by then it was too late, and the frag margin too big. GG player of the match - Ferret (nice use of the ferretness :o) - by Bleed


gambit[dos] - 2003-03-31 02:24:48
gg! now we will crush vet's! i wish:)
Link - 2003-03-31 02:38:43
Nice report there Krass, exciting to read, just like a report should be. "the evil vet players" lol :)
k4rn - 2003-03-31 08:41:24
gg's keep up the good work boys ;)
dREk - 2003-03-31 09:30:03
WTF, Bleed won over Vet's.. *rubbing my eyes* That was the surprise of the day. And me who thought that the surprise of the day should been when bleed won dm3 against us. Well nice done Bleed..
billy - 2003-03-31 10:57:19
ye good thing we won bleed earlier in the season , gg bleed!
yveZ - 2003-03-31 14:05:58
Billy, my mom's asking for ya :p GG bleed! :)
X-con - 2003-03-31 17:40:44
nice gambit[dos], just what i needed...
Hagge - 2003-03-31 17:42:57
div5 is a division with suprises and nice games ;)
aken - 2003-03-31 18:04:03
l33t div for sure :)

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