Battle Info  2003-03-30 Division 5 - Week 3 (3)

The Artists 2 - 0 Clan Edge

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


worst dm3 art has ever played :) we got fullstart, not deluxe though as they got quad :) i got pent, dev got rl.We secured 2nd quad, and then i dunno what happened :E I think i almost bored with quad, 50h left, dev got killed @ ra , gave away rl, they took the 3rd and 4th rl and we were spawninnen :) we tried many tricks, but we blew all our chances through the first 10 minutes.Then a miracle happened I think.We managed to get control over ya, and launched one or two succesful attacks vs quad.Eventually with the help of the quadripled powers i killed the ra man so dev and flame were free to disarm the area :) The last pent was eaasily ours and while time was ticking away we were slowly taking the lead, which we did evetually.Nervous match, never did i give enemy so many rl's in one game :/ gg's // billy - by The Artists



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Edge's home map.After the chaos that always happens at the beginning, edge got 2 rl's but we were still making frags quite rapidly.One moment i thought they actually secured ya/gl/quad but maybe they didnt have so much armor/health cause our attacks eventaully got through that.Later were quite comfortably situated in ya/gl.The result may not say this but it was an easy game later on.I was quite surprised by the way we managed to control ya/gl.Dev played a very good game, and flame took many quads for me, a good team effort i guess. GG's edge // billy - by The Artists


ShaFt - 2003-03-30 21:40:33
billy - 2003-03-30 21:59:10
dm3 bg e1m2 gg
tyrone - 2003-03-30 22:51:58
billy 0wns this --> (_|_)
k4rn - 2003-03-30 22:54:40
vickers - 2003-03-30 23:08:26
Hagge - 2003-03-30 23:16:41
billy is on dope :[] gg!
aken - 2003-03-31 18:13:32

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