Battle Info  2003-04-10 Division 6 - Week 4 (5)

osams 2 - 0 Mais Quad Bordel

E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Mqb got first RL and Q i think, but we managed to kill the RL with Prowoker?s l33t boomstick skills ;) First minutes the game was pretty close, but then we managed to secure YA/GL area and sent DD and Grekfan quadrunning. GG mqb! - by osams

their homemap was e3m3 and after 4 minutes of rape they proposed to stop the game to choose another map. They also tried not to lock the maps down as some others did ;) really nice attitude and very good fairplay. BIG UP to osams and gg for such fairplay - by Mais Quad Bordel



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


This was actually the second time we played mqb on DM3 this evening. When the game first started, we got fullstart and started fragging. After 10 minutes or so it we realize that Gorba?s fuhquake is out of date, but he is using the latest security module, thus making him report all models modified. We break the game and wait for Gorba to download the 72 meg fuhquake installer again. Gorba then tries to reinstall fuhquake while still on the server... ofcourse this didn?t work since he was still running fuhquake_gl.exe. It also turns out he didn?t save the installer on his disk, he just opened it from the webpage, so once again we wait for him to download the 72 meg file. VERY GG GORBA!!! This was the greatest laugh we?ve had in a long time. Thanx alot MQB for waiting! What about the second game? We managed to get the RA secured, and got most quads through DD and Gorba. Mqb made a couple of successful runs through the pent elevators, but our quad mostly handled those rl-guys aswell. Again, GG by mqb, it was really nice playing you and GL in future games! - by osams


clox - 2003-04-10 00:55:16
kodden zoo etc stuff
whyz - 2003-04-10 01:09:50
lol ja fyfan, it was hilarious when gorba explained that ne never saves downloaded files as they take too much space on the hard drive, and he had to download it once again! LOL
Apollyon - 2003-04-10 02:00:44
even more funny that he just needed to download the client without the textures which is also available at fuhquake site and only 3,5mb in size! gg
dalla - 2003-04-10 09:51:00
it didn?t take THAT long, since gorba is on 10 Mbit connection :)
pattah - 2003-04-10 10:03:36
"their homemap was e3m3 and after 4 minutes of rape they proposed to stop the game to choose another map." Nice!
Hagge - 2003-04-10 11:47:59
heheeh ;)
havz - 2003-04-10 13:00:23
Bones - 2003-04-10 14:23:35
Thanks for the games osams, it was really nice playing a clan who, although knew they were going to win, didn't find it necessary to lock down the maps. This made it much more enjoyable for MQB. Thanks a lot!
smaegodis - 2003-04-10 21:27:41
osams g?r s? att blommarna blommar

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