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  SR rolls on to the Finals!   050117  
If you read my views prior to the games between sr and la, then you know i was wrong about many things; but not all. The cmts went to SR. I had expected cmt 4 to be a slacker win for sure. Though the final game played out on cmt 3 did not play at all as i expected. However that may be, as LA is not exactly practising the cmts 24/7, I shouldn't have been too terribly surprised at them losing on it. What did surprise me was the outcome of dm3. All season long LA has not lost on it. In any 'serious' practice session in which I have seen LA play dm3, they have not lost on it. So the loss on dm3 seems to me the real reason LA lost this season's semifinals, not the losses on the cmts. The outcome of the e1m2 was closer than expected, but that was simply because LA was nursing a lead to the bitter end. There was a lot of talk -- and some whining talk, too -- after the match about the map pools for next year. Some people found the final cmt 3 to be a rather boring game; if you were a LA fan especially dull ;p I do think the admin squad will move toward a system where divisions simply vote on their map pools prior to league play. There are number of ways of doing this and nothing has been decided for sure, but I do think it is a wise idea in principle.

Gaz was wrong, of course, that the final would be LA vs CMF. He did what so many have done throughout the last few years: underestimate the underdog's will to succeed. SR are the defending champs of course, but this is not the same ueber-team with hib, gamer and goljat as in previous seasons. I like the teamplay of this squad, as it is very selfless and very thoughtful. Circle, xerial, cmac and paradoks seem to have continued to get better and better as a team. We see it on the cmts. But the games sr played on tb3 against LA were closer than I anticipated; the dm2 loss should have melted away any sr hopes of coming back on any other tb3 map but it didn't. Xerial and cmac's play on dm3 really made me think, 'wow, these bastards have a shot, as dm3 was being played.' But to be true, it wasn't just one pivotal guy on dm3, it was more of a team effort that brought the victory. The support play was almost without mistakes. I still think SR will have to take dm2 against cmf to have any chance in the finals.

Now it is time to start thinking about the NQR 7 CHAMPIONSHIP! SR vs CMF. I will write about it after I have had some time to think about it. For now let me acknowledge the great skill of both LA and SR, and wish all strength and honour to those who will battle in the finals!


:) - .*** 050117 @ 01:30:29
Great read!
manu - .*** 050117 @ 05:35:20
yeah, good read!
gaz - .*** 050117 @ 10:25:44
"Gaz was wrong, of course,"

OPA|Metz - .*** 050118 @ 10:14:15
gaz is never wrong....he thought he was wrong once but he was mistaken : )
Icce - .*** 050118 @ 20:44:21
GJ xhrl.


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