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  More playoff predictions  050110  
The playoffs are at various stages in each division. Here are predictions for the remaining games!

Division 5 final

Clan Cube Squad vs Bufflarna flyger I luften

Buff were my pre-tournament favourites but CCS go into the game having won pretty easily vs Elaintarha 2.0. 2oo are no push-over and so I think CCS definitely have a chance of taking down Buff. CCS are strong on CMT3 and DM3, and if they want to win they will need to take these maps and hope for some good fortune on DM2 or CMT4. E1M2 is buff?s home and I can?t see them losing it.

Prediction: 3-1 buff

Division 4 semi-finals

Postal Justice vs Easy to kill

PJ are inactive so I?m actually going to predict a walkover to the Polish team? (controversial!)

Shadow Minions vs Be Evil

SM impressed me a lot at qhlan, and if they can field their top lineup (which is imo apa mm mooseman and pollox), they will be a really tough side to beat. They all have good LG aim which should make CMT4 safe for them, and they have awesome teamplay on DM2; I have never played a team from the lower divisions that takes so many secret red armours! They are also good on DM3. BE are very tough on E1M2 and I would expect them to also take CMT3 (SM aren?t so hot here). DM3 and CMT4 will go a long way to deciding who takes this one home?

Prediction: 3-2 to SM, with BE taking CMT3 and E1M2

Division 3 final

VVV are one hell of a good team and I don?t see ASS being able to take them down. ASS should have little trouble winning E1M2, but they will also need to win DM2 (VVV?s weakest map, it seems) if they want a chance of winning the match. Unfortunately ASS looked poor there vs RD in the semi-finals. VVV should be able to take home CMT4 and DM3 without any trouble and I would also favour them on CMT3 if that map were to be played.

Prediction: 3-1 to VVV (sorry daan)

Division 2 semi-finals

El?intarha vs MNY

MNY are good on DM3 but I think Zoo are just better all-round. Zoo should take E1M2 and CMT3 (their maps) without too much difficulty and I think they can take DM3 too.

Prediction: 3-0 to Zoo, 3-1 if MNY get to pick their 2nd map as 3rd map (DM2 could go their way!)

Veterans vs Suddendeath

These 2 met earlier in the season and Vets won 2-0. I think they should be able to do it again, though maybe SD can prize a DM3 win away. SD?s best map is E1M2 and unfortunately it?s also Vets? best map. If =V= play their best lineup then I can?t see SD being able to beat them.

Prediction: 3-1 to Vets

Division 1 semi-finals

Lege Artis vs Slackers

LA looked in ominously good form at qhlan, and SR haven?t been able to prac with their NQR lineup for some time now. As a result, I don?t think that they will be able to beat LA this time.

Prediction: 3-1 to LA, with SR winning CMT4. If CMT3 gets played then maybe SR can take that too, but I think tb3 should be safe for LA.

Clan SivFunction vs Griffins Tappra Gossar

CMF also look in hot form and if Fifi has his quad-boots on then there will be little GTG can do to stop CMF. GTG are very tough to beat on E1M2 and I think they can take that one home, but I think CMF have a big edge on DM3, CMT3 and DM2.

Prediction: 3-1 to CMF


FlePser - .*** 050110 @ 16:42:41
Be gaz!
XantoM - .*** 050110 @ 17:13:06
These games will be teh shIT! $$$$$
Horatio - .*** 050110 @ 17:27:06
i think gtg will win the semi
the rest of the games i think the same as the author
gaz - .*** 050110 @ 17:31:25
Check out fifi-pov vs LA in recent DM2 prac horatio... if he plays like that in semi then gtg have no chance :E
-_- - .*** 050110 @ 17:58:58
nah gtg won't take that semi..cmf is way too strong with best lineup.
xhrl - .*** 050110 @ 18:08:13
hmm, i think la look so fine. that said, how often have we underestimated sr and the sr nack of a finding a way to pull out a win? Right now, in theory, i see it as gaz does. but under the gun, few clans perform as well as sr....even w/o goljat, gamer or a top-shape hib.
However, this season seems not be theirs. But i always make the mistake of underestimating sr....will their opponents? in time we'll know:)
moris - .*** 050111 @ 00:23:24
well xhrl imo without gmr and hib sr is for quite some time out of the game for champs title..
daan - .*** 050112 @ 16:08:51
np gazzie :)) VVV look great. We didn't prac much on qh, hadn't pracced alot before that and as for me I probably and hopefully wont play qw for some years.
gaz - .*** 050112 @ 16:53:25
-_- - .*** 050113 @ 01:07:37
hahah in your face Horatio..gtg didn't win it :<<
gaz - .*** 050113 @ 12:28:04
Well I got the result right but was pretty wrong about saying that GTG would take E1M2 and CMF DM2/CMT3 :D
Horatio - .*** 050114 @ 12:59:44
but i was not totally out riding my bike
gtg did a good job


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