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Battle Info  2005-04-03 3a - Week 3 (4)

Dybbuk 2 - 0 Death Dealers

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


(by plast) dyb took the lead, next my computer got restarted, i couldnt connect back and we had no bench. when i came back it was several minutes to the end. i wonder why it didnt count my frags before disconnect, only the last 6 ? whateva. gg i guess. - by Death Dealers



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


OK cpe = al capone but please use full name in future to avoid confusion - by NQR Admin

(by plast) tp set was wrong, you couldn't hit your mate (no teamkills at e1m2 - lol), anyway dyb chose not to rematch cause 'it was same for everyone'... well as you wish :E gg. - by Death Dealers


plast - 83.30.94.*** 2005-04-03 22:26:35
ggs i guess
alcapone - 158.75.215.*** 2005-04-03 23:11:05
sure iz
sassa - 85.224.244.*** 2005-04-04 01:01:07
here u got the best dm2 team!!
grmx - 81.190.137.*** 2005-04-04 09:10:52
eazy dm2 =] .
e1m2 lol game... i cant killed Plast , teamkill was off ? or lol ?
gl dyb
caban beduinie gupi, jakbys byl to bysmy cos powalczyli na e1m2... baran
Grass - 85.76.199.*** 2005-04-04 09:41:17
wtf.. death dealers got raped in dm2 :> gg's dybbuk
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 2005-04-04 11:25:46
Tuna - 212.202.40.*** 2005-04-04 11:28:39
this was a real bad day.. we did get a great start on dm2 and D2 really was unlucky that Plast crashed.. i guess there is nothing much you can do on a 4on3 situation when dm2 is under control by the enemy. so the score does not really show D2's portential here.

so we took e1m2 because we feared D2 would be too strong on dm2.

this was lol once again.. although e1m2 is such a narrow map it took 8 minutes before Plast realized it was teamplay 1.. i dont know how this could have happend..
after we realized you cant hurt your mates everyone tried to use it.. but somehow neither team was able to brainswitch to the new situation.

z cabanem bysmy dostali od was w dupe.
vandal - 62.138.229.*** 2005-04-04 11:32:44
plast - 83.30.87.*** 2005-04-04 13:55:41
as tuna says. it was kinda funny, at last i could hit everything w/o making my mates angry ;)

a caban to nic nie gra w qw wiec raczej nie, chociaz co racja to racja, z koniecznosci zagral z wami mix a nie d2 :)
alcapone - 158.75.215.*** 2005-04-04 16:27:13
omg Tuna . owned :D
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