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  DM2 - Claustrophobopolis  
Times Played 121
Total Frags 38368
Avg. Frags / Play 317.0
Most Played By Postal-Justice - 8 times
Best Efficiency luis clan, J?garna, Demolition Crew, Game Over, Team Toholampi, Samojedit, Death Team, kalvar aspirerar till bufflar, Oblivion, Justified Ancients of Menace, Fragomatic, =Vets=, LegeArtis, knockback, Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat, clan metally troopers- 100%
Worst Efficiency Griffins Tappra Gossar, megamen, illuminati, Fraggers United, Undisputed Paranoic Sensations, Egentillverkade Gigantiska Dammsugar-Attrapper, ChoseN, Warriors on Battlefield, Clan Cube Squad B, Hard Guns Crew, Clan Danube, masters of quake maniacs, AntiQuad, Paranoia, extreme schizophrenia, Veni Vidi Vici, Ax3, Chopstickninjas, Insanity - 0%
Biggest Ownage Rebellion of Thunder 448-6 Talivanes @ DM2
Closest Game Death Dealers 163-160 Bad luck troopers @ DM2
Average Winning Margin 101.9 frags
  Type Map POV Submitted by
 The Pures vs. Oblivion 2 DM2 FlePser The Pures
 The Pures vs. Veni Vidi Vici 2 DM2 FlePser The Pures
 The Pures vs. Postal-Justice 2 DM2 FlePser The Pures
 The Pures vs. Suddendeath 2 DM2 FlePser The Pures
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