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2005-04-20 The Boss vs. extreme schizophrenia 2-0 4b details
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2005-04-18 J?garna vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
  new NQR projects  050401  

Here I bring you news of 2 new exciting NQR projects.

Firstly, the Smackdown North America crew has transplanted their season work onto the NQR site after a dispute with the Smackdown head admin. Check out NQR North America!

Secondly, the NQR crew is very pleased to announce the unveiling of a new ladder competition intended to replace the abortive CML. The NQR Ladder is a 4on4 ladder using the same system and rules as Ad Mortem and is now live. Go sign your team up now! I must use this post to give huge credit to aap of Shadow Minions who coded and designed the ladder site from scratch; thanks a lot man!

Edit: It appears the MySQL database for the NQR8 site has gone completely loopy for no apparent reason (nothing has been changed). Do not attempt to adjust your monitor.

Edit: Panic over! My Firefox went batshit insane temporarily and seems to have sorted its shit out now.

//The NQR Crew


gaz - .*** 000000 @ 00:00:00
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050401 @ 02:33:42
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050401 @ 02:44:09
banned from the CML stuff?
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050401 @ 02:48:02
or just NQR league
stefan - 203.162.3.*** 050401 @ 06:43:08
APA :D:D:D:D.:D:.d:>:D:D:D KRAM kissapan och bajsblapsen. Saknizzen.. Roskilde i sommar? :D
Sassa - 83.249.217.*** 050401 @ 07:23:51
Icce - 85.224.77.*** 050401 @ 11:15:05
Nice job aap!
phrenic - 81.229.26.*** 050401 @ 11:36:27
yeah, nice job aap.
Icce - 85.224.77.*** 050401 @ 16:53:55
Almeida, should you've welcomed a guy who had harassed your work for a long time and finally threatened to hack your site? If you want further info/discussion you should contact me on irc and not here.
int - 212.113.164.*** 050401 @ 20:03:53
so this now sould be called NQR Europe Season 8 :)
Icce - 85.224.77.*** 050401 @ 20:45:23
Int..well we're separated by a big ocean and we were the first ones so I'll say this still is NQR#8 ;)
Comment edited by Icce @ 04-01-05, 20:46:40
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050401 @ 22:37:33
att ta jag skulle hacka sidan om jag kunde seri?st ?r ju lol... det ?r ju olagliga intr?ng orka bli ?talad f?r det
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050401 @ 22:38:37
det ?r som att ta znappes comments seri?st ... som 70% av hela qw scenen gjorde :)
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050402 @ 14:22:10
and i feel like i just got home!
aap - 85.225.104.*** 050402 @ 21:28:58
haha *b?gstefan*, v?lkommen hem fr?n kenya @ 19 days!!! DO IT!!
Legio! - 85.224.79.*** 050403 @ 06:26:33
I wish the NQR NA Guys best of luck :)!

And awsome job on the NQR Ladder Aap.

/ Legio
Goljat - 62.237.19.*** 050403 @ 10:54:46
div1 is full of action. :E
The Hotness - 68.41.74.*** 050403 @ 21:12:15
SR are certianly underdogs now eh goljat? :E
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050404 @ 00:28:54
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050404 @ 00:28:59
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050404 @ 00:29:12
icce - 85.224.77.*** 050404 @ 21:33:25
I'm glad you didn't say: FAKE U FUCKERS! ;P
Jjonez - 146.103.254.*** 050406 @ 09:44:32
There was no 'dispute with the Smackdown head admin' and its pathetic to try and frame it like that.
The division admin made a silly mistake in his judgement (a problem he had been specifically warned for, by the way). And while the 'head admin' was still out there trying to defend him and getting the division back on track, he sneaks around and sets up shop elsewhere.
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050406 @ 20:02:53
So, you admit that the division admin made a mistake in his judgement... he disagreed with you and so did many players... you would not call that a dispute? I did not "frame" this news post to make you look like the bad guy but that is how the situation read to outsiders.

The way I see it the NA players have taken the unpredented step of actually following the advice of admins that say "If you don't like it go and run your own league".
Jjonez - 80.200.89.*** 050406 @ 22:41:34
Yes, you have it very wrong. The division admin made a mistake, not by changing the rule back to what it was but by allowing those players in the first place. Don' take my word for it; that's how he himself put it. The division admin and me never had a dispute before he decided to pack up and leave without notice.
Some players had a problem with a call made by the division admin and yes, after contacting those directly involved, I decided to stand by the admin.

As you are not the outsider you make yourself out to be, it would have been nice of you to at least try to find out what in fact happened. But I guess you were too busy setting up their own league.
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050407 @ 10:16:24
You have strange reasoning here.

def mentioned to me in a conversation about something else entirely that the North American players were decamping and making their own league. He mentioned it involved making a new website including all the PHP/SQL and so I volunteered the NQR site for their uses. Myself and the rest of the NQR crew have no vested interest in having another league using our name and besides helping def to setup the website I have nothing to do with the running of NQR-NA. The NQR-NA crew is free to make their own rules and regulations for the league they play in.

Fact is, the NA players were setting up shop elsewhere whether NQR had stepped in or not, so perhaps you should consider this before you go throwing accusations at me as above.

If this was your general attitude and approach to discussions over the SD-NA issue then I can very well see how the NA admins and players lost patience with you.
def - 64.229.45.*** 050407 @ 11:33:55
I don't understand why JJonez even cares at this point. Everyone is happy and better off as a result of the changes that came about. That is the bottom line.
Jjonez - 146.103.254.*** 050407 @ 14:14:36
Another fact is that te SD-NA division was free to make it's own rules too. The division admin did so regarding the clients (fuh only) and did so initially regarding player admission.
I only lost patience when the division admin didn't have the decency to inform me of his decision. And at this point I only care since I don't like being blamed for a debacle of sombody elses making. It would have been nice if you could have been more factly making the news post.
I apologise for my implied accusation.
And for once def is right; I too am happy they are gone.
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050407 @ 14:27:49
I thought I was making my point in a non-biased manner... "a dispute with the head admin", not "the head admin made a ridiculous decision" or "the head admin is an idiot"...

I mean that's what it all boils down to. The players didn't agree with your viewpoint on it, surely?
Jjonez - 146.103.254.*** 050407 @ 16:42:55
My viewpoint was quite irrelevant. First I accepted the division admins decission to allow 'foreign' players and we updated the rules accordingly.
Then he changes his mind to leave the rule in place (which, admittedly, I thought he should have done from the start and I supported his change of hearth since I thought it could work).
[Then, apparently, he changes his mind yet again and walks off.]

Leaving out his (and others) responsability for the mess is unfair or, at the least, uninformed.
Your statement is as factually correct and relevant as saying "most players don't like CS".
pg - 216.58.206.*** 050407 @ 22:57:33
First off, everyone in NA is beyond this issue now. JJonez told me he was going to go his own way and I was going to do the same but now he brings it up again. No matter what he thinks he did not help any regarding this "dispute". I expected him to help me work things out and the first thing he did was post in the flame thread, which I had delibrately ignored. I was actively pursuing a compromise, and I did find one - NQR NA.

JJonez seems to think I betrayed him by doing what is best for NA QW scene. It is true I didn't tell him of NQR NA as it was still being made. This is because he is rarely on irc, and I don't like using e-mail. Due to the time differences even if I e-mailed him it is unlikely he would have known in a timely fashion anyhow. The whole NQR NA site was basically done in a day, and all the NQR NA admins were very busy working on rules, and the site(myself included). I didn't even really think of contacting him. I already apologized to him, but I will do so again. I am sorry JJonez for whatever harm I inflicted on you.
Jjonez - 217.136.108.*** 050408 @ 16:52:56
I didn't just bring it up. I hadn't commented on it and I wouldn't have until I was singled here out to take blame for a situation I did not create.
I first posted in the flame thread to explain the confusing news post with which you started it. And we talked on IRC the same day trying to figure out how to proceed.
I was on IRC every day after that and anyhow, your email was working perfectly fine up to that point.
I accept your apology and whish you luck.

I still feel gaz's post is unfair but I think I have been able to state my point of view.

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