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2005-04-20 The Boss vs. extreme schizophrenia 2-0 4b details
2005-04-20 J?garna vs. ChoseN 2-1 5a details
2005-04-20 knockback vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
2005-04-19 Lambi vs. Team Toholampi 0-2 6a details
2005-04-18 Veni Vidi Vici vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Postal-Justice vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. sexy 1-2 3b details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. luis clan 2-1 3b details
2005-04-18 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Jokkmokk 1-2 4b details
2005-04-18 J?garna vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
  NQR8 is go  050215  

NQR8 is now open for signups.

Go here to signup. DO IT!

Signups are open until midnight on Monday 28th February (the end of Sunday night).

After much discussion in public and amongst the crew, we have decided that map pool will be as follows:

DM2, DM3, E1M2, CMT3 + 1

The 5th map will be decided by a map vote during signup. You can vote for ONE of the following maps:
E2M2, Grim, Schloss
These maps were chosen from their popularity in public discussion and the end of season map vote from NQR7.

The rules are not yet up to date but you can be sure that a new build of fuhquake 0.31 is on its way and should be available before signups close ("10-12 days" was official word from fuh on Sunday). This build will prevent the use of a number of things, including but not limited to:

  • Rocket-jump scripts (and all other movement scripts)
  • Automated team messages (including autotook)
  • Packet command during match play (to block use of the angelina/autotook exploit)

We the crew will meet this week to discuss whether or not we will be allowing the latest build of EZquake in NQR8.

The league will start on March 7th and will run for 7 weeks. The playoffs will be played in the month of May.

We had hoped to get a new site up for this season but unfortunately our designer went AWOL. As an alternative, we would like to redesign the logo and the colour scheme. For this we would like your ideas and suggestions as we aren't so artistically talented :)
So if you're a wizz with colours and graphics, download the stylesheet here and show us what you can do.

//The NQR Crew


Legio! - 85.224.79.*** 050215 @ 23:16:28
Contribute to the QW Community and give us a new l33t GFX and a new stylesheet! :D..... test
Comment edited by gaz @ 02-17-05, 14:48:48
Sassa - 85.224.247.*** 050215 @ 23:23:25
SD r in.. sweeet
masai - 62.72.230.*** 050215 @ 23:51:13
nice, cmt3 and schloss are the best custom maps
and e2m2 > e2m2tdm 8>
sassa - 85.224.247.*** 050215 @ 23:52:13
grim rulz
vleesch - 80.127.88.*** 050216 @ 00:12:58
i wanna see a new site! i liked the "season 2" site even more than this one :/
Grass - 85.76.197.*** 050216 @ 00:23:45
zzz - 85.128.106.*** 050216 @ 00:31:02
ban fullbrights and safeweapon too :(
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050216 @ 00:32:23
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050216 @ 00:33:12
(joke btw)
fortuna - 85.76.33.*** 050216 @ 01:20:15
didn't get that one....?
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050216 @ 01:23:06
Wasn't the funniest joke, was it :(
Zilver - 83.116.150.*** 050216 @ 03:14:04
Nice job taking out cmt4...And keeping 2 dm3's!
Goljat - 85.76.132.*** 050216 @ 04:22:39
i hope fuh disable shownick impulse.
Goljat - 85.76.132.*** 050216 @ 04:26:23
btw what is wrong with my settings: i miss the dm3 lift to window rljump like 3 of 4. When i'm using my old config its 95% sure jump.
skc - 222.65.102.*** 050216 @ 06:19:24
great initiative to finally ban movement/rl scripts, the qw future is looking bright (especially if grim gets in the map pool!) :)
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050216 @ 08:29:15
now i actually HAVE to learn to rjump and report took unlike before
now playing qw will be a little more challenging :)
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050216 @ 08:37:34
and btw, dont place nqo in div3 :/
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050216 @ 09:26:13
why not? horatio daredevil kreuger fisto looks like div 3 level team to me.
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050216 @ 09:52:19
daredevil does not play in nqo
and i don?t think it looks div3 :/
Grass - 85.76.197.*** 050216 @ 09:54:30
what are teh vote results atm?
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050216 @ 10:21:46
xyx = daredevil
segg - 82.140.27.*** 050216 @ 10:26:12
if schloss made it into the final map pool, i would like to see some changes to the default textures, as we are not allowed to put it like this on a german server, i guess you know why.
phrenic - 81.229.26.*** 050216 @ 10:52:27
yeah, grim is a ncie map..
fortuna - 85.76.33.*** 050216 @ 10:57:29
grim = shitness, schloss = rulesness
fix - 82.141.93.*** 050216 @ 11:00:42
nyt pultti reenaamaa! kfjumpit sy?pyny keke selk?? jo! menee jo manuaalisestikki salee
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050216 @ 11:02:48
After 23 clans:
E2M2 7, Grim 7, Schloss 8, 2 clans didn't vote
reCOrd - 84.10.120.*** 050216 @ 11:10:00
sooo close voting. i thought that both cmt's (3&4) will be removed to give a chance to grim/schloss which could bring some fresh air to scene =O
Grass - 85.76.197.*** 050216 @ 11:24:04
umm, vote grim grim :)
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050216 @ 11:25:45
2 more votes for Schloss...
Apollyon - 82.140.27.*** 050216 @ 11:34:42
we luv adolf :-(
ig0r - 217.210.161.*** 050216 @ 13:00:19
put us in div6 :>
Rage - 213.10.218.*** 050216 @ 13:08:21
Took rl @ hitler :P
Don't take it too serious and it's funny, but there are problems for the german players so I think a change of textures will be needed.
Bill Gates instead of Hitler and replace the swashtikas with Microsoft logos? That will be true horror!:)
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050216 @ 13:21:35
Where can I contact Zaka?
sm - 213.33.185.*** 050216 @ 13:38:46
hehe, Rage, its will be nice with Bill Gates amd Microsoft, or Torwalds and Linux :>
Blob - 80.221.26.*** 050216 @ 13:55:35
We have pracced those maps for CML with SSC and my feeling is that schloss is the best TDM map of those three. Grim is just too big with long hallways and filled with useless areas like the ssg/ring room and the room below ya with the two nail packs. The rl in the distant corner and also the position of other weapons make it a boring map. E2m2, well the I guess the tdm version was better then Grim IMHO but I haven't played it so many much that I can really say. I just have warm memories beating Zoo in that map in NQR6 Silver Tournament Bronze match :P
segg - 82.140.27.*** 050216 @ 14:36:43
it's not a problem for the german players, we do not see it that serious.
It is more a legal issue not putting the map on german servers. These swashtikas could cause someone real trouble here in Germany if found on thier computer or server. The risk may be low but why risk it if we could change it.

the swashtikas and so on can still remain in custom textures if you need them :)

nice idea with bill gates ;)
error - 129.16.117.*** 050216 @ 15:22:39
Hagge - 217.210.144.*** 050216 @ 15:26:58
rofl horatio already started the I wanna play in a newbiedivision so I can win fragrank :<>
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050216 @ 15:35:50
Hagge will play in div 6 but won't win fragrank :<<<<
ok98 - 217.210.87.*** 050216 @ 15:37:05
I realy like this :)))) No autoshit. Just pure typings, jumpungs with mouse and tbord
plast - 83.30.97.*** 050216 @ 15:51:22
my opinion: baning jump scripts is the most stupidest idea i've heard for really long time, especially now, when it has become PART OF THE GAME for serveral years... my congratulations.

i wonder, what will be the next step - banning weaponscripts or brightskins, hm?
LILLD - 83.226.180.*** 050216 @ 16:45:43
g00d no jumpscripts and horatio will play div2 OO;
blasta - 85.131.64.*** 050216 @ 16:53:22
plast, hopelly years of whining has come to an end
oldgeexer - 153.1.250.*** 050216 @ 16:56:40
woot for no -scripts! :>
raket - 213.204.182.*** 050216 @ 17:06:53
nice rules, i will start using kfjump in mqwcl then B)
mrlame - 81.227.129.*** 050216 @ 17:29:30
ban 4ever
spliffy - 84.12.80.*** 050216 @ 17:33:18
there is a version of schloss without the swastikas, schlossB or sumthing
max_power - 81.195.24.*** 050216 @ 17:33:48
gonna switch to mqwcl :E
reCOrd - 84.10.120.*** 050216 @ 18:35:15
mqwcl rox and yes indeed mrlame >>> BAN JUMP-SCRIPTS FOREVER! =O

plast: musisz sie nauczyc misiu grac bez kfjumpa. to naprawde nie jest takie trudne (szczegolnie dla bylego mistrza polski :>, uwierz mi. sam gralem z kfjumpem przez chwile ale wyjebalem to fpizdu.)
Kreuger - 195.66.30.*** 050216 @ 20:22:27
Good work, ban all scripts :)

Demonarch - 213.130.240.*** 050216 @ 20:30:57
Too bad overlay timers still remain.. imho they should be banned too, or playing without -ruleset smackdown
Demonarch - 213.130.240.*** 050216 @ 20:31:43
"or playing without -ruleset smackdown should be allowed"
Apollyon - 82.140.27.*** 050216 @ 21:26:46
the ruleset will be changed and clock with seconds will be back
m0lle - 213.200.170.*** 050216 @ 22:17:59
omg now I have to learn to jump like a man :( ...
Vandal - 82.140.18.*** 050216 @ 22:47:32
should I laugh or cry? cmt3 ??

definately cry ...
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:17:47
so fucking stupid to ban a alias script... ban fast rl to... dumm as
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:19:50
plast - 050216 @ 15:51:22

my opinion: baning jump scripts is the most stupidest idea i've heard for really
long time, especially now, when it has become PART OF THE GAME for serveral
years... my congratulations.

i wonder, what will be the next step -
banning weaponscripts or brightskins, hm?

everyone sees fb skins a part of the game now days... ban it too? or why not fast ral.. no one played with at the start...
almedia - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:20:22
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:20:38
and gaz... i still love you
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:21:40
lame to copy sd?s rulesset... shame on you
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050217 @ 00:26:55
Haha, we had decided to ban all this stuff WEEKS before SD announced its new season :)
Vertigo - 157.24.219.*** 050217 @ 00:38:35
NQR is n00b, SD is class. End of discussion.
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:49:31
everyone are soo fucking dependence on fb skins so every tournament allows it
znappe - 213.114.181.*** 050217 @ 00:54:58
lol almeida, stfu ;)
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:56:03
forbid(?!) fullbright skins!
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 00:56:15
hell i wont
znappe - 213.114.181.*** 050217 @ 01:27:36
lol ;))
Legio! - 85.224.79.*** 050217 @ 02:12:08
Lol @ Vertigo..

niomic - 151.196.22.*** 050217 @ 02:16:31
I was interested in doing some work on the CSS, but after looking at the generated HTML code, I think I'll pass.

If the html hasn't really been designed to fully utilize css (pattern matching etc.) then working on the css for User Interface Design is pretty boring and limited to be honest.

And I have to say it , the Logo needs to go!
sassa - 85.224.247.*** 050217 @ 04:07:40
we (suddendeath) are working on a logo :)
Bps doing the grafix and we making the screenshots and giving him advice.. coming soon!
sassa - 85.224.247.*** 050217 @ 04:08:02
if the nqr crew dosnt dislike it
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 050217 @ 08:31:50
Nice work nqr crew, forgot to say that.

Oh damn, if i'm gonna pick up tdm again I will have a hard time without autotook:), but that's the only thing I have to learn.
Babel - 213.112.29.*** 050217 @ 08:56:31
Heh.. Fullbrightskins is just a good thing for quake. It makes it harder to hide/camp in the dark spots and with the fullbrights you dont need ultra-bright gamma to see your enemy. So you dont need to destroy your eyes and it gets more equal for everyone.

Fjscripts, movement scripts, trick scripts and all that shit just destroys the game and its NOT a part of the game.. its just that some people is used to it. It should be skill to be fast with rjumps, bunnyjumps and doing trickjumps.. not that you push one key and then youre as fast as the fastest.
RecordockHolmes (reCOrd) - 84.10.120.*** 050217 @ 09:32:32
babel: word :) fbskins must stay!
and but please dont ban weaponscripts :< i have so many say_team buttons :<
ive never used any timers or autotook (in my <2003 "career") so i dont have to learn it :B

big hugs to all nqr crew for the great job! (for you too gaz :B)
reCOrd - 84.10.120.*** 050217 @ 09:34:44
without and "but please dont ban weaponscripts)
(in my <2003 lan "career") and later also not :B
MEjS - 62.20.86.*** 050217 @ 10:31:10
Agreed Babel.
Also, fairpacks last weapon fired. :)

New version of fuhquake, can't wait!
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050217 @ 10:42:21
It's not a new version. It's 0.31 with a modified ruleset.
MEjS - 62.20.86.*** 050217 @ 10:44:30
Still got all the features I wanted in a new version though, hehe.
Juggernaut - 84.104.112.*** 050217 @ 11:04:06
nice job on rules \0/
almeud - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 12:14:42
?h ban speedjump and bunnyjump... that is not a part of the game.. it is just a bugg in kteam ...fix the bugg...
Icce - 193.235.173.*** 050217 @ 12:18:56
Gr8 analysis there Vertigo..we're really imprezzed..zzz
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050217 @ 12:19:11
Can we ban almeida? He's not part of the game either!
Troma - 193.11.233.*** 050217 @ 12:19:38
Is it SO hard to make a manual rl jump ?
- - 213.67.248.*** 050217 @ 12:51:26
please change the textures on schloss if it makes it into the map pool. i think i might not be the only one feeling offended.
plast - 83.30.83.*** 050217 @ 13:28:07
Babel =)

Heh.. Fjump is just a good thing for quake. It makes it harder to hide/camp in any spots and with the fjump you dont need ultra-high skills to catch your enemy. So you dont need to destroy your hand/mouse and it gets more
equal for everyone.

Fullbrights and all that shit just destroys the game and its NOT a part of the game.. its just that some people is used to it. It should be skill to see like w/o fullbrights... not that you turn on brightskins and then you can see as good as the best ones.

Couldn't agree more. Clearly point of view depends on point of seat.
billy - 213.134.177.*** 050217 @ 14:10:28
whine deluxe
Kreuger - 212.214.82.*** 050217 @ 14:12:23
"Fjump is just a good thing for quake. It
makes it harder to hide/camp in any spots and with the fjump you dont need
ultra-high skills to catch your enemy. "

Shouldnt you be rewarded if you are better skileld then your opponent then? Even newbs can jump with scripts.
plast - 83.30.83.*** 050217 @ 14:49:03
Kreuger -> fjumps, weaponscripts, brightskins - it's all the same, can't you see it? It all helps somehow but still it won't win game for you! Banning only one of these things and claiming the other things are ok is nothing more than pure hypocrisy. That's the point.
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050217 @ 15:03:02
The difference is, the majority of the scene wants to ban jump scripts but not the other stuff. Hypocrisy or no, that's the fact.
plast - 83.30.83.*** 050217 @ 15:05:32
Majority of the scene == majority of the nqr admins I guess. Or I just missed the pool.
f@_tony - 81.227.141.*** 050217 @ 15:13:10

majority of the scene wants to ban jump scripts?
i'd say thats more like 50 / 50 if not even less.
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050217 @ 15:21:09
A little old now but:
Comment edited by gaz @ 02-17-05, 15:22:25
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050217 @ 15:23:35
Also, woo, it seems I fixed the random line breaks at last.
TheChosenOne - 129.241.69.*** 050217 @ 15:36:31
Stop whining and start practicing rocketjumps and teamsays!
plast - 83.30.83.*** 050217 @ 15:48:55
You're right, it's little rusty now and only like 200 ppl voted. And the poll was biased. There should've been such options like:
- ban it, it's definitely a cheat!
- I don't care, I don't use it but you can use it if you want,
- leave it, it's part of the game now.

Whatever. It's waste of time anyway since the decision has been already made. You make the rules. Sad there was no room for minping 40 rule if equal server can't be found. No fjumps, ping 13-26 vs 50-60... just change it back to Nordic Quake Rank and all will be fair. EOT from me & GL.
Babel - 193.10.221.*** 050217 @ 16:28:52
hehe plast =).
And kreuger, it was not me who wrote that , if you, for some reason, jumped in to the end of the comments and didnt saw mine.
Babel - 193.10.221.*** 050217 @ 16:30:01
And clearly you did see it, just me who is dumb.
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 050217 @ 17:29:29
Yes it's hypocrisy to ban fjump and automessages, but leave fullbirghts. I'd rather have them banned too, but its a good start:)
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 18:17:56
gaz... you shoulnt say things like to that to your daddy :P... I will only get sad if you ban me :( kisses...
ni ?r beroende hela j?va bunten p? fullbright skins.. f?rbjud det om ni vill vara s? j?vla elit eller banna ett annat alias tex om fast rl.. s? att ni kan spela med impulse 12, vet ni ens vad det ?r ? kisses
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050217 @ 18:18:20
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050217 @ 18:22:01
If you're my daddy, how come I didn't end up being retarded as well? :|
mrlame - 81.227.129.*** 050217 @ 19:35:21
beacuse im your daddy gaz
Vertigo - 157.24.219.*** 050217 @ 20:47:33
Icce and legio!. Both NQR and SD are excellent tourneys. Both are major reasons why QW is still played widely around the whole Europe. It's anyway a fact that SD possesses the position of being a MAJOR tournament before NQR and that's why I consider NQR to be the n00b one when comparing these two.

I have to add that you guys lack humor and the common sense, which I was hunting for in my qw.nu column back in the days.

I do not take QW as seriously as I did few years ago. I recommend this way of life to both of you, too.
8| - 212.246.109.*** 050217 @ 20:52:52
All the little fjumper tarts (plast, almeida etc.) should focus their energy to learning manual jumps instead of whining 8\
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050217 @ 21:19:52
Vertigo has turned into nothing but a troll, it's so sad. You're nothing compared to Link ;)
raket - 213.204.182.*** 050217 @ 22:17:19
this is so fkn lol, everyone will use mqwcl and then we are back at square 1 :)
Goljat - 85.76.132.*** 050217 @ 23:54:04
why do you think ppl will use mqwcl? next thing is to ban mqwcl.
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050218 @ 00:28:16
8| - : i don?t play qw... but i like to whine about kfjump...gaz made me that im today
cuz the transfer deal with zak and freedom with znappe last seasong .. so fucking blame him.. i like to make him upset :P
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050218 @ 00:29:26
"If you're my daddy, how come I didn't end up being retarded as well? :|" ... you are, but you havent notice it yet
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050218 @ 00:32:07
niomic - 69.243.76.*** 050218 @ 06:40:18
I already did enough fighting for the ban of FBskins back in the day versus most of the Finnish QW scene. The day they became commonplace, qw died a bit. You think the darker areas on the maps are just for visual effect separate from the gaming experience?

I personally remember actually being able to hide infront of dm2 hidden door, dm2 large next to steps etc. Nowadays the only hiding has to do with taking advantage of field of vision habits in certain places like dm2 water/under quad where that little corner is =/

I don't believe that FBskins will ever be banned and I totally agree with the argument made in support of rjscripts especially for ppl with bad connections.

The funniest thing is that it is starting to seem like the actual reason that rjscripts are disliked is because most ppl haven't used them in the old days and thus haven't played most of their career with their aid. Also playing TF helped me a lot, since many of the attack rj + gj's required more skill than anything used in qwdm at the time.

Please fix client/server platform so that making an rj is dependant of skill, not connection.
MEjS - 62.20.86.*** 050218 @ 10:00:10
Playing with FBs give me the opportunity to play qw with correct lighting, high texture detail and still be competitive. Playing without FBs is just a matter of cranking gamma/brightness way up. No dark corners then.

rjscripts = no skill, boring to spectate, boring to play against.

Comment about rjs beeing dependant on connection i don't understand. It's easyer to do manual rjs then to aim with high ping. Maybe hpws should be allowed to use aimbots, we don't want their aim to be dependant on the connection do we?
Icce - 85.224.76.*** 050218 @ 11:01:30
Ok Vert I misunderstood your excellent humour there..or you were a bit too blurred? :P Mejs, very good pov on the issue!
Comment edited by Icce @ 02-18-05, 11:08:25
Babel - 213.112.29.*** 050218 @ 12:16:17
Exactly Mejs!

"Banning only one of these things and claiming the other things are ok is nothing more than pure hypocrisy. That's the point. "

With that argument you can say that you should allow these aimbotscripts and all kind of modified mdl:s.

The aimbotscript is a script and then its the same as the fjscripts, so why ban that when you dont bans fjscripts? Its just hypocrisy.

Then if someone makes a scripts that acts like a bot and plays for you. Just push a buttom and then it aims with 100%lg, moves excelent etc etc. Should you allow that? Yes ofcourse because if you dont.. then its hypocrisy.

Do you see my point? Allow the "cheats" thats good for quake, good for the eyes (no high gamma), good for the communication (mm2stuff) but dont allow things that just make quake less skillfull.
You cant allways say that; Either its all or nothing.
Babel - 213.112.29.*** 050218 @ 12:18:24
With the modified mdls I mean that you are allowed to have some modified mdls but not all. No quadtimers etc.
f@_tony - 81.227.141.*** 050218 @ 13:53:54
frj scripts has been around for a good 6(!) years now. imho it's a bit to late to ban them now. alot of players (me for ex) with lowsens have incorporated them in their gameplay for those 6 years. (the sameway alot of players have incorporated automatic switch to sg/axe after firing rl/lg unt so weiter).

furthermore i think the comparision to aimbots is just ridicilous and anyone with an iq above 30 should realize this.

gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050218 @ 14:03:10
Too late or no, they're banned now and they're staying that way in NQR. Deal with it.

It took me a week to learn how to do all the necessary jumps for 4on4 without a script, and I suck. If I can do it, anyone can.
Babel - 213.112.29.*** 050218 @ 14:48:15
Its still a script and therefore legal. I made those comparisions to make the question where you should draw the line. There are some ppl who says that you should either ban all or none and therefore I made an example to show them that the argument suck. Please dont so dumb that you cant see that.
mrlame - 81.227.129.*** 050218 @ 15:55:24
why do u think mqwcl wasn't banned this season goljat? ;D
f@_tony - 81.227.141.*** 050219 @ 00:37:16
babel fyi i wasn't refering to your post.

anyway, ive yet to see argument against fjump that does not apply to auto-sg scripts.

bring them on plz;)
niomic - 151.196.22.*** 050219 @ 00:52:03
I agree with you concerning the graphics settings, but that should be dealt with in a different way i.e. you can't remove dark corners with cranking up gamma or contrast.

HPW rjumping versus aiming: you are shooting all the time during the match and most probably missing a bit with i.e. rl isn't all that disasterous. With rj's like dm2 large steps to opposite ledge the accuracy required is a lot higher in the sense that you are probably only going to do a couple of those jumps per game.

My only real dependance for my frj script is with jumps like that dm2 one that I mentioned earlier. I've just been doing it so long that getting back manual track seems like tedious work that I am not exactly thrilled about, especially with lowsens, sucks ass +)

But stick to your guns, GL
MEjS - 81.229.56.*** 050219 @ 03:56:24

HPWs have always suffered and they always will, i don't think frjs or no frjs will do much difference. HPWs will loose some "rj success rate" doing things manually, but so will LPBs.

"I've just been doing it so long that getting back manual track seems like tedious work"
I can understand that. Can you understand that loosing to someone just because they use a script ruins a lot of the fun i have playing qw? When i've practised for hours to do a trick manually and the frj user does it faster and better with just the press of a button.

The movement skill of players like ul/locktar on dm2, and dag/paradoks on dm6 impresses and inspires people. Have you ever been impressed in the same way by a frj user on dm4 (or any other map)?

I bet most qw players want to be impressive. To me that involve great aim, great tactics and great moves. Why settle for two when you can have all three?
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050220 @ 12:42:53
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050220 @ 12:44:33
This is an attempt to post a much longer comment with the aim of further testing a bug which apparently exists. I don't believe it just yet. :E
This is an attempt to post a much longer comment with the aim of further testing a bug which apparently exists. I don't believe it just yet. :E
This is an attempt to post a much longer comment with the aim of further testing a bug which apparently exists. I don't believe it just yet. :E
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050228 @ 08:36:37
ok, did it work?
icce - 85.224.77.*** 050404 @ 10:09:54
gaz - 195.67.195.*** 050404 @ 23:45:52
fknic - 82.183.184.*** 050405 @ 10:55:45

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