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Current Week: 11

2005-04-20 The Boss vs. extreme schizophrenia 2-0 4b details
2005-04-20 J?garna vs. ChoseN 2-1 5a details
2005-04-20 knockback vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
2005-04-19 Lambi vs. Team Toholampi 0-2 6a details
2005-04-18 Veni Vidi Vici vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Postal-Justice vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. sexy 1-2 3b details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. luis clan 2-1 3b details
2005-04-18 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Jokkmokk 1-2 4b details
2005-04-18 J?garna vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
  week 7 is upon us  050418  

Today marks the beginning of the final week of the regular season of NQR8. After this week we will have the usual "Catch-up week" where all clans will have the chance to play any games they haven't played by that point.

There are a lot of clans that have several games to play so I urge you to get them done ASAP; next Sunday we will review clans that have played a significantly low number of games and will start the process of removing them.

Congratulations meanwhile to Osams from div 3b, Bufflarna flyger i luften from div 4a and Korea Team Fighting and EGDA from Div 6a who have played all of their games for this season already. Nice going!

//The Crew


punscho - 130.238.5.*** 050418 @ 15:26:44
Any clans with games left are lazy sobs imho...
niomic - 151.196.16.*** 050418 @ 19:17:17
Sure, we are the slobs if the opposition hasn't had ppl to play with. We've scheduled games over and over again, and at times have been at fault ourselves, but we have always had at least 3 ppl available at any set time and most of the time four or five...
fisto - 195.22.92.*** 050419 @ 20:10:54
kick Team Toholampi plz :>
fisto - 195.22.92.*** 050419 @ 20:10:54
kick Team Toholampi plz :>
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050420 @ 08:07:11
lars mental

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