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2005-04-20 The Boss vs. extreme schizophrenia 2-0 4b details
2005-04-20 J?garna vs. ChoseN 2-1 5a details
2005-04-20 knockback vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
2005-04-19 Lambi vs. Team Toholampi 0-2 6a details
2005-04-18 Veni Vidi Vici vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Postal-Justice vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. sexy 1-2 3b details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. luis clan 2-1 3b details
2005-04-18 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Jokkmokk 1-2 4b details
2005-04-18 J?garna vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
  Update  050221  

Signup for NQR8 here.

With another 7 full days of the signup window remaining, we have so far received a total of 68 signups. Last season we got over 100 (and finished the season with 87) so I'm confident we can reach at least 80 odd by the end of the week.

Division 1 clans have been offered a vote on whether they would prefer a TB3 only map pool and it looks very much as though they would. So you can look forward to TB3 only playoff (and divisional) games ? la NQR5.

Finally, it can't have escaped your attention that the page has been changed a little. Thanks to budzior for his nice redesign of the previous template, and credit also to bps who made the logo which budzior adapted for his design.



hmm - 212.159.112.*** 050221 @ 11:56:36
the new design is nice but take away the "and butchered by gaz" part at the bottom, it looks stupid
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 050221 @ 11:57:11
no fs? no la? weird!
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050221 @ 12:19:13
Razor said that he and Spoink are up for joining but Reppie needs to be persuaded.

According to Striker, LA were put off by the map pool but as div 1 will be TB3 only I expect that they will signup soon.

I'm surprised there's no sign of fOm/GO yet though...
Apollyon - 82.140.31.*** 050221 @ 12:34:17
Reppie bored of QW? Millsions of Reppie fans will commit suicide!
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050221 @ 12:52:43
Probably bored of losing to SR every season :E
junior - 62.87.128.*** 050221 @ 12:56:51
The new design is cool :P
Good Job Budzior -> Master WWW design !
rottah - 80.55.198.*** 050221 @ 13:17:43
Holy shit, thats true. Budzior 4 president!
vkz - 81.182.126.*** 050221 @ 13:18:42
Whats the news about ezquake ?
inter-net - 62.72.250.*** 050221 @ 13:31:16
Division 1 clans have been offered a vote on whether they would prefer a TB3 only map pool

hhaehghehahgaehhahe plz??
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050221 @ 13:34:13
tb3 in div2 also plehez :(
-insane- - 83.27.110.*** 050221 @ 14:43:11
tb3 forevah , plz some Link whine now B<
Link - 85.164.154.*** 050221 @ 16:18:11
Since the elite swedes in div. 1 only want tb3, then I think these elite swedes, who also is in the admin-crew, can stay the fuck away from choosing maps for the other div's (cmt3). This is a fucking joke: "We choose CMT3 for you! But we aint playing that fucking map in our div!" Christ almigthy, wtf is going on? You weak fucks. End of whine (but more to come when gaz etc starts defending the usual noob-decision). IF DIV. 1 GET TO CHOOSE WHAT TO PLAY, THEN ALL OTHER DIVS SHOULD GET TO CHOOSE THE 4TH and 5TH MAP AS WELL. Caps off.
fix - 82.141.91.*** 050221 @ 16:37:28
haha decide already.
Max Rebo - 62.181.254.*** 050221 @ 16:37:58
I'll stick to Smackdown if NQR goes TB3. That is, of course, if GO is placed in a TB3-div1 (which we should not be).
-insane- - 83.27.110.*** 050221 @ 16:39:35
Come on Max we are placed in div1 too and we`ve played like 2 practise games since qhlan :K And half of our players traitored for this devil`s game WoW :L
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050221 @ 16:46:51
Max, GO have to enter or LA won't have anyone to play in playoff quarter-finals :)
fix - 82.141.91.*** 050221 @ 16:52:18
where is exactly this pool? cant see it anywhere..
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050221 @ 16:58:40
Div 1: E1M2, DM2, DM3
Div 2-6: E1M2, DM2, DM3, CMT3, E2M2/Schloss/Grim
fix - 82.141.91.*** 050221 @ 17:06:44
aha so its decided already?
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050221 @ 17:07:54
Only 1 clan voted for non-tb3 so I guess it's pretty unlikely that it won't be tb3 :)
fix - 82.141.91.*** 050221 @ 17:10:13
so whats the point of Invitational Cup now?
fix - 82.141.91.*** 050221 @ 17:12:49
gaz: ye would have been 2. i guess you'll never understund how important voteing is.

gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050221 @ 17:20:34
CMF's vote was that only vote :)
Max Rebo - 84.218.43.*** 050221 @ 17:34:40
I'm not saying GO won't enter, just that I won't play. I'm only div2 or div3 these days, especially on dm2 and dm3. <3 Kenya
stal - 212.33.129.*** 050221 @ 17:38:09
More .no whine; if cmt3/cmt1 and/or tb3 are the only maps found worthy for next nqr then WoW seems like a much more fun place to be. LA til semi direkt.

Love the SD maps though (tb3, e3m7, e2m2). Seems like great fun := Thanks Apollyon!
Link - 85.164.154.*** 050221 @ 19:51:40
Its a good thing that NQR listens to the community (c) Icce. You just lost a div. 1 clan.
razor - 81.228.190.*** 050221 @ 21:33:42
eh sounds like they listen to the majority? so isnt that good? :) i dont mind playing some weird/fun maps in groupplay but playoff should be decided in tb3! :(
Speed - 81.230.176.*** 050221 @ 22:02:26
Since its now fine with diffrent map poles for diffrent divisons I sincerely hope that every division will get the 4th map they vote for, and it wont be one 4th map for all divisions! Or atleast every divsion should be able to vote for a tb3 only map pole.

As far as playoffs the only reason we got some sort of "lol" games on the cmt maps was cause the match format of the regular season was so different from the format used in semis and finals. If your going to use a "every map gets played" format in the semis and the final then the rest of the games should be "eliminate two maps and play the remaning 3 maps" *. Since you then move the emphasis to a more allround map knowledge than the "strong home map" format used in the previous nqr regular season.

Actually the div 1 results wouldnt have
changed that much since the only game that would have ended diffrent in tb3 best of 3 situation would have been sr - la (sr won dm3,cmt4,cmt3). And in lower divisions ONE game of 12 was a 3-2 game (Assassins 3-2 Rabbit Dogs) compared to 2 of 2 div1 games. Drop best of 5 in lower divisions?

I believed I should get to whiiine on best of 5 playoff with 3 maps, but nooo. 60% of five map games in nqr3 to nqr5 playoffs would have had a diffrent winner if it was best of 3 (and 5 of 7 games was 5 mappers). In the cmf-ds nqr4 quarter-final no clan manged to win a map more than one time (cmf e1m2,dm3,dm2 - ds dm3,dm2) =).

Actually the ONLY situation where there is a point to have best of 5 playoff is a tb3 only playoff in div1 (this is for determine a winner, specs usally likes best of 5 even if its just to get the chance to whine on maps for 40min)

*with a added bonus for more close games, the top vs bottom games will still be rapes but you wont change that unless we starts to play dmm4.
TheChosenOne - 80.203.127.*** 050221 @ 22:53:55
I thought it would be the other way around. The rookies in div5 would only have to learn 3 maps, while the 9 year quake players in div1 knew more than 3 maps by now. This will hurt the top teams from div2 who has to play these non-tb3 maps the whole season, and when they qualify for div1 those pracs would be "useless". By then the div1 teams would have an even bigger advantage, since they would only been playing tb3 :(
Apollyon - 82.140.31.*** 050221 @ 23:29:44
Good point TCO!
Goljat - 193.185.55.*** 050222 @ 00:33:08
i want to get rid off this, how i can remove slackers from nqr league? This is a joke league, you change things all the time. No thanks.
droogie - 217.168.89.*** 050222 @ 07:35:06
I got a suggestion:

What about having a form for the clans to fill out when they register for the next season?

With questions such as:

Do you want to allow advanced scripting? (Yes/No)
- Scripts for rocketjumps and tp messages

Do you want to allow timers (such as angelina)? (yes/no)

Do you want to allow ezquake clients to participiate? (Yes/No)

Do you want to allow fuhquake clients to participiate? (yes/no)

Please rate 5 maps as your clan prefer them:
dm2 - 1 2 3 4 5
dm3 - 1 2 3 4 5
e1m2 - 1 2 3 4 5
cmt3 - 1 2 3 4 5
cmt4 - 1 2 3 4 5
etc etc etc

If you continue your way of ruling, you better watch out for George W. Bush, he kinda get annoyed by this politics.

Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050222 @ 08:07:14
hela havet stormar!
blaps - 85.226.50.*** 050222 @ 09:01:51
Svenska fotbollsf?rbundet meddelar att med start n?sta s?song s? skall det fr?n superettan och ner?t g?ras f?rs?k med spel p? rund plan, i uppf?rsbacke samt i bj?rngrop. I allsvenskan spelar man dock som vanligt p? en fotbollsplan.
bud - 156.17.235.*** 050222 @ 10:06:32
kenya maps for all divs. no mercy
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050222 @ 11:18:44
One possibility we are considering is to keep division 1 with full map pool during regular season and return to the nqr3-5 style of tb3 only during the playoffs.
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050222 @ 11:39:00
Continued: This would be a nice compromise IMO as it would attract clans like GO etc who want to play a variety of maps and keep the playoffs at the highest possible level of competition which is better for both players and spectators alike. (IMO).
anni - 212.202.57.*** 050222 @ 13:14:52
5 map pool for all! anything else is a joke!
-insane- - 83.27.113.*** 050222 @ 13:49:36
Well i think tb3 for playoffs only could work! B<
mx - 193.1.201.*** 050222 @ 15:53:09
best of three, dm4 for playoffs. :K
ocoini - 84.48.64.*** 050222 @ 16:01:27
This is sad.. how long have you played TB3?
Dont you want to learn other maps?

If you can only play good on thoose 3 maps your not a very good clan in my eyes..

Div2 winner will be true nqr champions.
-insane- - 83.27.113.*** 050222 @ 17:04:10
Cant u understand some ppl dont have time to learn and practise new maps ? simple as that ...
znappe - 213.114.181.*** 050222 @ 17:19:02
other maps r fucking boring and really pointless to learn? tb3 for the whole league ffs..
pusling - 217.8.142.*** 050222 @ 17:36:15
is this the way we want to go? everything else is going oldschool, and I like that beeing old as the hills myself. But on the map side, if this goes on we'll end up with dm3 only. I say go oldschool on maps aswell, its much more fun. Each clan can choose what ever home map they want from original full quake + some customs. then each dogpack has their day, then decider is drawn random from a pool of say 6-8 maps that are viewed as obligatory, meaning non-kenya in most participants eyes. This would mean that if a n00b clan want to prac wind tunnels to perfection, and atleast own LA on one map, they can. Much more fun besides, the best clan's always wins in the end anyhow
segg - 82.140.19.*** 050222 @ 18:29:40
do soccer players complain about playing on the same "map" over and over again? nah i dont think so...
for us(dybbuk) its hard to learn new maps, we simply dont have the time practicing the new maps.
Speed - 81.230.176.*** 050222 @ 18:31:03
lol insane its not like a div1 player plays LESS than most low div players.
znappe - 213.114.181.*** 050222 @ 18:42:39
the difference is that the lowdivplayers know that they will allways suck on tb3 so they instead spend all their time getting decent on some retardmap just to be able to own now and then... and pus.. is dm3 only really a bad thing? i have to disagree. ;/
Goljat - 85.76.132.*** 050222 @ 18:56:13
do soccer players complain about playing on the same "map" over and over again? YES some real madrid players whine to play in moscow, because they dont like to play on snow field :E
almeid - 213.114.186.*** 050222 @ 19:06:20
i love TB3 expect dm2 then:P
... CMT maps is not a part of the game!.. lets play .pak maps!
bud - 156.17.235.*** 050222 @ 19:18:23
if u r nqr best clan ever u will won tb3 + cmtX + and all kenya maps.
else play in sd =)
znappe - 213.114.181.*** 050222 @ 20:59:06
u cant be best at lottokenyamaps, u just have to be the luckiest ;/
Vertigo - 157.24.219.*** 050222 @ 21:47:49
Just get adjusted to it. Half of QW players demand new maps or they quit playing, half of them stick to tbh or they hang themselves.

And who called me a troll?
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050222 @ 21:49:18
of all maps that originally where in quake1 there are many playable, we don?t need more maps
slabby - 213.112.28.*** 050222 @ 22:51:44
Thank you nqr admins and all div1 clans that voted to allow quakemaps in div1. This means that i can actually have fun in nqr. GREAT INITIATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! // Tribe of Tjernobyl
slabby - 213.112.28.*** 050222 @ 22:52:41
all div1 clans that voted to allow (there was suppose to be an "only" here) quakemaps in div1
sassa - 85.224.244.*** 050222 @ 23:35:41
very good point TCO!!
Link - 80.111.113.*** 050223 @ 00:05:10
The everwhining swede-tb3 arguments are always so strong! :)
razor - 81.228.190.*** 050223 @ 00:19:32
who cares what the arguments are, face the fact that people have different opinions,
cant we like tb3 if we want to link?
are u even gonna play in div1 this season?
majority seem to wanna have a tb3 playoff in div1 so is there anything really to discuss?
Goljat - 193.185.55.*** 050223 @ 01:17:45
we didn't know this when I signed slackers, so can you remove us from clan list? We don't have time/interesting anymore.
almeida - 213.114.186.*** 050223 @ 02:31:22
para is the luckest :P
xhrl - 24.80.50.*** 050223 @ 03:40:57
golo: sr can be removed if that's what you really want.
znappe - 213.114.181.*** 050223 @ 04:02:37
no sorry they cant.
Tuna - 212.202.40.*** 050223 @ 11:09:16
Goljat: yes.. i agree.. russian servers lag awfully :<< ;-p
Icce - 193.235.173.*** 050223 @ 11:36:17
Div 1-teams have requested TB3 only in their div for a long time. Now we finally let themselves decide via vote option on signups. The verdict were an overwhelming majority for TB3. If we lose 1 clan but keep 9 by this way to "listen" to the teams, this is much more preferable than opposite.
Grass - 85.76.197.*** 050223 @ 12:03:21
same map pool to every div's! tb3 to every div playoffs. if div1 teams dont wanna play cmt3 and (grim/schloss/e2m2) then remove the whole div1. we dont need ego clown div1 then. so LOL "we dont have time to learn 2 "new" maps. puuh, u are losers, nothing more.
razor - 81.228.190.*** 050223 @ 12:34:22
i dont see why low div people even whine here, care about your own divisions? leave us alone! :)
skc - 222.65.109.*** 050223 @ 12:35:36
slabby - 213.112.28.*** 050223 @ 12:36:58
link I have an argument, now i dont have to spend i map of each game drinking tea and watching television. its such a waste of time just watching your "quakeguy" get spawnfragged.
razor - 81.228.190.*** 050223 @ 12:45:25
grass i used to welcome new maps with open arms... when link first started his map campaign a couple of seasons ago i really loved playing new maps and learning them,
fs were one of the most active in the cmt-leauge
but since no one in this community can decide which maps are best and the maps just come and go all the time.. it feels so useless to learn them, now it feels like "the new ultimate map" comes every week, with the PERFECT design for 4on4 etc etc..
the fun thing (in playoff) is the competetive part of it, and tb3 is funniest cause everyone have played tb3 a reasonable fair equal amount if times.. when new maps comes every season one clan will always have played it more,, and in the beginning when clans learn new maps, the differences in mapknowledge can be a hudge distance from each other... even if clan A has played just a couple of times more than clan B
razor - 81.228.190.*** 050223 @ 12:59:10
and if only playoff has tb3 its gonna be like 50 games with 5 maps and then only 3 games with tb3 anyway :)
riker - 213.64.178.*** 050223 @ 13:29:39
omg tb3 is back, now its time to start warming up 4 real.
moris - 146.102.96.*** 050223 @ 15:08:47
any chance that other divs than div1 could vote for tb3 only?
Grass - 85.76.197.*** 050223 @ 15:42:11
razor, u have good point. I dont like either when maps changing all the time. cmt3 and cmt4, or older map cmt1 and cmt4 was just fine, but not. Admins wanna change maps to every season, i agree razor that.
moris - 146.102.96.*** 050223 @ 16:13:17
ah lol what? its tb3 only for playoffs? i thought its for whole season. haha. greatjob. why do it the way players and teams want it, right?
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050223 @ 16:18:05
I said that tb3 only for playoffs and 5 maps for reg. season was a possibility. As it stands that's not the case.
Speed - 81.230.176.*** 050223 @ 17:58:53
Razor: If you remove me and link and the ordinary spamm .. k the ordinary spam ;).. isnt it like 90% of the post from low div players is about not having the tb3 only options in lower divs?

Link - 85.164.189.*** 050224 @ 01:02:14
Razor, if I had it MY WAY, we had been playing all 5 CMT maps from NQR5. But Icce the puppet said no coz of swede-elite whine on privat MSGs on IRC. Because of this weakness in the admin-crew, div. 1 is back to tb3 only. gg.
mrlame - 81.227.129.*** 050224 @ 02:47:34
link you are not playing in div1 so whats your concern about div1, focus on your things and we'll focus on ours cheers dude
znappe - 213.114.181.*** 050224 @ 03:10:55
sassa - 85.224.244.*** 050224 @ 09:07:46
sweet.. I wanted it to be this way!!
They all (almost all) wanted to play TB3 only and they got it, just face fact link, most of the teams/players dont wanna/have no time to learn new maps.. so this is probebly the best sollution.
If you want to test new maps then join ESL/CML or other divisions or just kick ur fucking 2 year old plan "teamup" going
-insane- - 83.27.117.*** 050224 @ 18:43:06
Link got owned B<
Nice to whine about mappool in division which you arent even playing in SNIFF ;|
Icce - 85.224.76.*** 050224 @ 20:21:46
Heh Link..over reacting as usual :P You might have forgotten but I think others remember the post on nqr about introducing all 5 cmt-maps. 99% of the ppl who responded there (271) was against it. So in my weakness I listened to them. We "only" took in 2 of the cmt's. But you our strong wise norweigan dude should stand tall and defend our unwise descision for 1%, just to let the players know who rules this shit. And god forbid..the 99% ruined your work with the maps. Biased by that in your view in this issue...? Nah..you should never admit that :>
niomic - 151.196.22.*** 050225 @ 01:04:48
I am greatful for NQR Crew's effort, but plz get some fucking balls concerning decision making?

Democracy isn't the only way to go and every time you switch maps / rules etc. your authority witheres away. When you announce a new league, you should have everything SET. "This is our league and these are our rules!"

You've had all these seasons to observe the community and should definitely have enough data to come to a conclusion and PUT THE FOOT DOWN.

People will always whine and no amount of democracy will fix that. It just seems to me like nobody is really in charge, nobody is willing to put their dick on the line and say this is it!

And changing rules after signups? Come on!

The NQR crew are doing a lot of things well, but managers or directors ye are not.

Oh well, still waiting for the fourth and fifth map that actually stick for a couple of years.
ajkon - 213.113.64.*** 050225 @ 01:07:05
im on your side link! fun is the name and quake is the game! but for how long?, even tetris(!) gets boring after just 3 levels....
ocoini - 84.48.64.*** 050225 @ 04:09:01
...not if you never reach level 4. :p

*dodges a div1 rl*
bps - 82.182.140.*** 050225 @ 06:14:11
Sk?nt o h?ra Riker!
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050228 @ 12:51:21
"99% of the ppl who responded there (271) was against it". Nice to see that you are telling lies to the public, in public. You sure are a true swede. Are you mental?

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