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2005-04-20 The Boss vs. extreme schizophrenia 2-0 4b details
2005-04-20 J?garna vs. ChoseN 2-1 5a details
2005-04-20 knockback vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
2005-04-19 Lambi vs. Team Toholampi 0-2 6a details
2005-04-18 Veni Vidi Vici vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Postal-Justice vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
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2005-04-18 J?garna vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
  Map vote round 2  050302  

Due to the votes being so tight the first time around (the winning map got 31 votes, and the second-placed got 26), we have decided to go for a second round of voting. All non-division 1 clans can vote by logging in to their clan admin panel at the top of this page.

We will keep the voting open until the weekend or until enough clans have placed their vote as to be able to identify a clear winner.

These clans still need to place their vote.

Please also welcome the latest addition to the admin team, phrenic!



Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 11:31:02
arent we supposed to play 5 maps?
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 11:32:03
oh, cmt3 was decided before
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050302 @ 11:32:53
NQR's TB4 for all divs except div. 1 is dm2, dm3, cmt3 and e1m2 :)
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 11:35:51
yes lets make cmt3 into tb4 now instead of cmt4 wich some ppl refer to as the fourth big map... i had just started to learn cmt4
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050302 @ 11:39:13
Think how much faster you'd have learnt it if you hadn't spent so much time and effort whining about kenya :D
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 11:43:10
Im only whining when there are no ppl playing =) (and i didnt even mention kenya now)
razor - 81.228.191.*** 050302 @ 11:51:08
hm what maps is decided for div1 then? :)
razor - 81.228.191.*** 050302 @ 11:51:20
or is it tb3 in groupstages too?
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050302 @ 11:53:42
lol razor
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 11:55:08
e1m6, dm2 and schloss for div3 please?
blaps - 85.226.50.*** 050302 @ 11:57:32
ok, 31-26 means a win by 20% for whatever map that was. how many more votes must the winning map get?
Tuna - 212.202.40.*** 050302 @ 12:12:13
cmt3 = quake3 and schloss = rtcw.. can we go back and play qw again plz?
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 12:13:12
prolly "majority" as some ppl claimed the "no kf jump" poll got when only ~200 ppl voted
Apollyon - 82.140.30.*** 050302 @ 12:15:22
the kfjump rules were not based on that poll, at least not in Challenge-Smackdown, where the decision was solely based on my pointof view.
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 12:20:25
I am not going to start this debate all over, i was only pointing out that many decisions, regardless of what, are made based on a small part of all the players opinions and does not really reflect what the majority has to say in the matter. Even if all clans can vote now we still choose between two maps pre-decided for us and i guess many ppl dont really like any of the two...
Grass - 85.76.199.*** 050302 @ 12:22:41
turpa kii!
Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050302 @ 12:31:31
blaps, no map got majority of votes in first round, so a 2nd round does make sense.
However I think cmt4 should have been in the first round of voting :/
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 12:33:57
why? dont you know that nqr changes mappool every season? :)
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050302 @ 12:34:42
31 out of 83 votes is not a majority. A majority is 51% or more. Unless a map has 51% of the vote we can't say that the majority wants to play that map.
Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050302 @ 12:42:49
i dont think anyone has said that? :)
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050302 @ 12:55:21
I was responding to blaps' question.
AS - 213.106.224.*** 050302 @ 14:03:56
Agree with Tuna and Willgurht. CMT4 <- in CMT3 -> out. TB3 + CMT4 would, if it could be my vote. Note, I have not seen any of the polls because im lazy.
Cougar - 193.166.81.*** 050302 @ 14:21:29
"EZQuake is not allowed in NQR7. We will be reviewing the situation at the end of the season with a view to seeing if it should be allowed during NQR8 and beyond."... Any decisions on that?
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050302 @ 14:26:05
We are having our final vote on it at the moment (on our forum). Things are looking positive.
bud - 156.17.235.*** 050302 @ 14:28:18
tb3 cmt3 cmt4 schloss
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050302 @ 15:13:14
I don't understand why the admins had to complicate everything so much. Why not simply keep the mappool from NQR7? I thought ppl were pretty happy with it in general. Even Razor wonders why cmt4 was removed. Will NQRs mappool keep on changing forever? I understand the div1 clans, that they don't want to learn new maps every season, so of course they prefer TB3 only instead of this map-chaos.
Apollyon - 82.140.25.*** 050302 @ 15:14:34
hey! we (div3 clan) dont want to learn new maps each season either!
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050302 @ 15:22:10
So make it TB3 only in all divisions, having different mappools in different divisions is just plain stupid.
dib - 212.113.164.*** 050302 @ 15:23:46
just vote schloss
pls |-P
anni - 212.202.55.*** 050302 @ 16:00:22
cmt4 >> cmt3
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050302 @ 16:12:11
Plz Strife, the admins in NQR are not stupid :)
Icce - 85.224.77.*** 050302 @ 17:04:28
Strife guess you haven't followed any forums about maps. Cmt4 has it's pros and cons..but according to the discussions the cons are in favour and ppl wanna have a change. We now have 4 pretty good maps..and in order to find the fifth good map we must circulate and try new ones. Some of you experience that as a chaos, while others think it's good.
Sassa - 85.224.244.*** 050302 @ 17:20:03
vote SCHLOSS!!!
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050302 @ 17:20:33
I did not say the admins were stupid. If there had been a proper vote from the start I'm positive we would still have cmt3+cmt4.
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050302 @ 17:22:42
I'm starting to agree with this banning of autotook/kfjump etc. But the maps are a different discussion.
Dekh - 82.168.181.*** 050302 @ 18:12:28
I agree with strife that i do not understand the removal of cmt4...Lots of people are quite enthousiastic including us vvv. I can understand that you want to try out 1 new map, but why remove a map that people are used to and a lot of people like...kind of strange in my opinion
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050302 @ 18:21:38
How many times will I repeat this?

It was voted out by the majority in the end of season poll.
moris - 146.102.96.*** 050302 @ 18:37:34
i have to take a screenshot of that one strife :)
moris - 146.102.96.*** 050302 @ 18:38:24
about the mappool: next time let us vote for tb3 only all the way. u might be surprised by the outcome..
Dekh - 82.168.181.*** 050302 @ 19:10:05
Wonder what the results of the poll were if you take out the div1clan votes. Since they play tb3 only now it is logical to remove their votes. I think i know the results then...I rest my case ;) tb3+CMT3+CMT4+Schloss rule!
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050302 @ 19:15:53
Seeing as only a few div 1 clans could be bothered to vote, I doubt the result would change at all.
plast - 83.30.111.*** 050302 @ 20:20:27
Majority has to decide map-pool, shouldn't it be the same with other things like fjump, autotook scripts, etc. ? Why not make similiar pool ? :)
mipa - 80.186.145.*** 050302 @ 20:48:58
3 voted in the end of season poll and 2 wished cmt4 to be removed? and why not include previous maps (cmt4) in the votes for next nqr-mappool
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050302 @ 20:54:51
If you would make cmt4 an option in a fourth (lol) voting round, I'm sure it would get lots of votes. It just got less votes last time because nobody bothered to email, and strange options to vote on. See how much easier it had been to just go TB5 from the start
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050302 @ 21:01:59
I would like ppl to look at this page: http://www.quakeworld.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2806
Link - 80.111.113.*** 050302 @ 21:57:54
Hello Strife :) Still fighting for the neverhappening TB5? :)
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050302 @ 23:03:21
Not really, a bit late to whine about that now.
From all - 81.229.26.*** 050303 @ 01:07:04
Welcome phrenic .. /phrenic :)
Zilver - 83.116.150.*** 050303 @ 04:50:06
I just took a look at http://www.quakeworld.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2806 . Clueless dessicion to remove cmt4 after seeing the results to that poll. If you add up the percentages, 50% of the voters wanted a mappool that also included cmt4.

So whats really going on here?
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050303 @ 09:26:48

gaz - 050302 @ 18:21:38

How many times will I repeat this?

It was voted out by the majority in the end of season poll.

More than 60% voted to remove CMT4 in the vote that actually mattered.
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 10:37:43
Well, the problem here is that a poll like that should be on SIGNUP for the next season, and not when a season ends :)
Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050303 @ 10:43:56
gaz btw, 60 % might have voted to remove cmt4, but that doesnt say cmt4 wouldnt have had a chance in a poll vs schloss/e2m2/grim.
Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050303 @ 10:45:28
The poll was designed with removing cmt4 in mind.
seese - 217.209.64.*** 050303 @ 10:47:18
Isnt a poll in the end of the season just for evaluating the current map (or whatever you vote for)? If the case is to evaluate a map from an official league then its quite pointless to have such a poll when you SIGNUP? Or should we vote just out of prediction - rather not.
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 10:55:42
What if clans that vote at the end of the season dont signup for next season? should their vote count? rofl? Vote on SIGNUP is the only way to make sure that every clan participating in the forthcoming season gets a say.
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 10:57:28
And btw: "evalute a map" in the QW scene is like the biggest joke around.
error - 129.16.116.*** 050303 @ 11:41:37
I have come to the conclusion that we should keep cmt4 and cmt3 and add one new map each season. In the end we will around 10-15 good maps.
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 11:42:57
You need a new admin-crew to do that :)
Horatio - 193.10.229.*** 050303 @ 12:14:25
nqr2 mappool NOW!
seese - 217.209.64.*** 050303 @ 12:29:10
In every subject and every course at the University of Stockholm you evaluate the litterature, the teachers etc etc. And that is done AFTER the course has taken place - and the reason is for the teachers to get A PICTURE of how the students experienced the course and to make adjustments for the course next time. And the fact that most players and clan returns over and over again it will be much likely the same persons. The votes should count as they contribute to the whole picture.
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 12:42:43
Yeah, but maps and qw aint the same as the UNI of SH. Ppl play to win, and the only maps that everyone agrees on is TB3. The rest is a mess. But you knew this? :)
Horatio - 193.10.229.*** 050303 @ 12:46:53
some ppl dont even agree on tb3 :)
Strife - 217.212.50.*** 050303 @ 12:56:31
Willgurht - 050303 @ 10:45:28 The poll was designed with removing cmt4 in mind. <----- this man speaks the truth
Horatio - 193.10.229.*** 050303 @ 12:57:37
the poll is broken anyway, since not all ppl who play in nqr have voted, and i dont think you can make them vote either
seese - 217.209.64.*** 050303 @ 13:01:01
so you are basically saying that none of the div1 clans chooses kenyamaps because they fear they would get their ass kicked by other div1-clans on them? It wouldnt be so wise to believe you would win all tb3 against all clans and then lose all kenyas. And i have never said that the Uni and qw are the same, only that the reason to use polls are to evaluate past season.
Horatio - 193.10.229.*** 050303 @ 13:04:17
the thing about polls is that the result tends to be rather bad when few ppl vote
error - 129.16.116.*** 050303 @ 14:04:26
Well the main conclusion which can be drawn from the poll isnt that cmt3 is more liked than cmt4(it was way too close ) Its that people cannot agree on any maps. Not even on tb3 as horatio said.

Ps. I also agree with Strife that the poll was biased. Probably because of Angua and Mrlam. :)
AS - 213.106.224.*** 050303 @ 14:10:54
End of season poll Gaz? Was that the stupid email that required a lot of effort with all that best clan, best team, most horny. Type of questions? Soon as I saw the first few lines I ignored it as it didnt interest me at all.

How many participating clans actually voted in this poll or some other poll to form your percentage of votes?

Are these statistics available to the public other than 60 percent voted CMT4 out?

If this is the poll, like many others I think these statistics that you keep repeating are a load of BS.

Thanks for your undivided attention, have a nice day.
Zilver - 83.116.150.*** 050303 @ 14:14:16
I think Will's got a good point about the poll being designed to remove cmt4.

Why not add cmt4 to the current poll, reset the votes and see what happends? If you're right about 60% not wanting it, you've got nothing to fear right? :)
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 14:17:21
NQR admins have decided that CMT3 is their 4th TB4 map. And they dont want CMT4 in NQR no more. That's what they want to construct. Now they are looking for that 5th map ;>
Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050303 @ 14:41:08
You used to have constructive critisism, i want the old link back.
knast - 217.245.207.*** 050303 @ 14:41:41
i hope the nazimap schloss will get no chance in nqr
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050303 @ 14:46:10
"email that required a lot of effort"
What kind of an email requires a lot of effort? You just had to copy-paste the required information and make a few text edits. Not exactly difficult.

"Are these statistics available to the public other than 60 percent voted CMT4 out? "
Neither out: 4
CMT3 out: 5
CMT4 out: 16

It was made clear that the result of this very vote would be used to decide which map to drop. If people were too lazy to vote (and yeh, email is so complex to use) then it's not our problem.

Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050303 @ 14:56:34
gaz, the poll should have been which map that should go up in a poll against the new maps, not which map to drop. :)

Would be like asking Which map of TB3 do you want to remove (e1m2,dm2,dm3). Most people want e1m2 out.
So e1m2 is removed, and some new map is used.

Anyways, 'keep both' option did not really exist :/
Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050303 @ 14:58:44
or sorry, it did 'exist'.
Zilver - 83.116.150.*** 050303 @ 15:15:00
25 votes out of how many clans was that again? :)
Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050303 @ 15:24:41
Zilver, living in democracy, you should know that the opinions of those who did not care to vote, is worth 00000.

And btw, My grandma knows how to send email.
AS - 213.106.224.*** 050303 @ 15:28:47
Willghurt is right. But sticking to your choice of polling. 25 are the majority of participating clans? I think not. Theres around 100 clans.

A very foolish time to hold a polling too, It should be on signing up for the new season. Those statistics are completely void and do not support your arguments gaz.

I didnt say it was difficult, just was not interesting. Plus how does it involve the public? lol ridiculous, not doubting your honesty here but how do we the ?public? know these results are what you say they are. It has no interaction where you can keep track of the statistics. It seemed a very private affair.

The poll on quakeworld.nu stipulates the majority would like to keep to the original NQR 7 map poll. Those statistics seemed more reasonable and believable to me.

Agree with Zilver add it to the poll.

I just like to add I hope the NQR admins don?t make the same mistake again. There is no logic to the choice of method used, of polling the decided maps to be played in this season of NQR.

*Let the people decide*
AS - 213.106.224.*** 050303 @ 15:49:52
One more thing I don't think it was made clear that the email would decide on which maps to include. I didnt see it as the top question or an initial statement. I thought it was merely a questionnaire that I actually didnt want to participate in. Best clan, most sporting clan and all that jazz.
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 16:01:56
Well, with so much whine, I am sure that "Icce the man of the ppl" will enforce another admin meeting! :)
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050303 @ 16:03:28
What's Icce got to do with this? Bit unreasonable to have a go at him here :)
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 16:06:47
Never :D
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050303 @ 16:20:14
Back to CMT4... we announced that it wouldn't be in the pool when we opened signups 2 and a half weeks ago... then was the time to argue and whine. It's too late now!
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 16:30:20
Btw, since div. 1 is TB3 only (meaning the biggest whiners are gone), then it wouldnt be a problem with large map-pool for the rest of us with TB3 as decider :) That will for sure end some whine :)
Willgurht - 130.236.227.*** 050303 @ 16:35:09
The tb3 as decider is the stupidest concept of all stupid concepts around. So insanely stupid.
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050303 @ 18:14:26
Better with e2m5 as decider?
Strife - 81.226.35.*** 050303 @ 23:29:03
Sure you can claim it's too late now, even if the season hasn't even started yet. But you do agree that there has been mistakes? The argumentation of AS is splendid, he expresses exactly my thoughts.
Icce - 85.224.77.*** 050306 @ 12:55:38
The only t time I've enforced a crew-meeting were when you messed it up link. :D
Link - 80.111.113.*** 050306 @ 19:32:36
Plz blame me Icce

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