Nations Quake Rank Capture The Flag season 1


2005-04-11 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. qw.ger 3-0 D2-SF details
2005-04-11 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. American Idiots 3-0 D1-SF details
2005-03-24 American Idiots vs. Kerels onder Invloed 2-1 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Lege Artis 1-2 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. KOI 2-1 1 details
2005-03-20 qw.ger vs. American Idols 2-1 2 details
2005-03-14 Lege Artis vs. American Idiots 2-0 1 details
2005-03-14 American Idiots vs. The Hellraisers 2-1 1 details
2005-03-13 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. SSC 2-0 2 details
2005-03-09 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. Maffia 0-2 2 details
  Signups closed, fixtures live and rules finalised  050207  

We are happy to announce that NQRCTF1 has breached the 100's. 12 clans have signed up, with 102 players playing in two division, which is more than we had hoped for.

We have had reactions and discussions from alot of players, and this is what we have decided:

CTF8 has been replaced by CTF2M1 in the div1-pool, since 4on4 on such a small map is really too tight for division 1-players. However, CTF8 is still in the div2-pool, so no changes there.

In a decider situation, powerups will still be turned OFF, however if both teams agree then powerups can be turned ON for the decider. Teams still decide their own powerup-settings on their own map.

Fixtures are live now, so check out your division and start playing!

The deadline for the first week of action is February the 20th.

The IP for the ctf-server in the UK will be announced in the upcoming days, so stay tuned. We are still looking for someone interested in hosting a ctf-server in DK or DE.



unex - 82.168.79.*** 050208 @ 11:19:35
lol whoever switched the maps is a complete retard.

gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050208 @ 16:09:31
VVV commenting news items with their usual grace I see.
Legio! - 213.141.72.*** 050208 @ 17:05:52
w00t :)!
unex - 82.168.79.*** 050208 @ 18:33:49
well its still bs :)
Zilver - 83.116.150.*** 050209 @ 01:54:51
lol unex, you suck
c - 213.66.229.*** 050209 @ 11:43:53
powerups off on deciders sux
siikah - 130.243.79.*** 050210 @ 01:19:42
It is in deed very true that ctf8 is too small for div1. Powerups off on
deciders is good/bad depending on which map that's selected.
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 050211 @ 08:40:24
ctf2m1 is a lot better for div1. I mean there is a lot more tactics in it then
ctf8 ever can give. Oh yeh wait put 2 man in red base with dd and regen and hope
that the othe 2 guys bring a flag in now and then:/
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 050211 @ 08:43:38
And there should be exceptions to the powerup off rule. I mean ctf2m1,ctf2m3 or
e2m2 without powerups? pants.

I wonder if vvv is behind this?:P
Zilver - 83.116.150.*** 050211 @ 14:06:38
The powerups off on decider rule was unanimously voted upon by the whole crew,
not just me. Besides i do not represent vvv in the admin team, i represent my
own opinion on matters.
sassa - 85.224.247.*** 050211 @ 20:26:17
romeo push the clans so they play all their games :)
... - 129.16.117.*** 050214 @ 15:26:49
If its 1-1 what decides which team you get(red or blue). Its quite important on
e2m2,e3m6. Especially e2m2 without quad.. Will be interesting to see how the
maps will be played without quad. I imagine captures on e3m6 and e2m2 for blue
team will be close to impossible with the right defense.
Rage - 213.136.25.*** 050217 @ 08:33:53
Your anonymous so who cares about your opinion, but I agree;)


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