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2005-04-11 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. American Idiots 3-0 D1-SF details
2005-04-11 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. qw.ger 3-0 D2-SF details
2005-03-24 American Idiots vs. Kerels onder Invloed 2-1 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Lege Artis 1-2 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. KOI 2-1 1 details
2005-03-20 qw.ger vs. American Idols 2-1 2 details
2005-03-14 Lege Artis vs. American Idiots 2-0 1 details
2005-03-14 American Idiots vs. The Hellraisers 2-1 1 details
2005-03-13 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. SSC 2-0 2 details
2005-03-09 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. Maffia 0-2 2 details
  Catchup-week  050321  

The regular season is over and most of the games have been played.

We will give teams one catchup-week to play their voided games before we decide the playoffs-fixtures. When you wish to report your voided game you will have to contact the admins to get the game unlocked and reportable.

The deadline is Sunday the 27th 24.00 CET

The four top teams in each division will make the playoffs.



bli - 85.225.14.*** 050323 @ 11:36:32
wasent all clans supposed to make the playoff? I remeber i read in the news that
every clan should make the playoff in some kind of way
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050323 @ 14:34:31
Wouldn't that make the regular season a bit pointless?
vinnie - 81.59.15.*** 050323 @ 21:13:01
mayb a bit pointless but if its like 1vs6 2vs5 3vs4

make the point of
regular season to play the most sucky clan

anyway im just saying this
cuz KoI wont make playoffs by 3 close losses on a decider map :'(

luck in the playoffs
vinnie - 81.59.15.*** 050323 @ 21:13:29
why all the enters i didnt press enter :/
to gaz - 85.225.14.*** 050324 @ 14:23:04
not if nr 3 seed meets nr 6 and number 4 seed meets nr 5 in battles of the last
two playoffspots..

romeo - 213.115.123.*** 050324 @ 15:25:03
i don't think that having two clans in each division able to idle their way
through the regular season and still make the playoffs just by winning one game
is fair to anyone. activity should be encouraged and rewared.
gaz - 84.92.61.*** 050326 @ 14:06:15
Those that have responded to my comment have missed my point entirely.

What is the point of having a division structure if all teams go into
the playoffs? IMO playoffs should be for the best teams in the division, i.e.
those who have proved they deserve a place in the competition throughout the

That's the main reason I hated the "nearly every clan in
playoffs" system of NQR6.
lemon - 24.21.141.*** 050327 @ 19:02:27
Yeah.. if you're going to have a regular season and playoffs, having all teams
in the playoffs would be stupid.

romeo, I don't understand your
comment. :o?
Zilver - 83.116.150.*** 050329 @ 19:51:07
I agree the top 4 should go on. That does mean vvv wont be in the playoffs as we
only got to finish 2 games. Had we played the last map vs koi we could have been
part of those 4. It's a combination of our own fault (not having enough time and
patience to arrange some wars) and opposing teams for not wanting to play us
when they could, but rather wanted to prac.

But anyway, no hard
feelings, its just a game after all.
vinnie - 81.59.15.*** 050330 @ 13:03:41
zilver is een boer


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