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2005-04-11 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. American Idiots 3-0 D1-SF details
2005-04-11 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. qw.ger 3-0 D2-SF details
2005-03-24 American Idiots vs. Kerels onder Invloed 2-1 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Lege Artis 1-2 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. KOI 2-1 1 details
2005-03-20 qw.ger vs. American Idols 2-1 2 details
2005-03-14 Lege Artis vs. American Idiots 2-0 1 details
2005-03-14 American Idiots vs. The Hellraisers 2-1 1 details
2005-03-13 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. SSC 2-0 2 details
2005-03-09 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. Maffia 0-2 2 details
  Playoff-time  050330  

Hello boys and girls, we're back from Easter and ready for playoffs.

Both divisions will have separate playoffs, with the top four teams fighting it out in the semifinals and finals.

The playoffs-competition will be played using the best of 5 maps system.

Both teams select a map each. After 2 maps have been played, if the score is 1-1, the team that chose their map 2nd must choose the 3rd map. The other team will then choose the 4th map, and the remaining map from the pool will be used as the decider. If the score is 2-0 after 2 maps, then the team losing 2-0 will choose the 3rd map. If a 4th map is required, the team winning 2-1 will choose it.

Bases will be decided the usual way, with the team that did not pick the map selecting the base. If a 5th map is required, the team with the higher regular season-rank will select the base for the decider.

The brackets look like this:

Div 1 Semifinal

Lege Artis vs. The Hellraisers
Da Quaking Manjakks vs. American Idiots

Div 2 Semifinal

qw.ger vs. Pigs Of Fucking Fury
MPOS vs. Maffia

Good Luck and Have Fun!



skeLman - 67.53.21.*** 050330 @ 17:59:30
How are powerups determined in each of these maps? Previously the team picking
the map chose powerups, but on a tiebreaker they were off by default unless
differently agreed on. Now there are a possibility of 5 maps with different
orders of picking.... I think this should be cleared up.

Btw, how do
you guys ping to east coast USA servers??? :) for
romeo - 213.67.66.*** 050331 @ 11:06:02
well the only map that could be considered decider is the 5th map, so the only
place where the decider rules should be applied is there.
c - 213.66.229.*** 050403 @ 01:02:03
Svar fr?n byte=32 tid=115ms TTL=46

Svar fr?n
byte=32 tid=116ms TTL=46

Svar fr?n byte=32 tid=115ms

Svar fr?n byte=32 tid=116ms TTL=46
siikah/ckr - 130.243.79.*** 050404 @ 16:38:10
5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4003ms

min/avg/max/mdev = 110.237/111.284/115.257/2.020 ms


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