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  Nations Quake Rank : North America  050325  


Welcome to Nations Quake Rank, North America. First and foremost let me thank the entire NQR crew (especially Gaz) for allowing us their codebase to bring this awesome tournament to our continent. This new website should kick our community, activity level, and this tournament into full gear.

What has taken place?

All teams, players, results, and rules (for the most part) from Smackdown 6 North America tournament have been transfered to this venue. The time frame for the tournament is identical. Everything remains the same with the exception of a new schedule. The tournament will go live on monday, March 28th 2005. Through alot of hardwork over the past few days, I have put together a new theme with inspiration and help from Xantom. We will continue to improve the site, as time goes on.

What do you need to do?

Be sure to review your team roster and associated clan information. Team leaders will also need to contact me at #american to obtain login passwords. Once logged in, you will be able to manage your team roster, edit clan information, change your password, and most importantly report battles. Please be aware of the revised rules and the new schedule.

Important New Rule Changes

After much deliberation, one of the new important rule changes that we have come to a decision on, is the following. There are no restrictions on teams recruiting international players within the guidelines set forward by NQR rules, however no team is allowed to field more than one international player at the same time. Again, that means a team must at all times field a minimum of three North American players in each game of match. This rule is in place to ensure that North American community is our primary interest. Additionally, all matches must be played 4on4.

The Admin Crew

On a final note, The NQR:NA admin team current consists of pg, niomic, traxler, and myself. Have fun exploring the new site, and good luck to all competitors.

// def



gaz - 050326 @ 18:52:00
Comment edited by def @ 03-26-05, 21:15:40
def - 050326 @ 18:52:27
whoomp there it is!
Comment edited by def @ 03-26-05, 21:16:17
jobu - 050326 @ 21:13:29
goq - 050326 @ 21:27:23
andy - 050326 @ 21:43:25
It's nice to see that the North American scene can run a league here run on their own, without any European influence (as far as the rules are concerned). Anyway, I don't understand it completely, how you, Pg, can now become a member of NQR NA's admin team? That would mean you are on the same opinion as Def/most Americans are and all you had to do, was let the euros play.
It would be nice if you made a posting on the smackdown site, mentioning that you're stepping back from NA head admin position (and most likely declare SD?NA as dead, too).

Good luck for the new league, of course!
pg - 050326 @ 21:57:55
Well, the rules are 3/4 players have to be NA at all times. Anyhow, I am going to post on SD6 right now. I thought Def was going to wait to make this site public. This site was just made yesterday.
gaz - 050328 @ 02:55:00
STEEK - 050331 @ 19:24:39
Comment edited by gaz @ 04-01-05, 02:12:28
niomic - 050331 @ 20:17:26
Haha, Steek b0rked teh layout ):D
STEEK - 050331 @ 21:00:35
hey you have you accomodate for large breasts! btw who are you niomic? what was your nick before you joined the ever so popular boss
STEEK - 050331 @ 21:07:18
Kryten I found a loophole in your code. It cannot handle big words of my caliber


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