2003-01-05 Clan Malfunction vs. LegeArtis 2-3 Final details
2003-01-04 Hellfire vs. LegeArtis 0-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Slackers vs. Clan Malfunction 1-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Hellfire vs. Firing Squad 2-1 1/4 Finals details
2002-12-19 Ax3 vs. The Fighting Foes 1-3 Div 2 and 3 Playoff details
  News report !  021007  

Division 2 was the first division to finnish all their games for week 1. Week 3 has begun today, and deadline for week2 games end this sunday 00.00.

It seems as division 1 and 3 are really active aswel, and having almost all week1 games played, aswel as lot of week2. Despite these good news, we must stress the importance of trying to keep your schedule.

Last night we had some big games including top teams such as LegeArtis, FiringSquad and HellFire.

First we had the dutch team FiringSquad meeting clan MalFunction from finland. As strong as FS might have looked this game, it still seemed as if cMF was abit out of focus. razor lead FS to victory on DM2, showing his mad quad skills, followed by a united teameffort on E1M2 resulted in an easy 2-0 victory over one of the top teams in Finland. I would be suprised if cMF would continue this course throughout the season though.

Later same night LegeArtis faced HellFire. Both fullbread swedish teams. Ironicly enough LegeArtis had recently recruited riker from clan Hellfire.
The topic the past week or so, have been LegeArtis, and how they might be the most obvous candidate for 1st. place this NQR season. I wouldn't deny that after watching them showing HF the art of war. The individual strenghts and teamplay routine LegeArtis possess this night, came together nicely on DM3, where HF was left out in the cold. LA showed no mercy, and practicly spend 15 mins looking for spawnfrags. The following map, E1M2, was a bit more exciting. HF showed teeth, but was never a real threat to LA.

But with top teams as Slackers, tVS and FS its surely not settled yet who will end up with the longest straw, before the playoffs.

Division 2 sure is a mixed division. Teams from Germany, England, Russia, Finland and Sweden fighting for a spot in Division 1 next season. This shows clearly, as we look closer. So far its a dead end between FraggersUnited from Finland, and the russian team American Must Die.

In Division 3 2nd shows the other teams how it should be done, with 6 games played - and no games lost. I think its safe to say they are very serious about moving up to Division 2.


Strife - 021007 @ 18:18:35
Hehehe, div1 lol :)
flinty - 021007 @ 18:42:17
heh, hagge seems to be out of shape :| 2 is my luckynumer ;) tho, my clan is cb2 :)
billy_hgc - 021007 @ 19:21:04
no mention about ax3 in div3? they also havent lost a match :(
? - 021007 @ 19:53:51
Why isn't PoS kicked out of the league? I thougt 4 WOs was maximum before you get kicked...PoS has like 10 ? :P
canius - 021007 @ 19:58:15
2nd.... div1? :>
flinty - 021007 @ 20:07:39
we tooooooo have not lost a match :( that is cb2
cero - 021007 @ 20:23:14
POS = DEAD, everyone will get WO if they arent removed.
? - 021007 @ 20:42:54
But why are they not REMOVED, why WO? Whats the point? :> Remove, like what happend to the other inactive clans that got removed? Its kind of lol seeing PoS at the top of the frontpage every day with 0-2 score...
Tezz - 021007 @ 21:34:54
Hagge - 021007 @ 23:28:09
div2 ownz u all :) nice with so much activity!!
zNp - 021008 @ 01:56:30
hagge is right, we own ;/
skiprat - 021008 @ 04:40:58
recruited riker from hellfire lol did he even play a game for hellfire i'm stumped at whats going on lol does anyone know who plays for who
Nepra - 021008 @ 05:12:21
riker is since the time of ancient rome known as a clan jumper.
skiprat - 021008 @ 05:24:03
lol is that legal hehe
razor - 021008 @ 11:22:55
"?" i heard pos wasnt removed cause of troubles with the code
Legio! - 021008 @ 13:01:28
Well, i think it was like this, 1 clan reported WO against p0s, and they were given that WO by us (NQR Crew), when we later got info about p0s beeing dead i guess Kryten and Cero thought it would be easiest to just let all teams report WO instead of removing points from thoose who already had submitted a WO victory vs p0s.
? - 021008 @ 18:24:19
well, that means everyone has +3 points then...just seems a little bit wrong since PoS aint playing at all. The only time the table will be 100% correct is when everybody has played PoS then...
Legio! - 021008 @ 23:22:45
Just for all teams to submit their WO vs p0s. I don't understand you ppl who hide behind fake nicks :(? Fake nicks just plain sux ;).
tumult - 021009 @ 09:19:06
flint, now you lost your game 8) i guess we wont see you in div 2 next season...


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