2003-01-05 Clan Malfunction vs. LegeArtis 2-3 Final details
2003-01-04 Hellfire vs. LegeArtis 0-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Slackers vs. Clan Malfunction 1-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Hellfire vs. Firing Squad 2-1 1/4 Finals details
2002-12-19 Ax3 vs. The Fighting Foes 1-3 Div 2 and 3 Playoff details
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Puh, been an exciting weekend with lots of great games, and nice suprices.

Division 1.
One of the two polish representatives, New Nightmare had a rough weekend. Having to meet both the current leader of Division 1, Slackers, and clan tVS from finland, seemed to be a big mouthfull for New Nightmare. This statement showed to be not so far off.
Slackers made it a swift and clean fight, when winning 2-0, and tVS werent shy to show their strengths in this match either.

Their polish friends HGC faced ToT the following day. ToT as being famous for insisting on good playing conditions, found themself playing on a foreing server, with an average ping of 60. This didn't hold back ToT though, as they won DM3, lost a close DM2, and last won E1M2 quite comfortabely.
What was most noticable was probably the ToT lineup. With only Oddjob, representing the old ToT team, it looks like ToT got a facelift. Perhaps this is part of the reason ToT has shown us some great results in the start of this NQR season.

Speaking of ToT, the biggest suprise of this weekend, has to be the match between FiringSquad and, you guessed it... ToT.
FS were favourites here, after their rather big victory over cMF. Seeing as ToT havent been the most successfull clan in the past, when it comes to leagues/tournaments, together with FS winning over a top clan like cMF just a week ago, might have mislead FS a bit. Imo I think they underestimated ToT in this game, wich could be a reason for not putting up a better lineup. With players like crit and blixem missing, this was bound to be a very exciting match.
FS got a rude awakening by loosing first round to ToT on the classic DM3. To come out of this victorious, FS now had to win 2 consecutive rounds.
Both clans sure showed us they wanted to win on E1M2. This round was very exciting, and control shifted between teams. ToT did however build a nice lead, but a few minutes before the end ToT felt comfortable enough to lean back and watch the time go tik tak. This could have been a mistake, as FS now had full control, and racking up frags the best they knew. The gap between the two teams rapidly decreased, as time ran out, but it was not enough to stop the pure swedish clan ToT, from walking out with a 2-0 victory.
Man of the match has to be white, who showed us how to dominate E1M2, by roaming ya/gl/quad.

Link to matchresult from ToT vs FS: click here

Division 2.
With our QHLAN frontier guy Lornelin, leading clan Quake-o-Holics, crossing paths with chtv's probably most active demo-comment-poster Hagge's clan Campbusters the mood was set. This was a very VERY close game. Starting off with one of the less popular maps E3M6, neither QH nor CB seem to have the upperhand. After an amazing 20 mins of action, the came was tied 122-122 and went into a 5 min overtime. Both teams went into deffensive CS mode, and CB seem to have more CS luck than QH, and won the first round.
In 2nd. round CB took over from the start. Having a nice 80 frags lead late in the game, it seemed almost impossible for QH to take this one home. Nevertheless a 'little' fraglead was not enough to scare QH, who made a drastic turn-around in this game. If rounds were 25 mins, who would know how this map ended. (un)fortunately we stick to 20 mins, wich apparantly was not enough for QH, who lost this round with a mere 7 frags.

GG to both for a very entertaining match.

Division 3.
Having 2 losses and only 1 win, Maniacs balanced out their table, winning over kniv-sk?rar-klubben (the most original clan name this season!!!). KSK didn't look to have much of a chance vs a Maniacs lineup, recently reinforced with a playeraddition C. It will be interesting to see how they manage vs bodyjar.

Second played another game this weekend, this time vs Warhammer from England. Again 2nd showed no mercy and won an easy 2-0 match.



Hagge - 021015 @ 17:50:37
first comment.. so easy ;)
sassa - 021015 @ 17:52:00
FUCK, only luck hagge :-) nice news para.. more stuff like this would be excellent
Hagge - 021015 @ 17:56:48
heh.. I wrote comment before I read just to be first :/ nice writing para.. you seem to know what ur doing :) but tot aren?t a pure swedish clan.. forgot about tco or were you just ironic? :)
drejfus - 021015 @ 17:58:27
most active demo-comment-poster Hagge's clan Campbusters <------- EID hagge 8))))
hmm - 021015 @ 18:00:10
fs didn't field kry because they underastimated tot, no, there was just nobody else to play as crit didn't return at 22:00 as he promissed. thought, they did want to play as it was the last day and rather lose with a worse team than lose due to wo and don't have a chance of winning at all
Hagge - 021015 @ 18:03:00
jag ?gde ju tillbaka genom att f? first comment dreey B<
:| - 021015 @ 19:31:56
TCO is swedish, diden't you know? (sig heil to the traitor!)
tumult - 021015 @ 20:02:46
nothing about the most importent game in div 3.. 2nd vs. axe ?
sassa - 021016 @ 01:38:12
we all know that 2nd won nicely! on lamicka right?
Basic - 021016 @ 15:13:54
we will not come in 2nd this time :)
reppie - 021016 @ 15:14:36
true hmm, but i doubt that that made the difference, since kry did extremely well on e1m2. it's true we underestimated ToT on dm3 :) (or at least i did)
Knight - 021016 @ 16:48:35
What is "sig heil" ? And btw it's spelled "didn't" :) Nice to see that the NQR crew got a really active new member.
razor - 021016 @ 19:54:53
ye crit was on a birthday party.... but thou... kry was the best of us.. at least on e1m2.. so.. :)
?ber alles - 021016 @ 22:56:17
sig heil means....guess :>
Hagge - 021017 @ 15:33:59
lol knight knows what sieg heil means.. he just meant it was spelled wrong.... knight is one of hitler?s kids so he knows!!! :(


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