2003-01-05 Clan Malfunction vs. LegeArtis 2-3 Final details
2003-01-04 Hellfire vs. LegeArtis 0-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Slackers vs. Clan Malfunction 1-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Hellfire vs. Firing Squad 2-1 1/4 Finals details
2002-12-19 Ax3 vs. The Fighting Foes 1-3 Div 2 and 3 Playoff details
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Division 1:

This weekend sure was the weekend of the titans.
Sunday evening #3 Slackers had matches both against the runnerup #3 HellFire and the leading clan #1 Legeartis.

First match vs HF started out on DM3 - Slackers mapchoice. SR had mapcontrol from start to end - if the match had a 15min duration!
Unfortunately SR missed the last pent, and HF was not shy to take that oppertunity. This eventually led to a close victory for HF with a mere 12 frags.
Second round was played on E1M2. Map control in this round would probably be described best as - blowing in the wind (c) Elton John.
HF did gained the upperhand in the latter minutes, and walked away from this big fight with a 2-0 victory.

Later that evening, as previous mentioned, there was another 'Clash of the titans' match.
First round was played on DM2, where LA beforehand was favourites to win. It didn't start out that way though. After a good start from Slackers, they quickly gained control over YA/tele - high-rl and quad area, wich are so important on DM2. Things were starting to look really good Slackers, when ParadokS got spawntelefragged with RA/RL and quad. Things went downhill and LA seemd to know just what to do, and when to do it.
LA gained such a frag diffrence, that despite of Slackers trying get back into the game, there was not a real threat of LA loosing this round.
Next round was played on E1M2, where LA decided to switch space out with nabbe. This round, was as many previous E1M2 rounds, a close one. LA took home this map with a 20 frag victory, ending up with a nice overall 2-0 victory.

FiringSquad had a mixed last couple of days. After FS gave KOFF a regular beating in an unusual 3on3 round, FS failed to show the same energy when they played their following match vs their opponents from Poland - Hard Guns Crew. I think the answer lies in their "choice" of lineup =) Far from the traditional top lineup with blixem - reppie - crit - razor, this game FS had a rather interestnig lineup. With their newest player addition shiva, g00k, crit and a razor playing with ping 200/PL15, it seemed as if FS didn't stand much of a chance. So it didn't come as a suprise when HGC won 2-0 quite comfortable. Lets see if FS can get back on track.

Trash did rather well vs Slackers in their division game a few days ago. Despite their previous meeting with Slackers, that ended in 2 rounds of DM2, humiliation, they actually managed to win a round vs Slackers - ironicly enough DM2. That wasn't quite enough to beat #2 in division 1, as they lost 2-1 but it was still a strong performance by Trash.

Division 2:

A match between the Fraggin Pumpkins and Dybbuk, ended in rather humorius way. After tFP winning DM2 convincingly, the E3M3 ended in a TIE 75-75.
Here is a quote from tFP We set overtime to 5 minutes, but the game ended :> Then 20 minutes of llame talkin' startet. (Dybbuk wanted a cointoss, we wanted to replay). I'm quiting an admin ("we are not trowing coins here, we are playin' quakeworld") ;) So Dybbuk got bored and said that we've won the map... gg :)
Report and comments from this match can be found here.

We wouldnt want this way of ending a game, to become a regular event. In relation to this, Bored With Life showed tFP, that they didn't want a cointoss, and won an easy 2-0.

DM2 is for many, known as the finnish national QuakeWorld map! FraggersUnited was fast to hold that tradition, when beating America Must Die on this particular map. Fortunately for the QW community, this map is not the only one being played, and AMD took a victory on both E3M3 and the decider DM3.

Division 3:

Not a whole lot to write about in this division atm. Reason ? Not many games played ! *hint hint* !

Suicide Commands wasn't afraid to play a game this weekend though, as they faced Gods of Hellfire (as the name emplies, this isnt the top TOP line of clan HellFire).
First round was a real nailbiter. As we know E1M2 can often be an open match up untill the last minutes. This was not far from. GoH just managed to pull this map home with a mere 5 frags!
The oldschool'er repulsive took the axe in the other hand and gave the next 2 rounds an extra dash of skill och routine, that helped SC to pull off a very close 2-1 victory. All maps were extremely close.

When SC labeld GoH on their clan-homepage, as being lucky, when picking up powerups in the first round, Jjones was not slow to reply - here's a quote: Jjones: ha! apparently SC doesnt appreciate the skills involved with jumping out of the window armor and weaponless, getting shot up by 3 or 4 heavily armed ennemies and picking up pent with 5 health left. luck they wish. a stroke of instantenious (yet, sadly, very temporal) genious thats what ild call it!

GoH don't seem to alarmed about their 6 game loosing streak, and left a walkover for ax3. At least GoH have nothing to fear - that is if we create a division 4 for next season =)



-tyrone- - 021024 @ 19:32:17
first comment? ;K
Sassa owns hagge - 021024 @ 19:36:30
Vert - 021024 @ 19:39:38
Great coverage, whoever made it.
max0r - 021024 @ 19:51:46
always para who writes I think =)
:) - 021024 @ 19:56:13
Great read! Something tells me that it's para that has got a little journalist in his stomach... btw. it's kinda funny how he talks about himself in third person... :) (asuming its para of course)
troma - 021024 @ 20:04:10
blowing in the wind (c) Bob Bylan. thank you very much...
Troma - 021024 @ 20:04:53
ehh.. Bob Dylan
ParadokS - 021024 @ 20:19:19
Yeah Whatever ! I saw Elton sing it at some Diana aftermath concert =)
drejfus - 021024 @ 20:26:01
good real as always para, gj.
flinty - 021024 @ 20:32:40
omg everybody owns hagz0r
Nepra - 021024 @ 22:22:15
Lol n00bs.. its Candle in the wind.... blowing in the wind.. sounds like someone have farted
Strife - 021024 @ 22:48:37
Too bad we are not so familiar with gay songs as you are Nepra :(
Nepra - 021024 @ 23:42:27
Gay songs? hmm.. youve heard it being played on a gay bar i suppose ;(
Hagge - 021024 @ 23:50:37
ooops didn?t see this news :( never though para would write it :)
letrev - 021025 @ 00:57:07
good read thats true ...
ToT_tco - 021025 @ 10:46:31
The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. - Bob Dylan. Isn't it? ;)
Hagge - 021026 @ 00:34:22
how come we got an european union flag? we are a swedish clan and we want a swedish flag ffs!!!
drejfus - 021026 @ 00:55:59
fixed hagge :) men man vet ju aldrig med camp n?r ni har 2 kurwas med :)
Hagge - 021026 @ 15:30:09
tss :) faktiskt inte uppt?ckt det f?rrens nu :(
JP_teq - 021026 @ 20:57:38
I want a portuguese flag also!! :P im in GOH, search for me there. ..and those SC bastards were lucky ;) we get them next time...
Hagge - 021027 @ 21:41:42
that?s the spirit JP_teq... when u lose u get them next time! :)
Jjonez - 021028 @ 10:14:11
6 game loosing streak is for the weak. real men easily handle 23 losses in a row.
halfway - 021028 @ 12:22:23
205 games have been completed, 205 games still to go! :)
fox - 021028 @ 20:04:40
hilarious ! ;p
drejfus - 021029 @ 04:56:54
groupstage feels too long :)
kryten - 021029 @ 10:25:19
well drej, we've learnt a lot from this season and a number of teams have proved themselves not fit for the challenges of NQR, so next season will be with a smaller number but high commitment teams.
ParadokS - 021029 @ 17:45:31
Lets hope the commitment will show to be the decisive factor on the other side of the table also =)
vandal - 021030 @ 00:07:34
just open a div 4 for dybbuk and goh :-)
Nag - 021030 @ 17:21:38
def - 021031 @ 12:16:45
division 4 seems appropriate
driz - 021101 @ 01:36:41
perhaps some cows
Lornelin - 021101 @ 21:20:17
Actually i know a few teams that would love to play in div 4... and i'm sure some more would form, there's a lot of players who don't play 4on4 because it's too hard to find people/clans to play against that isn't 10x better.
razor - 021102 @ 18:11:04
make 4-5 divisions with 10 teams each :)


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