2003-01-05 Clan Malfunction vs. LegeArtis 2-3 Final details
2003-01-04 Hellfire vs. LegeArtis 0-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Slackers vs. Clan Malfunction 1-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Hellfire vs. Firing Squad 2-1 1/4 Finals details
2002-12-19 Ax3 vs. The Fighting Foes 1-3 Div 2 and 3 Playoff details
  Match updates.  021120  

Hey everybody ! I just came back from a nice skiing-trip... or something.
Been a while since any news reports were made here on NQR, but that is about to change.
Although, there's simply too many matches played, for me to make a note about them all. I will however point out the more interesting ones.

Division 1:

While 'LegeArtis' stays comfortably on top of things, 'Slackers' and 'clan MalFunction' seem to be racing for 2nd. place.
They were both very active last months. The recently played match between our 2 competitors, 'Slackers' and 'clan Malfunction' (report), could be a deciding factor, when finding a Division 1 runner-up, before the playoffs.

After a promising season for 'Tribe of Tjernobyl', with a DM3 map win over 'clan MalFunction', and a suprising win over 'Firing Squad', it seemd to go downhill from there.
Going head to head with 'in bloom' should turn out to be a bigger mouthfull for 'Tribe of Tjernobyl' than first anticipated. Why ToT_slime was merely spectating this match, and ToT_Oddjob leaving room for ToT_Psycho_Dad, after winning DM3, is a question for the wise to answer. In any case, theese rather peculiar decisions, might have been the reasons for 'Tribe of Tjernobyl' to loose grip on this game. Respect to 'in bloom' for taking this 2-1 victory home (report).
I reckon it is as hard for 'Tribe of Tjernobyl', as for anyone else, to rise from this game, when having to face 2 so strong opponents as 'Slackers' and 'LegeArtis' short after. Collecting 2 losses from theese games, ranks 'Tribe of Tjernobyl' #9. They have to concentrate, if they have any desire to continute the battle in NQR playoffs.

However i really do miss some more activity from a few clans. More specific 'KOFF', 'ParanoiA', 'the Viper Squad' and 'redux'. 3 finnish clans slacking ? Unacceptable :) Get off your ass and play some games.

Division 2:

This division clearly contains the most activity. A big shout out to all the enthusiastic clans in this division of NQR.
OMG ? 3 lousy points divides top 5 in this division. It's no telling who will face the 4 bottom teams in Division 1, for the spots there.
I can't even count soo many games played last month in this division, that I'll just point out a few interesting matches.
After 'Quake-o-Holics' tried to sneak a win by choosing E3M6, 'Bad Luck Troopers' totally demolished them on this seasons 2nd. most wanted map - DM3 (report)

One might wonder, what the result between 'Fraggers United' and 'Quake-o-Holics' would have been, if 'Fraggers United' had taken emest in before this game. A 5 frag win on DM2 wasn't enough for top 5 clan 'Fraggers United', to beat 'Quake-o-Holics' (report).
Our 2 german clans 'The Fragging Pumpkins' and 'The Dark Icemarines' met each other, in what ended up in another fatal accident for 'The Fragging Pumpkins'. Loosing 804-39 can't be a good way to end your quake day :) (report).
It's not all glory and happy days for 'The Dark Icemarines', as we see here, in a game vs 'Bad Luck Troopers', where they lost the decider map with 2 frags! (report).

Division 3:

As we have seen throughout this season in Division 3, 'Second' continue to dominate. Their last match for this season was played November 17th. vs 'suicide commando', and with a 2-0 win (report), I think there is not much doubt, that they will be be a team to look out for next season, when they most likely will be playing in Division 2.
Through the glory of 'Second''s success, we can't help notice the very interesting match vs 'Campbusters Team 2'. 'Campbusters Team 2' managed to pull home a 2-0 victory over 'Second', wich turned out to be the only loss for 'Second' this season. A convincing win on DM2, and a very close 11 frag win on E3M2, was apparantly enough, to keep 'Second' away from a flawless season.

'Maniacs' have been quite active lately. With 21 points, and 2 matches left, there is a tiny chance for them to get one of the 4 top spots. But they shouldn't be too dissapointed if they dont succeed, cause being ranked 7 in division 3, is not halfbad, for a new team on the competitive QuakeWorld scene.

Only 2 points seperate the 4 runner up teams in Division 3, so here again it will be very hard to predict the top 4 teams, who will have to fight the bottom 4 from Division 2, for those very attractive spots.



Sassa - 021120 @ 07:02:34
GO campbusters2!! hope u will win vs cb1 in div2 next year! :) nice news !!!!
k4rn - 021120 @ 09:55:49
Haha.. just have to say it... Hagge kann dej agd :P
Tuna - 021120 @ 12:24:35
just for the protocol. Dybbuk are germanz too :)
letrev - 021120 @ 15:16:01
hahah nice comments :D BTW WHEN NQR4 WILL START ?:D
Hagge - 021120 @ 16:08:55
heh... I wanna know who writes those news.... why isn?t nicks anywhere? :( and why didn?t u write about us (cb) we are going strong :) and sassa.. no worry we will probably be in div1 :)
sassa - 021120 @ 21:27:06
paradoks writes the news!
Hagge - 021121 @ 02:27:24
ye but can para skii? :) I mean.. he?s from denmark!!!! EID 8))))
Eta-Beta - 021121 @ 10:47:30
:F That's right Sassa. As hagge said we will (probably) be in division 1 next year :> and cb2 win cb1? Then I'll kick all of them :FF. Naah, that aint gonna happen :[[. Hmm, I don't even know if we want to play in div1 or not, seems like it's a lot more fun to play in div 2 :\. BUt we'll see after our QHLAN-performance :\... See ya and happy fraggin!


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