2003-01-05 Clan Malfunction vs. LegeArtis 2-3 Final details
2003-01-04 Hellfire vs. LegeArtis 0-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Slackers vs. Clan Malfunction 1-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Hellfire vs. Firing Squad 2-1 1/4 Finals details
2002-12-19 Ax3 vs. The Fighting Foes 1-3 Div 2 and 3 Playoff details
  playoffs - qualification games.  021211  

Since noone could make a decent playoffs table, i fixed up a little something something.

As you can see there are several walkovers in the qualification games. The admin crew decided that inactive clans WILL count as opponents in the qualification, and not be excluded beforehand.


Match1: LA vs tVS
Match2: cMF vs redux
Match3: SR vs ToT
Match4: FS vs HF

Match5: wof1 vs wof4
Match6: wof3 vs wof2

Match7: wof5 vs wof6

Qualification games:

Division2 top 4 vs Division1 bottom 4:

Match1: CB vs FAT (Walkover to CB, they go straight to Division1 next season)

Match2: BLT vs D

Match3: 4K vs NN (Walkover to 4K, they go straight to Division1 next season)

Match4: FU vs KOFF

Division3 top 4 vs Division2 bottom 4:

Match1: 2nd vs P0RN (Walkover to 2nd, they go straight to Division2 next season)

Match2: GB vs HOL (Walkover to GB, they go straight to Division2 next season)

Match3: Ax3 vs tFF

Match4: CB2 vs DYB

As a reminder, ONLY playoffs finals and qualifications games will be played best of 5. Quarter finals and semi finals will be played best of 3 maps.

Please remember to notify an admin with date/time when you have set up your playoff/qualification game.

Best of luck to all of you :)


spd - 021211 @ 20:50:56
canius - 021211 @ 21:03:02
div2........... gonna wipe my ass :<
Hagge - 021211 @ 22:20:44
div1 wont wipe my ass :D
Hagge - 021211 @ 22:28:02
koff-fu best of 5 maps... a game I must spec :D will ]SR[Scenic and [tVs]pai bring victory for koff or will Anza own them?? omg!
shame... - 021212 @ 00:26:14
...on TVS who did not play their games in hand, because of that they must face LA in 1/4 game :(
SLB - 021212 @ 12:47:29
KOm igen CB2, dom tar ni :D
Horatio - 021212 @ 20:07:23
drejfus - 021212 @ 21:14:41
sluta yyyyyyyyla tack
Horati - 021213 @ 18:06:51
=) visste jag skulle ?ga sidan


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