2003-01-05 Clan Malfunction vs. LegeArtis 2-3 Final details
2003-01-04 Hellfire vs. LegeArtis 0-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Slackers vs. Clan Malfunction 1-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Hellfire vs. Firing Squad 2-1 1/4 Finals details
2002-12-19 Ax3 vs. The Fighting Foes 1-3 Div 2 and 3 Playoff details
  Playoffs and Qualification summary.  021219  

To summ up the last few days, we had some exciting games.

'Campbusters Team 2' secured a spot in Division 2 next season, by defeating the pure german clan 'Dybbuk' 3-1.

Good luck to 'Campbusters Team 2', who did an excellent job in Division 3, beating clans like 'Ax3' , 'Suicide Commando' and 'Second', I'm sure they will do well in the next seasons Division 2.

In Division 1 Playoffs, the other semifinalists were found, who will play against 'Slackers' for one of the 2 finals spot, when 'clan MalFunction' defeated 'Redux' 2-1.

'Redux' started out nicely on their so famous homemap; E3M6. 'Clan MalFunction' tried to camp RL for 20 mins, but after 'only' 12mins 'Redux' got the upperhand, and showed 'Clan MalFunction' how to cover the whole map, spawnfragging and winning with a comfortable margin.

When maps changed to the more traditional teamplay maps, DM2 and DM3, 'Redux' didn't seem to have what it takes, to keep up with the strongest finnish team today - 'Clan MalFunction'.

In the other side of playoffs 'LegeArtis' faced 'the Viper Squad' in their Quarter Finals.

'the Viper Squad' suprised not only all the observers, but certainly also their opponents, when they decided to choose E3M7 as their homemap for this Quarter Finals. It would proove to be a wise choice, as they forced 'LegeArtis' into their very first map loss in this season.

'LegeArtis' was determined not to let it become a bad habbit. After a tight game on E1M2, with over 400 frags made, everything was open for the decider map, wich were to be played on DM2.

Eventhough we all know how stong 'the Viper Squad' is on DM2, the odds were in favour for 'LegeArtis', who didn't leave any suprises by winning here aswel.

A nice 2-1 victory for 'LegeArtis', leaves them waiting for the other Quarterfinals to be decided between 'HellFire' and 'FiringSquad'.

While we wait for that result, we can start preparing you for the upcoming semifinals between 'Slackers' and 'clan MalFunction'

This match will be played sunday 20:00 CET, and we will strife to keep you informed on #NQR with Qizmo Cams, and IP's for famous TeamSpeak server for live commentary.


SLB - 021219 @ 22:27:21
Hagge - 021219 @ 22:32:06
SLB!!!!! 8)
Q - 021220 @ 13:11:04
"For the Playoffs Finals and qualification games, both types using a best-of-5-maps system..." ?
Darff - 021220 @ 20:03:45
Excellent, except can you stop putting clan names in 'these things'? It makes my brain read out an emphasis and is quite offputting. Maybe that's just me though.


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