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  QH-LAN 5  030108  

Sassa has written a comprehensive review of what just went down on QH-LAN this past weekend, so if you are interested in more than just the scores, check it out. The spelling and grammar are not always the best, but you can tell the guy has put his heart into what he wrote. While I don't agree on some of his opinions on the dag vs griffin finals, I still thought it was a great read. Additionally, if you are interested in some picture galleries from the event, you can find them here on the qhlan site.

// def & NQR crew


def - 030108 @ 02:54:14
sorry, hagge!
sassa - 030108 @ 02:57:11
yeah, sry man :)
dag - 030108 @ 11:15:09
This rewview is just utter crap. Written by someone who doesn't have a clue what was going on at the lan. Leaving out that mrlame, who had one game left at the lan since he had been beaten in the 1on1 and 4on4 tourneys, infact left the lan that last night at 23:00 and came back the next morning 8:00, keeping us up all night just waiting for him. We spoke to the lancrew many times about him just leaving the lan, they said WO in the finals was out of the question and that we could wait for him to show up or play on the internet. When he finally shower up we played the first round, then my ride home comes. I tell them we can play the last game on the net like the admins said cause my ride home has arrived and i have to pack my stuff. Then suddenly they get wo, that "we don't wanna give wo in the finals" is not a problem now it seems and playing on the net is not possible anymore? I hear stuff like "You played the NQR finals instead of the 2on2 finals, it's your own fault". But I had spoken to both Drejfus and Mrlame about CMF beeing able to play the NQR final game at 23:00 and if we play at 21-22 the winner would face them. They both said that would be great and we played our game. If hf would have won mrlame would be the one in the finals, would he had left then? Or was it just the fact that he had to wait for the game to finnish that made him leave the lan right away? The fact that we both agreed on the NQR finals to be played at 23:00 didn't matter cause when i told the admins that they just responded "i don't know what's been said there". Further more. I have to agree that nabbe and striker where great in the 2on2 tourney. They didn't even play. It was riker with nabbe and striker with silver. I know i have a defensive style aka. cs. But it was i who was chasing a hiding griffin in the first final game so he shouldn't complain. Sassa: when i spoke to you i said "Why attack when i'm at mega on dm4 with no armor, he's right outside and I'm in the lead, i'll just die" but it seemed better to just say it like you said right? The only thing you do in this review is putting me down.
Link - 030108 @ 11:42:04
I dont understand why ppl are complaining about how you play the game. The difference between players or a team is measured in frags. It is not a beauty contest. I understand why ppl cheer for Griffin, because he makes it fun for the audience. Dag just want to win, and he wins, you really cant do anything better than that. He just does what possible inside the limit of the maps/rules, and you cant blame him if the maps/rules suck. It is simple; Dag's tactic is better than Griffins, thats why he wins. If you dont want TACTIC to decide a match, then change the f***ing map, dmm, rules or whatever, dont ask the player to change, thats the lamest of all things. You really think Xali is 18-0 better in skill/tactic than Dag on dm6? The map is f***ed...not the players. Get som new duel maps in, change the spawns, change dmm or do something to get it better for the audience. Otherwise, stfu about how a player chooses to play his game, thats the lowest of all things. gg...
Link - 030108 @ 11:52:35
If you play dm2 with Quad, you end the CS and you will get a much more unpredictable game. You really need to attack the Quad, because not having it is too dangerous. Dm4 is always fun to watch, because the map is so small and there is always action on it, nomatter how much you CS. Dm6 was better in the old days, now the scripts and speeding totally destroys it, yet there can be amazing games on it from time to time, though that is more and more rare these days. What about ztndm3/aerowalk?
Sassa - 030108 @ 13:46:08
"The only thing you do in this review is putting me down. " <-- we all know that your the best DAG !!! really im not saying that ironicly!! I know just as link said it, you play the best tactical game.. never make any mistakes, but I guess all the ppl that are reading this already know that! Im not trying to put you down in anyways.. it may seem like it but I really dont.. and about the nabbe and strike, I typed it wrong ;) offcourse it was riker and nabbe !! but in the end, what do I know? im just a n00b!
white - 030108 @ 13:54:37
sluta whina dag, dela med dig av mumman ist?llet!
RocketZ - 030108 @ 17:29:06
Let me say... LOL!
Hagge - 030108 @ 18:41:03
heh.. ppl are just jealous of u dag.. everybody wants to be best!!!! :)
jester - 030108 @ 19:45:40
i want to be dag, he's so hansom and all :(
mutilator - 030108 @ 20:16:27
me to 8I i think he likes me. And yes, sassa review is lol B) I doubt dag had to wait all night just becouse of mrlame, since there was alot of duel games to spec and to play, and i doubt griffin was keen on playing the second 2on2 final on inet with 56k =I
drejfus - 030108 @ 21:27:00
blame me... its all my fault, i made the 2on2 finals WO
Sassa - 030108 @ 22:49:10
Is my article lOL? muhhaha ;)
def - 030108 @ 23:21:38
Just some thoughts... mutilator: "i doubt dag had to wait all night just becase of mrlame" The duels were finnished 05:40 cet and had mrlame not left after the HF-LA nqr semifinal, they were scheduled to play the 2on2 finals following the NQR finals (when everyone was still relatively fresh as compared to 08:00 in the morning), so yes he did have to wait till next morning. Dag has a point when he says kind of makes you think what would have happened had HF won the semifinal against LA and went on to play CMF in NQR finals (mrlame would have never left, and played the 2on2 finals following). griffin: "i think it's sad the way dag has to play" Really uncalled for. The difference between the best and the rest is the ability to know when to attack, when to defend, and when to run for your life (and do it best). I seriously doubt you expect anyone to attack when they are upon score, with time winding down, and down on material (especially in a tournament match and of this magnitude with prizes and respect on the line). Risking a loss in that type of situation is totally illogical... I didn't think the games were boring at all, and were quite exciting the whole way through so stop whining. Lastly for all the rest, I think you are seriously blurring the line between defensive play, and cs. Anytime i see "dag" not make an offensive move i hear "cs" on qizmo (really pissing me off). Defensive play is when you are down on material, and have to retreat because an obvious exchange of firepower would result in your death. Cs is when you are stacked, more so than your opponent, up on score, yet still remain camping an area (which I have not seen from dag). What would you rather have the player do? 100/100 rl rush against an enemy 200/100 shaft? Not a wise move unless you seriously outskill your opponent, or have no choice but to make up score. Griffin played great, and Dag played evem better, leave it at that... the results speak for themselves. (They were great games) As for next time (if there is one) I seriously hope that QHLAN crew considers revising their schedule. For the past three QHLANs that I've seen all the games go late into the morning 06:00 etc... you realisticly can't expect the players to play the toughest matches at the highest level if they havent slept for 20 hours for 3 days in a row... Start the games earlier, maybe 09:00 in the morning so everyone can finnish by 24:00 and go to bed and repeat next day... instead of the current way of starting 13:00 and finnishing 06:00 next day. On a final note, I've heard none of the winners 1on1/2on2/4on4 recieved any of the promised prizes. Not sure what's going on with that so I will reserve my thoughts on that matter for now (hopefully will be resolved soon). Perhaps we could get a comment from the qhlan crew. -def out
Babel - 030109 @ 00:14:09
It was my mouth sassa =) The first thing is that you cant explain exactly what Cs is, because its just a word who have been taking from another game. I mean, you cant look up Cs in a book there it say for example. "Cs is when you camp and bla bla bla, bla bla bla" Cs is then what you want it to be. Most ppl mean that Cs is when you play a very defensive game, camping and hiding. Just as in Counter Strike. Well, in my eyes Dag plays Cs style, but in tournaments I dont think its THAT wrong to do it. In normal duels on the net its not fun to play a cs dude on Dm2. How fun is it when he gets one frag and then camp lower/mh/ra all the time? Or maybe.. sometimes its very fun to chase a running player when theres one minuts remaing. On the net you plays for fun, but if it is a final there you maybe can win something you Really want.. then its ok to play cs. For example. If I had one frag and its was 6mins left on Dm2 and the prize was 1million dollar. There wouldnt be ANY chance in the world that I wouldnt play 100procent ultra clene CS. NO Chance. BUT as a spectator i like more Griffins way to play. On Dm2 in a tourney it could happen that one dude is hiding/camping quad place, waiting for the enemy to go in to the trap. The other player waiting/camping the lava platform in the mh/ra room, waiting for the dude to jump there in to him. In theory.. these two players could stand on each places for ours. Why attack when he can attack? So.... that I mean is that Link has right that to prove whos the best.. you need other maps. Excuse my bad english but shut up.
Babel - 030109 @ 00:16:34
Put a H in front of "ours" jeje =)
Babel - 030109 @ 00:24:43
It sux quite hard dick to say that a full 4on4 team plays cs. The more a 4on4 team play defensiv the more fun is the match, and the tp gets more visible. Well.. im not a 4on4 player but if both team plays total broest.. its more lika FFA. If you play more defensiv and go and camp together. etc.. its more fun to watch. Punkt Slut. :)
jagular - 030109 @ 02:03:20
lol, du stavar hyffsat d?ligt sassa. P.S. St? p? dig dag! du rockar huset. Sassa, g? och gr?v ner dig. qw-poser. D.S.
jagular - 030109 @ 02:17:49
"It was really tight, dag playing _CS/tactical_ and Griffin playing more attacking style with a excellent aim!" S? du f?rs?ker inte prata d?ligt om dag, Sassa? Troligt. Sen ett kul citat jag hittade i din rapport: "Nabbe won dm6 with just a few maps" gg
Hagge - 030109 @ 02:18:43
heh.. I must say I really love watching dm2 demos from the qhlan tournaments with dag in it.. I really like his defensive way of playing the map and I was hoping for a game on it in the duel tournament but I didn?t get one :(
Goljat - 030109 @ 05:42:50
dm2 is just bad, not players fault.
fuh - 030109 @ 07:45:46
Hi. Can we please put the finals demos on the nqr demos page. Thanks.
Sassa - 030109 @ 11:46:25
hehe.. my english rox your jagular and you know it by writing in swedish... anyways, sure, but ztndm3 and aerowalk in all the 1on1 tourneys.. that would make the 1on1's more fun.. and if I was in the finals in QHLAN 1on1 tourney I would 100% camped were ever I could.. even more boring play than the CS kings of all - Striker ;)) hehe anyways.. Im glad that ppl had comments on my article, because thats what its all about, my thoughts about QHLAN and your thoughts arent always the same and we can argue about some points in this "comment place" ;) have a nice one
Nagash - 030109 @ 13:58:41
Dag is NOT the best player , not even close.
Link - 030109 @ 14:36:52
Well, in duelcompoes that matters, the frags say he is the best. But maybe frags dont matter...
flinty - 030109 @ 15:20:44
yepp aerowalk and ztndm3 rules :/ i've seen some american 2on2-league-demos or something, they play ztndm3 and a map called a2 i think. Rules :/ (don't know if they play aerowalk 2on2 tho)
TiMMi - 030109 @ 15:31:44
I got quite shocked how people yelled when griffin "owned" dag, and got a frag. In first, it was just fun, but later on, I felt bad for Dag. I mean, how fun is to hear that everybody somehow makes fun of you? :) Im glad that everbody made an applaud for Dag when he won. He really deserved that.. As for the map issue, its fun to see how someone that gives the cmt maps a closer look really likes em after saying: "They just suck" Im looking forward to play cmt maps in qw-cup. We need new maps. I like e1m2 and dm3, but we need something else. To increase the great experience of qw. As for 1on1 and 2on2, we need something like cmt here too. Someone go create some great maps. Force people to play them. :p
flinty - 030109 @ 15:35:39
like me and sassa said, maps like ztndm3 aerowalk, a2 and more are allready there, waiting to be played on :/ and now we got new cmt-maps for 4on4. So, we don't need more maps? :)
Link - 030109 @ 15:58:31
You dont need new maps, you need brave admins who will laugh in the face of stupidity. "It takes a king to rule a kingdom" ... but it also takes a king to break one down...
Sassa - 030109 @ 16:00:20
link, if you got a big mouth like I see you have, put it in actions and lets see some action instead of words!! If you are that "great king" lets see what you can do instead of watching our "king" write comments all day long like I do ;)
Link - 030109 @ 16:05:23
patience my young apprentice, patience...
mrlame - 030109 @ 16:34:41
link sluta suga vi vet alla att jag e lamast 8(
Hagge - 030109 @ 17:51:07
haha link :))))) great to have u back :D damn timmi.. ur comment really owned.. exactly what I was thinking just too bad I can?t express myself that good :) about duels I guess we could need one map.... dm6 is pure suck... but dm2/dm4 is ownage so don?t take those away :) ztndm3 is kinda good and aerowalk as well... guess I need to learn them a bit better though :) Link go fix us some good duelmappers now! :D
sassa - 030109 @ 18:24:41
the night is falling and nqr/sd is over!!! hopefully qw-cup will start pretty soon! (head admins suxxxx) but when the page is done its ready to starts!!
riker - 030109 @ 18:27:27
timmi next progamer 1on1 player, i know it..
Link - 030109 @ 18:56:24
If I was god, duelmaps would be; dm4 - ztndm3 - dm2 (with quad)
Keen - 030109 @ 19:26:07
Link: I wouldn't doubt allowing other maps next time. Make us a map! :) btw, aerowalk just rox :) The way it works in Quake3 with new maps, is much thanks to CPL since they have so great power that everybody has to listen to them. It is harder to change a soon 7 year old conservative scene with no money involved or greater alive organisations behind.
TiMMi - 030109 @ 19:35:18
Riker.. Ha Ha Ha Ha. "Fan, jag skal aldri spela duel igjen. Jag skal legga in q3" Wasnt that what you said when you lost? :) And I didnt even play cs.. :>
Eta-Beta - 030109 @ 19:37:47
Sassa. You are too newbie to _not_ underestimate link. Link is the king and you just have to realise that you'll become his thrall in short. Btw, 'nice action dag' (-:
riker - 030109 @ 20:43:42
timmi, i seem to have same cfg as i, "unbind s +back" 8)
TiMMi - 030109 @ 21:10:29
Heh, NamNam! :)
gamer - 030109 @ 22:39:17
lol hagge dm6 sux? it's a lot harder to play ultra defensive there than dm2 and it rewards good timing and smart moves more. Sure dm2 is great for friendly duels but hardly good for serious competition. It would be nice to see a good duelmap that has no shaft in it. are there any?
razor - 030109 @ 23:42:24
imo..if everyone would play like locktar (for example) does in a friendly prac game.. it would suck ass to watch tournaments... it would take away all the fun... the fun lies in when both players does everything to win the game! btw i played vs xali on dm1 and dm5 some on qhlan and those are really fun.. why arnt anyone playing those maps :) (PS. he got owned really bad ;)) or hmm no.. i think he won dm5... damn
Link - 030109 @ 23:58:56
dm5 with penta and discharge off works just fine in duel. Penta ON coz it is a good thing for a comeback VS a locked map. Discharge OFF or it's 1-0 and gg cu at water. You dont wanna play TCO on this map...phear
moris - 030110 @ 01:11:28
the qhlan was finished quite a few days ago, still the dm4 1on1 final maps aint online and the tournament section with complete standings on qhlan5 page simply doesnt exist. fix it?
Sassa - 030110 @ 03:36:20
hoho link! Aerowalk and ztndm3 should 100% be in the next tourneys! just change it for qhlan and duelmania and the players will follow you ppl !!!
ApoKaLypZe - 030110 @ 13:22:17
Imo aerowalk is a good duelmap in both tactics and other aspects, dunno about 2on2ing on it though. Ztndm3 is also a decent map but it looks like it?s a bit too easy to lock down if you have the skills. a2 is a excellent 2on2/3on3-map that the europeans totally ignored this far, which I think is too bad. And btw, babel (and some others) has got a point with his comments, but still I prefer watching actionpacked games.
Sassa - 030110 @ 16:36:13
the worst part is that duelmania3 that gonna kick off pretty soon will probebly NOT ( i repeat, NOT) include anyother maps than the big three (for 1on1's), dm2, dm4 and dm6 !! Lets hope Link can change this and add ztndm3 and aerowalk
def - 030110 @ 16:59:59
aerowalk is a horrible map for a duel, it has way too many armors and health to allow for solid control, not to mention the 10 teleporters or so...
flinty - 030110 @ 18:16:31
def, ehrm, what about dm2's armors? And tellys too btw. AND health?!
TiMMi - 030110 @ 18:28:54
Haha Flinty, very good point. :)
Ritchie - 030110 @ 19:06:56
Aerowalk owns for for duels, it?s just that the so called "elite" players don?t want to learn how to play it. Australian players excluded of course :)
Sassa - 030110 @ 19:48:37
yeah, aerowalk is such a nice map to play in my opinion, so hard to control!! but offcourse you can control it if you got good tactics and good rutine as mescon got ;)
Hagge - 030110 @ 20:11:07
my suggestion is to take away dm6 and add ztndm3 instead... that really would own :) and gameriico "lol hagge dm6 sux? it's a lot harder to play ultra defensive there than dm2 " who said ultra defensive is boring? :D
Goljat - 030110 @ 20:12:14
yeah i watched some australian 1on1 aerowalk demo and that looked pretty cool, that was real skill.
Ritchie - 030110 @ 20:22:26
Aerowalk has no place to play extreme cs, and you have to be very fast to get control over the map. Very nice features imo. A bloody shame this map isn?t played more in EU. As an added bonus f?r "elite" players there is a variety of tricks to do on aerowalk :)
ApoKaLypZe - 030111 @ 00:34:06
I think I know what?s defs problem:
Devious k? - 030111 @ 00:38:38
fifi - 030111 @ 01:25:15
hagge???? whats wrong with dm6? its the only map in the big three where offensive play gets rewarded, you have to be aggressive to control both mh and ra, and if you are good enough to do so, you will win :) damn noobs putting dm6, the best duelmap, down
gamer - 030111 @ 01:41:00
yes hagge listen to CMF TERO he is 100% right.
Hagge - 030111 @ 01:55:45
dm6 is for n00bs.. dm2 is for real men :/
gamer - 030111 @ 01:56:46
nice argument hagge that was really smart now i know why dm6 sucks and dm2 rox.
Hagge - 030111 @ 01:57:55
great.. dm2 duel all day tomorrow then?
Sassa - 030111 @ 06:05:36
just get 5 maps dm2,dm4, dm6,ztndm3 and aerowalk !!!
Link - 030111 @ 06:08:37
Fifi, what do you mean you have to play offencivly? You mean time MEGA and is offencivly? That is just another form for CS; control. If you mean that is skill, so be it, I guess Dag is one of the worst skilled and tactic players then, since he get owned on it. IMO Dm6 is now, in the year 2003...MAXED OUT, thanks to the skill, lame scripts and fast play. When Dag looses 18-0 on dm6, is it skill? I doubt it. Is ot tactics? I think so. You spawn GA, nmy spawn MEGA. GG? DM6 is even worse than DM4 when it comes to control, and that says a lot. Dag did not stand A CHANCE. Well DM6 lovers, if you think that is ok, then stfu about cs-dm2? cs-dm6 is just as bad, it is just a different way of CS; let your enemy have 100 100! GG!
tr0ll - 030111 @ 06:11:05
it's nice to see so much love and commitment towards a game... no, a lifestyle? :)
Link - 030111 @ 06:12:50
gg typos when you write fast....
fifi - 030111 @ 11:57:46
ehm link, some of the "top" players don?t go for the mh because the opponent might be there waiting for you to come.. you would still have the health/armor advantage but there?s always a risk that your enemy owns you by getting the first hit, instead they wait at gl with 200/100 and lg and then retreat to ra when the opponent does some damage :/ and its far from impossible to get either ra or mh when your opponent is timing them both
razor - 030111 @ 13:59:16
i agree with fifi... and i really doubt that when xalibur won dag on dm6 with 18-0 it was because of the "map".. Lol! i sat beside him and watched and he played just really good.. :)
mutilator - 030111 @ 15:19:32
Quake comes with like 50 orginal maps, and hundreds of addon maps made by map fanatics. Still, only three maps (dm2,dm4,dm6) are allowed in almost every duel compo. Is this without a reason? Or could it be so, that thoose three maps are the best maps ever made? I guess its a combination of conservative leauge admins and the facts that dm2, dm4 and dm6 are the best maps in the whole game. If you want aerowalk to become a more familliar map to everyone, i suggest someone starts a aerowalk 1on1 torney, and if its succesfull, people will probably play aerowalk more in the future.... blabla etc etc
Hagge - 030111 @ 15:26:05
ye that was a good idea... get a aerowalk/ztndm3 tournament!!
def - 030111 @ 16:36:36
dm2, dm4, dm6 are great maps and shouldn't be thrown out.
mutilator - 030111 @ 16:44:43
that wasnt my point if you're talking to me BI
Legio! - 030111 @ 17:15:00
Don't throw any maps out? Keep thoose still who ppl like. And add 1-2 maps more to the "map pool"?
DenOndaMatTanten - 030111 @ 19:53:17
Hm..where should i start? Well: First regarding duel itself: The Only thing that matters is frags, and you can't argument that Griffin is better than Dag at duel, even if Griffin has better aim or tactics or whatever... Dag is simply one of the absolute best duellers today. "CS is not fun to watch": Well then don't spectate it assholes.. go watch FFA or Locktar-Griffin or something where PAJAS-o-metern is at 100%... duel is about winning and thats all! Then to maps: 4on4 = dm2,dm3,e1m2 1on1 = dm2,dm4,dm6 2on2 = dm2,dm4,dm6 As someone said; there isn't a coinsident that these are the map to be played, They are as of today the best. (btw fifi's argument about dm6 is a bad duelmap just show how little he know about duelling today) I think however these map never will be switched/deleted or any new maps will be accepted in tournaments. Summary: aerowalk/ztnxx/e4343m545(aka nqr) simply suck and is just for fun at certain times. Duel is evolving to the better where you just can't jump arround and win - It's now about defensively and offensively play - what to do at right time and what to do not when. Personnally i find defensively play highly entertaining (ie when dag camped @ quad (dm2) when only leading by 1 frag - that require nerves.) Hail CS! and btw Link: Please just dissapear for a while again? Sassa: Stick to 4on4 since its the only thing you seem to know anything about.
Link - 030111 @ 20:47:06
DenOndaMatTanten: It is ppl like you who are my everlasting fuel. It is ppl like you who makes me work even harder to acheive what I think is right. So fuck you very much and have a good Saturday evening!
Link - 030111 @ 20:49:23
..oh, and someone track this IP down: - someone do that and I will make a lame-ever update about this beautiful individual. Thanks.
Ture Sventon - 030111 @ 20:52:59
DenOndaMatTanten ... damn u motherfucking cock knocker ... u dont really know shit ... but its okay for u 2 believe that you actually do ...
fifi - 030111 @ 20:58:12
i agree i dont know much about duelling today but i never said dm6 is bad for duelling, quite the opposite
Link - 030111 @ 21:01:15
Hey ppl, dont FAKE when you want to say FUCK OFF AND DIE! USE REALNICK! ;)
Vertigo - 030111 @ 22:15:21
QW has always been a game of high speed, reactions and accurate aiming. CS has always been a game of slow motion, camping and retarded players. My heart breaks every time I see QW player turning to CS. I once thought Dag was the best.
xhrl - 030111 @ 22:44:57
fake nicks are lame....i think sod said something like that a few years ago, yet it is still true for the everlasting noble manly man. that ruling about the 2v2 wo is lame imo. if they weren't willing to do earlier than they shouldn't have done it later....for the earlier decision set a sort of precedent. But running a tourney is a tough job where you do have to make decisions and sometimes make them quickly....I am sure many players who have played in tourneys i ahve been organizing or running can remember all sorts of poor decisions i made. yet still it is regrettable. to say that dag's playing style in tourneys is lame is to not understand how to win. if a rushing style were the way to win on a map, you can bet that dag and other players would be using such a style. Correct me if i am wrong, but the point behind any qw dm game is to get more frags isn't it...and so learning to do things which give the highest probability of maintaining or obtaining a lead in frags is all part of the tactical side of the game. Doing things which minimize your opponents ability to frag you is another tactical element.....hence, that is why serious tourney matches tend give over to slower, tactical gameplay; a certain amount of nerves may be another. congrats on your clan's title and your individual title, dag; you are the best all round qw player right now imo. I think pietro would be most pleased with how everything went except for the way the 2v2 played out...though that was beyond you or space's control of course.
razor - 030112 @ 01:01:03
Sassa - 030112 @ 01:24:17
for "DenOndaMatTanten -" !! I dont know much about 4on4 either but I will still participate in everything that got to do with QW. Pretty lame to fakenick... are u one of those hiders, that got a big mouth on the net but is a little mouse irl? SHOW ME YOUR NICK ;)) btw, I HOPE with all my heart that Duelmania3 will contain dm2,dm4,dm6,aerowalk and ztndm3 !!
xhrl - 030112 @ 01:50:41
sassa, re: duelmania3 It might well have had aero and ztndm3 if it had been up to vert and me. But the decision we reached after many long debates with all of the admins was to stick with the staNdard duel maps evryone knows. Part of our decision was based on the idea that most eu players wouldn't want to have novel maps to practise for in just our tourney. Be that as it may, I do feel there is nothing wrong with the big 3 duel maps, though I would certainly like to see one or two like the above-mentioned become used more regularly in eu competitions as well as in practices. so unless there is a change in duelmania policy....i don't think you'll see novel maps until duelmania4 .
Link - 030112 @ 02:47:23
"change in duelmania policy" = admins, rite? =)
Devious k? - 030112 @ 05:59:01
my gf fucking owns you guys..shes hot as hell , has nice kissable lips , and calls her self "Deviana k?" what fkn more could a fkn man ask for , god i love being devious. aero and dm6 , $$$$$$$$... dm2 and dm4? -$-$-$-$..apok , $$$$$$$$$..xhrl $$$$$$$$$$$ the aliased nwb that is prbly fkn rped fkn ez , -$-$-$-$ , k.
znappe - 030112 @ 07:57:11
jamen ?h!
Vertigo - 030112 @ 11:37:57
At the moment there's no Duelmania in sight, since we don't have a proper webmaster.
Sassa - 030112 @ 14:08:08
but ffs, push the admins to change the maps so that both aerowalk and ztndm3 will be included... !! dont be lame and think that the qw-community isnt ready for it, because we are, you just have to put all the cards on the table and we will start playing with them (offcouse we whine but when it comes to QW we will play it regardless what)
fuka - 030112 @ 17:20:09
yeah! include ultrav and pkeg1 also!!!!
fuka - 030112 @ 17:23:52
and take dm4 away i hate it
Hagge - 030112 @ 17:28:37
and take fuka away I hate him :\
xhrl - 030112 @ 18:46:47
vert: is ibsen around?
Devious k? - 030112 @ 20:27:00
hey now...ultrav is $$$$$$...
Babel - 030113 @ 00:17:40
If you squeze the enemies ball in soccer and the judge dont see it, then its ok. But most of the players are sportsman with sportsmanships in their heart and dont squeze the balls. Same in qw, you dont stand and camp some places i 1on1. Its not rule-breaking but you dont do it. yeppyeppepey
Babel - 030113 @ 00:19:08
hm.. maybe Balls and sportsmen? yeyeyye
Sassa - 030113 @ 01:13:38
pkeg1 ??? ist that map bad? and btw devious k?, what the fuck does $$$$ mean??? anyone knows? (ofcouse its the american dollar sign, but anything els?)
sexC - 030113 @ 01:25:16
sassa du e fan cp :)
Horatio - 030113 @ 01:34:34
Comment no. 100 =)
Lurq - 030113 @ 02:00:46
pkeg1 is great, tho I allways get owned playing it. many quakers are to conservative about custom maps. don't u get bored playing the same maps year after year? I think aerowalk and ztndm3 should be in the next lan tournament. two great maps who every quaker should know!
Hagge - 030113 @ 16:16:03
gg sassa
jagular - 030114 @ 13:24:12
haha, sassa you're so lame, why don't you go write boring worthless reviews for the CS-scene instead busting our qw-balls. nobody listens to you anyway because you don't even know what qw is all about. s? j?vla ?cklig...
Horatio - 030114 @ 15:35:03
kan till viss del h[lla med jagular, utom den delen d'r han g[r till rena personangrepp :)
Sassa - 030115 @ 01:33:34
jagular e ful o tr?kig, d?rf?r han v?ntar o skriver n?r man redan snackat klart h?r ;) (lite skoj f?r man ha)
FlePser - 030115 @ 18:51:41
sassa ownz jagular :(
Link - 030115 @ 19:20:58
You shouldnt talk shit about someone that brings coverage to the qw-scene, no matter if you agree on the views or not. Why not make a contribution for the qw-scene your self and play in a clan that doesnt go idle and die out? Would have been so much better than to say that useless crap you just posted.
Devious k? - 030116 @ 05:31:05
rtcw is fun
who - 030116 @ 10:30:04
did you talk about link? and btw, who the hell are you?
Link - 030116 @ 10:38:37
I talked about Jagulars trashtalk about Sassa and the great active clan Fatcat. I am yer daddy if you didnt know so be nice or you will get a good wholesome spanking.
fisto - 030116 @ 19:00:40
ffs sluta whina om olika banor osv. spela dom som finns e ni inte n?jda f?r ni la g?ra n?gra j?vla banor. cs spelande e med rent skit prat l?t alla spela som dom vill, men det suger att titta p?.
xhrl - 030119 @ 05:33:01
a deep anus fisting seems to be in order here.... link owns. you might not agree with him about tdm maps....but link owns nevertheless. sassa: when devious uses the dollar sign he means a thing is valuable or honorable or just plain cool.
ApoKaLypZe - 030121 @ 13:20:40
Finn ?ger er s? j?vla h?rdast. "Squeezing balls" HAHAHA =B-)))
*dent - 030128 @ 18:33:15
ha! quite funny that people who _NEVER_ (rephrase that to very seldom) play 1on1 think that tourneys should include custom maps... if ztndm3 and aerowalk would be good maps they would be played more frequently already since both of them are from 98. there's a reason that they are not played. im not against custom maps, i just think those to are not balanced / just plain crappy. -inci aka lel aka dif aka ..


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