2003-01-05 Clan Malfunction vs. LegeArtis 2-3 Final details
2003-01-04 Hellfire vs. LegeArtis 0-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Slackers vs. Clan Malfunction 1-2 1/2 Finals details
2002-12-23 Hellfire vs. Firing Squad 2-1 1/4 Finals details
2002-12-19 Ax3 vs. The Fighting Foes 1-3 Div 2 and 3 Playoff details
  Stats Summary  030113  

Its the end of another season and we thought as a bit of fun we'd do a little round up of some interesting stats.

The most played map(s) were (unsurprisingly) as follows:
DM3 (205), DM2 (194), E1M2 (148)

The least played map(s) were:
E1M5 (0), E3M7 (2), E2M2 (8)

For the following stats we only included maps which had been played 20 times or more (we need a good controlling factor):

The map which produced the most number of frags per game were:
E1M2 (327.7), DM2 (310.4), E3M2 (276.9)

The map which produced the closest games were (value is avg. winning margin):
E1M2 (81.1), E3M3 (86.4), DM3 (99.6)

Based on the statistics, the best players in each division were as follows: (assumes they have played 15 maps or more):
Division 1: LA-riker, 65.6 frags per map
Division 2: BLT-Skii, 53.7 frags per map
Division 3: 2nd-Ignition, 62.2 frags per map

In total, NQR season 3 saw a total of 188,116 frags!

And of course you can check your individual clan and player page for more stats :)

The NQR team would like to thank all clans and players for their input this season, its been great fun and some excellent Quake was played. But fear not, NQR4 is already in the planning stages so if anyone has any comments on changes etc for next season, get them in quickly before its too late! We really want to hear your views.

// kryten & the NQR crew


Horatio - 030113 @ 11:16:34
I think gamblers have a chance at finishing the next season in the middle or slightly below the middle in div2...
Linke - 030113 @ 11:48:57
Nice roundup Kryten! 181,116 frags...omg :>
-e - 030113 @ 11:49:19
Sassa - 030113 @ 12:38:57
ADD THE CMT MAPS TO THE MAPLIST !!!!!!!!!!! more divisions and less teams (like 8 teams in each div) in each divisions (let all the teams in each division play each other twice) that would make the league so much more n00bie friendly and more fun !!
Link - 030113 @ 12:45:02
Sassa, the admins ARE having a discussion about your forum post a while back. And a little secret: CMT tournament will probably start SIGNUPS at the end of this week...if everything goes as an URL near you!
Legio! - 030113 @ 12:47:51
Yes very nice round up kryten =).
Sassa - 030113 @ 13:52:28
bah, it just feels that to much stuff is going on at the moment, we got the new mid_air league, QW-cup, Smackdown#6, duelmania3, NQR4, the new cmt tourney and Clanbase tourney !! just to much for little sassa to handle ... with school, friends, teamspeak and shit ;( hopefully you just will include the cmt maps in NQR so that we can have lesser leagues, because this is getting abit to heavie ;)
Sassa - 030113 @ 13:53:00
heavy ;) or ?
Icce! - 030113 @ 13:55:39
Just as Link said we have started discussions about having lesser teams in each div and also to add some more divisions. Hopefully we got rid of idling clans and get more activity and tighter games whith such changes.
Link - 030113 @ 14:09:23
Well, Sassa, CMT is CMT only, not dm2-e1m2-dm3-dm6 for the 34345345th time. It is CMT every map you play. I dont want these new maps to take 2 years to get well known because only 10% of the teams play them. Here 100% of the teams play CMT all the time. ok? mid_air league? lol :>
fix - 030113 @ 14:40:31
isnt it just great that scene isnt idling? when the system rolls, let it roll. and how much brain capacity it takes to understund a midair league sassa? :) time will tell us what is going to happen, and from now on lets just take it one day at the time. and one last thing..offical games are anyway like 200% funnyer than booring pracs versus same clans everytime :)
Sassa - 030113 @ 15:01:20
totaly true fix ;) and Link, hehe okey okey, I guess u got more rutine/knowledge in this than I do, so Im counting on you!
Sassa - 030113 @ 15:02:04
btw, were on irc do you hide ?
Link - 030113 @ 15:19:49
#nqr ? I am an admin in NQR Sassa :)
Hagge - 030113 @ 16:14:28
omg omg.. midair tournament?? where to signup? :D qw scene starts to look really nice now :) and I?m the best!
Nagash - 030113 @ 16:22:14
kryten - 030113 @ 17:12:21
with Link back online again, i expect NQR4 will get even better coverage :)
Goljat - 030113 @ 17:21:25
i think 8 is too small, something like 12-16 is good.
Hagge - 030113 @ 17:45:04
ye 8 is too small... then we probably wouldn?t even be in the first division which will be a total disaster for us :/ but who knows maybe nqrcrew ranks us as one of the 8 best B)
Link - 030113 @ 17:52:58
So, Hagge, you want to loose 90% of all games? Ey, if you think thats fun, just say so, np :>
razor - 030113 @ 20:49:09
8 in each div is perfect.
Hagge - 030113 @ 21:40:38
Link.. haven?t u seen how much we have improved lately? we might not be on the top of a division with the 8 best clans but we will surely give ur best and learn a lot and then next season we will win :) ez...
Link - 030113 @ 21:44:21
Dont get overexicted over good LAN games Hagge =) LAN and I-net are so different. Now CB is back on I-net and you will get spanked again :(
HangTime - 030113 @ 23:50:10
I'd recommend reducing the value of single map wins... maybe instead of 3-2-1-0 points system use 4-3-1-0. That way "one map wonder" (cs?) clans don't get rated so highly in the rankings and the best overall clans do well. two 1-2 losses shouldn't rank as highly as a 0-2 loss + 2-0 win IMO. I would recommend keeping divisions relatively large since that reduces the impact of idling clans. Imagine a division of 8 in which 2 or 3 idle... then you get only 4-5 opponents you can play. That was the great thing in NQR2, you could play ANYONE you wanted and hence very high activity with idlers not influencing things much.
HangTime - 030113 @ 23:51:17
Sorry, that should have read "two 1-2 losses shouldn't rank as highly as a 0-2 loss + 2-1 win IMO"
Sassa - 030114 @ 02:05:52
FFS... no damn idling CLANS here.... !!!! kick them all out before the league starts, make an minimum of 8 players in a team or something !
iBh|123 - 030114 @ 06:38:40
I doubt an 8 eight player minimum rule will do much good.. on the one hand LA wouldn't have been allowed to play, as they have only 7 players signed up, of which 2 are idlers (with akke having played 3 and pietro having played 0 maps), on the other hand i could simply recruit some players and never let them play or even sign my channel bot up as a player to reach the 8 player minimum. I thought about a different relegation system though, to make things more fair, because atm concerning relegation it all comes down to one game, so even a flawless div 2 or 3 performance can be worthless if you have to play against a strong and idle clan that ended up last place, while the teams that finished worse in your division get "easier" opponents. However if for example the best/worst 2 teams of div3/2 (for example) automatically changed divisions and the 3rd/4th best/worst teams of div 3/2 play a kind of "relegation round" where those 4 teams play each other for two div2 spots, this would make the top 2 places of a division something to really fight for, while the bottom 2 places are something to avoid at all cost. Also it would give the 4 teams that play the relegation round a fairer chance, as they now have 3 games instead of 1 to prove they are worthy of the higher division.
Horatio - 030114 @ 10:01:17
that part about the qualifiers sounds really good =)
Tuna - 030114 @ 13:42:41
yeah.. no stupid 8 player minimum rule.. we are only 5 people at hand and still dont have any wo map! just do a clan l33tness test before the seeding.. and introduce that 10? fine for giving walkovers :)
fix - 030114 @ 13:45:41
i see good point there too, 123
Horatio - 030114 @ 15:32:28
we have like 12 players but only 2 active so 8 players minimum is gaytalking from Sassa... it wont work
moris - 030114 @ 17:13:32
very good point 123 in both # of players and advancing in higher div
sweeper - 030114 @ 17:39:33
Ye, sounds good 123.
HangTime - 030114 @ 19:01:25
To me the whole concept of relegation/promotion is a bit of a moot point anyway when you have seasons lasting several months at a time. During that period new clans form, old ones fold and hence the lineup of participating teams looks very different between seasons. It's not like soccor for example, where it is very rare for a club to stop playing, so you can have year long seasons and still maintain some continuity. Furthermore, if a new clan forms of skilled players, they have to enter in the bottom division. This means that all the "n00b" clans get raped with 200-500 frags every map by this team, which i thought was what the divisional system was uspposed to avoid? Even worse, you might have 2 or 3 new clans in the bottom division who are almost guarenteed to take the available promotion slots, giving the longer standing, but weaker clans little to play for. Of course, you can choose to insert these new strong teams into higher divisions, but then that makes a mockery of the whole promotion/relegation system in the first place... effectively each division is decided on SKILL AT CURRENT TIME rather than PERFORMANCE OVER PREVIOUS SEASONS.
Sassa - 030115 @ 01:40:24
but does so many clans split up ?? I mean, not many div2/3 clans have splitted up after the ending of NQR right? the teams are almost the same or even worse, like gamblers lost javve, cb lost phil etc etc !!
Sassa - 030115 @ 01:49:42
some stuff from the BW-q3-league ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ New clans are placed into a division that the Head Admin believes to be suitable for their skill level prior to the season starting based on a variety of factors (likely pings to servers, previous performances, league history, estimated player skill). Existing clans are generally placed on the results of the previous season, although exceptions are made where changes to the competition, a clans performance or their player movements require them moving up or down a division to be more suitably placed. Fixtures are drawn up before the season begins and each division plays at the same time and on the same night each week of the league season ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sassa - 030115 @ 02:54:02
I just thought and why not take away the timelimit on dm2 1on1 and put fraglimit 20 instead?? ;)) Would love to see dag play then ;) maybee some locktar moves
tr0ll - 030115 @ 14:19:58
what a crappy suggestion, Sassa :P
spd - 030115 @ 15:10:30
mm bra sassa tvinga killen som ligger efter att campa tills han f?r en s?ker frag. bra t?nkt som vanligt... f?r d? blir det j?tte skoj mm visst...
Hagge - 030115 @ 15:33:15
whuuut? phil has left us? so it?s here I here the news :/ I have no strength to comment anything about the league system cause I?m so tired but I hope the admins will work out something fine together with us players so everyone get?s satisfied..... bgsr
Link - 030115 @ 16:54:17
We are working something out right now, and it looks very good. And HangTime; NQR is not SD.
Horatio - 030115 @ 23:15:54
Sassa, lost and lost javve. Well we knew from start that he was only going to play nqr3 season out... now we have to add som other skilled members to be able to survive in div2
muggsy - 030115 @ 23:43:45
lol. fraglimit 20 on dm2 duel :) i presume you havent seen ANY scores at all on dm2 tourneyplay. when results in 10 min games is like 5-1, 4-2, 6-3, how long do u think it would take to get 20 frags? 1 hour? 1 and a half? easy task to make tight tourney-schedules. but im sure you would handle it with ease, sassa.
Sassa - 030116 @ 00:39:32
bah, I dont know, just a suggestion ;))) take it with a "nypa salt" hehe
HangTime - 030116 @ 02:46:02
Sassa: Click the season2 site link, and compare the clans there with those in season3, you will find quite a few missing/added. Then consider the fact that several season3 clans wont be playing in season4, then add those clans who have been removed from tables already for inactivity.... NQR is not SD??? Well thanks for telling me Link. Did you know that Sweden is not France?
Link - 030116 @ 09:20:24
only checking :)
caspar - 030116 @ 19:47:51
muggsy: guess that was the reason to why sassa posted the suggestion. he probably thought that with no timelimit there would be more aggressive play not saying that its the case only a plausible idea ;)
caspar - 030116 @ 19:48:23
add a "," after play and it should be readable
fuh - 030117 @ 16:18:05
hmm 20 fraglimit dm2 winner = person with the best bowel control.
muggsy - 030117 @ 20:57:57
well i think there are many situations when a fraglimit instead of timelimit would be more, or atleast equally cs-friendly. where one obvious scenario is when the score is 19-18 ;7
Horatio - 030120 @ 12:49:41
Well, if you hate playing 1on1 @ dm2, then don?t do it! I know there are actually players who like hiding and sneaking around, winning games with scores like 5-3 and so on. I am one of them. So just let us play the way we like and play dm4 or some cmt map if you want action every second of the game.
flinty - 030126 @ 21:00:02
cmt map? kind of lol, since specially cmt5 (and cmt1) is cs-deluxe-maps.
Nepra - 030127 @ 07:48:45
NQR is not SD??? Well thanks for telling me Link. Did you know that Sweden is not France?..... did you know Sweden isnt Norway?
WOOOO - 030127 @ 12:34:53
Horatio - 030128 @ 00:26:39
flinty, don?t u know that there are no such thing in qw as "cs". Counterstrike is a completely different game. So U and everyone else that uses "cs" as an expression in qw should learn what qw is all about. It is about offensive and defensive play, not "cs". When one look at all these posts here u can almost think that everyone here hates the game quakeworld and everyone who plays it, what?s wrong whith u guys? Let every man (and woman) play his (her) style and don?t try to force them to play in one way or another. Let those who want to play cmt maps, let those who want to play defensive, but also let those who want to refuse cmt maps. I think it is good with nqr-cmt, but i don?t want to compete in it cuz i like the "oldies but goldies" more. I am not even remotely good at quake and why should u give a fuck about what i say? I don?t know but atleast try to let ppl play the way THEY want to.
Tuna - 030129 @ 10:14:58
ur godlike gaming ownz Horatio :)
Horatio - 030129 @ 17:43:37
Well Tuna, i think u have seen me play atleast one game. It was the qualification game for sd4 i think between campbusters and thrash. I maybe got 8 frags alltogether... But as i said, that?s not the point, try to listen to what not-so-good players have to say. Just because u are good at quake it doesn?t mean that u are som kind of allmighty God who everyone should listen to...
Tuna - 030130 @ 12:12:22
eh, i was only trying to keep your spirit up! dont you think i know what youre talking about? :-)
Horatio - 030130 @ 21:56:17
thnx :)


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