2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  Three games played Tuesday  030402  

In division 4 the Belgian quakers Gods of Hellfire took their first victory when they won vs Beastie Boys from Sweden. GOH had to lay down their swords in The Vaults of Zin though, as the Swedes took e3m2 home rather easy. But GOH stroke back on their favorite map, e1m2, and decider map was dm2. 2B lost yet again a match with 1-2 and GOH got their first victory of the season.

In division 5 the Hungarian/Czech promotion contenders Paranoids went hunting for Swedes as they faced off with J?garna. Paranoids left a message of strength to the other top clans in the division by taking a clear 2-0 win on dm3 and dm2, with vast margins, a very strong performance.
Irish clan Frag Shack claimed WalkOver vs UK clan Bleed after several attempts to schedule the game. Sadly the Brit's failed to comply.

Division 6 got a game played and DvL from Madeira, Portugal, got their second game going and faced yet another division favorite; Swedish clan HOT. HOT won it 2-0 after gaining over 300 frags on both dm2 and dm3. DvL will for sure have a much better chance for points when they face off with the lower half of the table.



Horatio - 030402 @ 17:28:27
dREk - 030402 @ 18:59:32
GG Horatio.. To bad that FRAG SHACK claimed a "lame" WO against clan bleed, since bleed should be able to play the matches before the season is over, since not even the half of it has gone yet and there is a week of not played games. If we should have taken WO after several tries to arrange matches we would have atleast 2 WO's now. How fun is that, when they might be able to play. And as stated in rules, WO should be the last way to win. Anyhow I would like to congratulate paranoids for winning over J?garna and to Gods of Hellfire for their first victory.. GG!
MIXU - 030402 @ 19:21:47
firstly, it's none of you're business what we do with Bleed. 2ndly we tried to arrange numerous times over the space of 3 weeks, and each time i MYSELF said ok we will wait, and then i'd have to tell the other members. SO YOU look at it from my POV, getting every one on EVERY NIGHT to play no game with bleed, it is not good and i dont appreciate being told the same thing over and over. So finally they had members on Sunday, and i asked could we play ? they said yes, then they played Vets. ZZZ, gg
X-con - 030402 @ 20:11:51
If i remember right someone in the admin crew said that there isn't gonna be any WO's and the games is to be played in the last week?
dREk - 030403 @ 03:08:24
MIXU, of course it's my business what you do with bleed since you are in the same division as us. And trust me I know how it is to book matches and tell all members to come in time etc and then the opponent can't play. AS I said if you had been reading my comment more carefully. So don't say anything about that. And if I remember right it is like X-con said, the bleed match should be played last week, and if they don't show up that time it's WO since Bleed is an active clan and infact did play against us for example. GG..
MIXU - 030403 @ 04:36:31
Yes that is the point dREk, after been asked LOADS of times that night to play us, they fucked off TWICE and played TWO clans making ME bring all my members ON for NO REASON. This is not the first time either, as stated above. And it's not ur business, ur not an admin or part of their clan.
pattah - 030403 @ 09:42:42
Jamo is god!
dREk - 030403 @ 11:16:37
First of all, have I said anything about being an admin or part of their clan? No I haven't, so cut the crap please. I am just saying what I think is right or wrong. And you said they fucked twice by playing two clans. Honestly did you even ask them after the game after vets? I don't think so, and did you even ask any other clan if they would play instead of bleed that night when u had all your members online, atleast we never got that request and we have not played our game yet and we were READY to play that night, I remember that. So don't come up with lies please, the truth is always the best even if it may sounds better with a false statement. All I am saying is that you could do other things to solve this and that it is sad that it is a WO so early in the season.
Link - 030403 @ 12:14:40
Time to straigthen things up: <br> <br> Bleed said ok to play FS but then they "forgot" that and played Vet's instead. That pissed FS off because apparently they had scheduled to play Bleed even one time before this incident, but Bleed never showed up. Then Bleed says again: "ok, we play you after Vet's then". After the Vet's game, Bleed "forgets" to play FS once again, and plays SSC instead :) So if FS was pissed before this, they did not get any happier. So we MSG'ed Bleed and said that they really should play FS now and not SSC (FS and SSC was already on server ready to go), to avoid WO, as this game was scheduled for week 2 (or maybe it was week 1, dont remember) and was already overdue. But since Bleed already had agreed upon playing SSC and not FS, the FS players that had waited for the Vet's game to finish, apparently thought that Bleed was going to play SSC and not them, so some of the FS players left before we broke inn and stopped the SSC game. But then it was too late for FS because as they taught Bleed was playing SSC, they had left (it was late) and did not have a full squad. <br> <br> This really gave FS the right to choose if they wanted WO or not, so we gave them a choice if they wanted to reschedule (for the third or fourth time) or just take a WO. We think that nomatter what FS chose to do now, they had everyting in their right to do so. <br> <br> FS did not do anything wrong here, from our perspective.
Link - 030403 @ 12:18:26
Wtf happend to the <br>'s Kryt ? =)
dREk - 030403 @ 13:57:42
Well if I remember correctly no one was asking us (SSc) if we could break the match against bleed not before or not when game had started. I do understand as stated before that FS was/should be pissed on bleed for "forgetting" the match. I respect the choice the NQR admins gave FS. However the decision FS made could be discussed since they made it quickly when they were in a bad mood if you ask me. Done is done I guess and I think FS is satisfied with the WO since bleed surprised many with winning over vets and took a map victory against us. Just my two last cents.. over and out..
Link - 030403 @ 14:03:24
I talked to Krass on IRC when Bleed and SSC was on server ready to play. Krass said "ok we will play FS instead". But by that time some FS players had already gone offline due to the fact that they taught Bleed were going to play SSC.
MIXU - 030403 @ 19:37:30
MIXU - 030403 @ 19:37:30
dREk - 030403 @ 22:00:40
LOL .. Tired mixu?! :P
znapz - 030404 @ 03:36:11
tysta lamers
MIXU - 030404 @ 06:46:37
yes, of ur common, repetive and uncessary bullshit. If you want to whine, whine about non div 5 players joing DIV 5, K??
pattah - 030404 @ 07:49:50
I agree with znapz here: TYSTtfu =)
dREk - 030404 @ 10:14:40
Mixu, didn't I say "just my two last cents" ? It seems you aren't reading my comments so why even comment them. :P And about non div5 players joining div5 I have already whined about, eller n?tt. :P


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