2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  Weekend Warriors  030407  

20 new games were played this weekend and we have passed the half way mark; 180 games have been completed, 175 games still to go. But we are already in our fifth week, of six, so many clans are not keeping up with the schedules. In the next couple of days, some more clans will probably get the boot, sadly, but we need to keep the schedule in order to run this as smoothly as possible.

Some clans should get some x-tra kudos though, as they are very active indeed, these clans have played seven games or more and are keeping up with the schedule:

The Axemen - Campbusters - Fraggers United - EarthQuake - PsychoHaloons Crew (all games played, gg!) - Paranoids - Swedish Super Cops - Civil Disobedience - Vet's - Dreadful Offensive Squirrels - OLW - Thangorodrim - Shadow Minions - fnu - St?l-Kalle Klanen

There are a lot of clans right behind these clans with five and six games played, so they are keeping up pretty good as well.


Here are Saturday and Sunday's games:

In division 6 eight teams saw action this weekend and Swedish fnu played as much as three games. They claimed victories vs Hell Patrol from Poland and vs Speed Up from Sweden. Both games were won 2-1, and in both games e3m7 and dm3 were the winning maps for fnu, they lost dm2 vs HP and e1m2 vs SU. So nice for fnu to get 4 points before they met division favorite and countrymen HOT. That game went as expected and fnu got spank even on e3m7.
Another division favorite, Swedish OLW, inflicted another loss upon DvL from Madeira. DvL faught bravely but got overpowered 2-0 on dm2 and dm3. OLW claimed top spot in the division and they now got two games to go, vs Thangorodrim and Shadow Minions. Two very exciting and decisive games indeed, both {T} and SM are in the fight for promotion, along with HOT, so it should be a thrilling finish for OLW and the three other teams in this division.
Speaking about Shadow Minions from Sweden, they made no mistake towards a thrilling end of the season by taking down their countrymen St?l-Kalle Klanen 2-0. SKK has certaintly improved, and faught well, but SM was to much for the heroic SKK'ers, winning dm2 and dm3 with clear margins.

Division 5 saw one game when an important battle in the top half of the division took place. Irish Frag Shack faced off with The Artists from Poland. By the looks of it this was no top half battle at all, FS was in total domination this night and took home an easy 2-0 win. The Artists need to get a grip if they still want that promotion spot, this was a disappointing performance from them.

In division 4 PsychoHaloons Crew got three games added and by that they are the first team to get all games played this season, well done PHC! They added one WalkOver, vs suicide commando from Sweden, but they are pretty much dead at the moment so they will probably be removed.
But PHC played a couple of games as well, and first off they played the pride of Belgium; Gods of Hellfire. PHC took their home map, e3m2, easy, but got a really tough fight on GOH's favorite map, e1m2. PHC had luck on their side though, and secured 3 points by a close 3 frag margin; 118-115. GOH have had some margins on the wrong side this season, let's see if they can turn that around in their remaining games.
Then the Pole's faced the strong German clan, Dybbuk. This time PHC chose e3m6, but it did not work out as expected and they lost by 27 frags. On dm2 Dybbuk was invincible and took home a well deserved 3 point'er.
Dybbuk and Gods of Hellfire got a second game played this weekend when they met each other as well. Dybbuk proved that they are top material in this division by not giving GOH a chance on e1m2, and of course cruising home dm2. Another 3 points for Dybbuk, so watch out for ze Germanz in ze fight for promotion.

Five teams in division 3 also got some action, well actually seven, but the game vs Swede clans griffins tapra gossar and Campbusters Team2 was added as a WalkOver to GTG. CB2 are probably out of NQR4 anyway.
To the Action then: EarthQuake from Sweden put on their promotion face when they took an impressive 2-0 victory over EuthanasiA's slayers: Quadrangers from Sweden. e First map, e2m7, was won safely by EQ, and they stopped QRNG on dm3 as well.
EQ played vs countrymen Quake-o-holics too this weekend. QH gave a EQ a good fight on e2m7, but EQ was too strong here, as expected. Then it was QH's map, e3m3, and yet again QH managed to to pull of another close one in The Tomb of Terror: 94-86. On decider map, dm2, EQ left no doubt whom was the better team on the day though, and won it with over 200 frags. That meant 5 points for EQ this weekend and they claimed top spot in the table by that. [E] and QRNG will for sure get a hard fight for that top spot now.
New Wave from Russia also got two games played. Vs the Norwegian clan FUDOH they faught well on the Norwegians home map, e3m7, but came up short after a pretty close game. But on dm3 they showed strength and took it home with a 60 frag margin. Stalin was too much for NW on dm2 though, and the Norwegians ran away with 2 points.
Things did not go any better for the Russians vs The Fighting Foes from Sweden, e2m7 and e3m7 ended in a 2-0 win for the Swedes. The Russians have now played 6 games and got only 2 points, they need to come up with some victories in their last games to avoid relegation.

Division 2 saw a couple of games, and what a tight division this is. Fraggers United from Finland, who had four 0-2 losses, made trouble for the euro clan EnslaveD's promotion plans when they took home a strong 2-0 victory. A strong performance on dm3 was followed up by an impressive performance on e1m2, leaving ED with 0 points.
Maybe that result was not a surprise to many ppl, but this next match sure was; UK clan Justified Ancients of Menace made an upset vs Hellfire from Sweden. It was no surprise that JAMS won e2m7 rather easy though, but that JAMS would nail down HF on e1m2 with over 130 frags, sure was impressive stuff from the UK lads. These two results means that there is a 3 point difference between division leaders Hellfire, and Fraggers United who are placed seventh. That is one tight division. Chopstick Ninjas and JAMS only got 4 games played though, and got an advantage over the other teams, if they manage to grab that advantage is another question, as everyone beats everyone in this division.

Finally, in division 1, Swedish Campbusters had a good weekend, taking home 5 points in two games. Euro clan Miscellaneous Misfitz did not have margins on their side vs CB, CB won 2-0 after two close games on e1m2 and dm2.
Finnish noskill managed to get a point vs CB though, but lost it 1-2. CB had margins on their side again on dm3, and won it with 9 frags. On the second map NS crushed back and took home an easy point on dm2. On decider map, e1m2, it was Slabbytime and CB won with over 100 frags. 5 needed points for the Swedes this weekend. NS and !MM! are still looking for their first victory.
Last game in this division this weekend was a farse. Lockup finally decided to play in NQR4 and their lineup should say it all. They faced division favorites disorder and it was a 3on3 game. DS took it 2-0 on dm3 and e3m1 with the scores: 172-2 and 64-8. lol.



gg Hagge/canius/horatio etc - 030407 @ 20:39:07
mogge - 030407 @ 21:12:59
that was a damn nice report! 8D
budzior - 030407 @ 23:34:14
ggs phc !
znapz - 030408 @ 00:05:23
why wouldnt it be a surprise that fu beat us? if i remember correctly we beat them in the cb-playoffs last week.. so i dont know who could have expected fu to win this time? we played bad thats it, but it was a surprise! :p
prb - 030408 @ 01:47:43
GG [phc]
Link - 030408 @ 02:25:09
Or maybe it was FU who played bad in CB? =)
znapz - 030408 @ 02:36:56
no they did not, watch demos from both games and u will see, we had a different lineup in the nqr-game which we had never used before so it was kind of chaos.. in the cb-game we used the old ttr-lineup and then we r better :)
fragbait-Luny - 030408 @ 10:15:51
Yeh, thanks for giving us credit for winning the game, znapz.. ofcourse it's only natural to think you played below your potential when you lose. Also we'd like to think we played below our potential in the clanbase match :) But, the way I'd like to look at this is that last week was basically the first time in months we managed to play 'enough' practice games (read: more than 2 maps a week). Yes, we are old, slow and rusty so we need even more practice.. waiting anxiously for the next season of NQR :)
fraggersunited-L - 030408 @ 10:43:35 <-- xxx-rated
Strife - 030408 @ 12:48:38
I just love these reports! :))
znapz - 030408 @ 16:17:23
hehe luny.. guess we both suck then :p we just returned from cs and r kind of rusty too and since we change team all the time prac dont really help, but doesnt matter really, this is just qw, so GG in both games.. next time we'll take u :pp
Hagge - 030408 @ 17:45:58
Tezz - 030408 @ 19:36:16
JAMS > all.
fraggersunited-L - 030408 @ 21:44:20
"so GG in both games.. next time we'll take u :pp " ... I thought EnslaveD was dead?
lol @ - 030409 @ 05:37:59
"Last game in this division this weekend was a farse. Lockup finally decided to play in NQR4 and their lineup should say it all. They faced division favorites disorder and it was a 3on3 game. DS took it 2-0 on dm3 and e3m1 with the scores: 172-2 and 64-8. <b>'lol'</b>." pld sarcasm! :D


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