2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  Monday night games  030408  

In division 1 euro clan Lockup got another game played when they faced Clan Malfunction from Finland. The championship contenders did not get any hickups and won it 2-0, after safe map victories on dm3 and e3m1.

In division 2 one game got played as well when euro clan EnslaveD took on Justified Ancients of Menace from UK. ED almost dodged JAMS homemap e2m7, but lost it by 7 frags. ED was clearly the better team on dm3 and won it comfortably. Decider map was a good fight, but ED secured 2 points after 162-134 on e1m2. JAMS still took 1 point though and are very much in the fight for those top spots. ED are also looking good, claiming second place, but have more games played than the rest of the pack.

Division 6 saw two more games and the clan from the holiday island Madeira, DvL, got their first points after beating Mais Quad Bordel from France. DvL was superior on dm2 but got a tough fight on e1m2. Still they managed to win the series 2-0 and their first victory in NQR was a fact.
Swedish osams did something that no one had did before them; they stole a map from the division favorites from Finland; Thangorodrim. Actually, the Swedes were very close to win it 2-0, but they lost the first map, dm3, by just 11 frags. Then they won e3m3 after another hard battle, but {T} was too strong on dm2. The Finns now need to beat OLW to regain top spot in the division.


Hagge - 030408 @ 23:00:00
first comment !?!?!? :<
znappe - 030408 @ 23:30:45
Link - 030409 @ 00:17:21
Too late to sign up a new clan now, sorry. But if you want to resign ED from the league, just tell us.
znapz - 030409 @ 02:28:41
k?ften link :)) du g?r det bara f?r o va taskig din pajjas :p
Hagge - 030409 @ 11:09:40
EID 8))))
Strife - 030409 @ 14:46:13
Where did Enslaved go?
Strife - 030409 @ 14:48:01
aha, they changed name to blisters?
znappe - 030409 @ 18:52:58
changed some members as well... <- more infor there.


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