2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  Weekend and Monday night games!  030415  

In Division 6 we had a decisive game for the top spot when Swedish OLW and Thangorodrim from Finland clashed together. The winner of this game would indeed have a very good chance for that first spot, with only HOT standing in the way. First map was played on e3m6 (tactical choice?), and it was a close one with {T} taking it home with 21 frags. Then OLW played an impressive dm3 winning it with over 100 frags. On decider map, e1m2, one OLW player disconnected after 6 minutes, not coming back before it was only 1 minute remaining of the game. OLW never breaked or asked for break, they just played on, leaving {T} to take the advantage. That was a shame really, because OLW lost it 165-173 playing 3on4 for 13 minutes, and who knows what the outcome would have been if this had not happened. Not a good thing to happen in an important game such as this.
Hell Patrol from Poland got their second victory of the season when they played vs Swedish Speed Up. It was definitely a convincing victory as the Pole's won it 2-0, on dm2 and e1m2, both with solid margins.

Division 5 saw three games and The Artists from Poland got back on track when they beat the Swedish clan Civil Disobedience. The Pole's beat CD on their home grounds of e2m2, after CD apparently had some skin problems, the score 198-43 to The Artists perhaps seems a little "strange", and the problems CD had in the game might have something to do with it, who knows. After that it was dm3 time and The Artists took home 3 points, meaning they are back in the fight for a promotion-playoff spot.
Another team that might fight for a promotion-playoff spot is Swedish Feske Gobbah. They now got eight games played and have only lost two of them, so if they keep this up they got a chance for division 4. In their eight game they played the Dreadful Offensive Squirrels from Poland and as usual FG won e1m2, with maso and wigorf leading the way. On dm2 though, not even maso or wigorf could escape the kurwa power of DOS, who won it with over 100 frags. But on decider map, dm3, FG showed no mercy and secured yet another 2 point'er. FG have still not played PARA and SSC, so they have to play even better to get the points they need for that third spot.
Vet's from Sweden started to win games again when they demolished their countrymen J?garna in two straight maps. Both dm2 and e1m2 were easy meat for the veteran's and HB needs to produce some wins in their last games to avoid relegation.

Five games in division 3 got played and these last days results means that as much as six teams are actually fighting for promotion. [E], the team that still got the advantage, have to play QH and GTG before they can claim that first spot, and those games will not be a walk in the park for the division leaders. All Cobots' games are set to WO, meaning that all teams get 3 points vs them, it is not fair that the three teams that played Cobots does not get 3 points, but the rest does. This means that GTG now only have one loss, the same as [E], and they can actually win the division if they keep on winning. To the games:
The Fighting Foes from Sweden are looking strong these days and they got their chance to prove their top spot challenge vs another top clan when they met countrymen EarthQuake. TFF did a tactical map choice and chose e3m1, that was a smart move and EQ was doomed on that map. But on dm2 EQ stroke back and won it comfortably. And when they did the same on decider map, dm3, they got their well deserved 2 points and stood up against the challenge from TFF. Still EQ needs to win against countrymen Maniacs in their last game to secure a chance for promotion.
TFF faught another Swedish team as well; Campbusters Team 2, whom after a period of idling got a couple of new members to their squad and started to play again. Vs TFF they came up short and TFF won it 2-0 after comfortable wins on e1m2 and e2m7. 3 points to TFF and they are now in third spot, but they need to beat countrymen Quadrangers to still have a possibility for promotion, that will not be easy.
CB2 played Maniacs too, and this time it was a much tighter battle, but yet again they could not manage to gain any points as [0] won it 2-0 after good games on dm3 and e1m2, [0] were too strong this time. [0] have lost three games but got four 2-0 wins, and still got a shot at promotion, if they manage to keep this up. It will be tough though, having yet to play teams as EQ and GTG.
CB2's third game was vs the top clan EuthanasiA, and again CB2 did a good performance, but yet again it was a 0-2 loss. CB2 did a nice job on dm3, but [E] managed to win the game with 33 frags. On e1m2 it was over a 100 frag difference though, and [E] are not giving away their top spot just yet.
Because [E] got another 3 points, when they took down the Norwegian clan FUDOH. Dm3 went as expected, with Hixen roaming the map. On e3m7 however, we got a real nailbiter of a game, it was close all the way. Stalin showed his enormous skill on this map but this time it was in vain, as [E] won it with only 3 frags. Close one! A big showdown is coming up when [E] have to face GTG, and if [E] wins that one, they are the division winners, unless they stumble vs QH and their contenders win all their games in hand.

In division 2 Chopstick Ninjas continues on their way to glory by getting another 3 point'er, this time vs UK clan Justified Ancients of Menace. The former FF players were too strong on dm3 and when they even won on JAMS' homemap, e2m7, it was a well deserved 3 points indeed. Two games to go now for CN and it will be interesting to see if they can make it without loosing a single game. 4K and HPR should do their best to prevent that :-)

Finally in division 1 we saw four more games. The euro clan Miscellaneous Misfitz got two of them played, and vs the Finnish clan Antiquad they finally got a victory. Dm3 was a tough fight but MM were victorious by 28 frags. On dm2 everything seemed to go MM's way and they took a strong win there as well. 3 points to MM.
MM's second game was vs a much stronger Finnish side; Clan Malfunction. CMF won dm3 easy but got a hard battle on dm2, MM are pretty strong on that map. But the heroic effort from MM did not pay off, and CMF took it with 21 frags. Another 3 points to CMF.
CMF also played another game, this time vs another, but stronger euro clan; Firing Squad. CMF looks very good on dm3 these days and they outran FS by over 100 frags. FS got back into the game by winning dm2, after playing some 4on3 due to some lagg on CMF's part. Decider map, DM4!, was won by reppie, as he beated siv. No further comments on that one, lol!
The third euro clan in action was Hyphen, who faced Campbusters from Sweden. CB won a very close dm3, taking it home with only 7 frags. Maybe if HangTime had played with fov 240, Hyphen could have won this one :) On the next map CB showed dm2 powah and they won it with over 100 frags. 3 points to the Swedes.



Hagge - 030415 @ 23:00:05
ol? ol? !! !! !!
error - 030416 @ 01:44:26
telly - 030416 @ 07:17:47
what happens at the end of the season as regards to promotion and relegation. Second were 95% certain going down in div2 but they've now dropped out so does that mean no one gets relegated or the next team from the bottom does?
Link - 030416 @ 13:27:22
No team gets relegated from div. 2, only 8 teams. With 9 teams the bottom team would have qualified, but now its only 8.
k4rn - 030420 @ 22:55:57
Where are those fucking reports?? :(


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