2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  Playoffs and NQR5  030429  

Hopefully we will start the playoffs this week, clans still have Tuesday to finish their games.

And after an admin meeting sometime this week we will also give you info about NQR5. We now know the clans much better and this will for sure affect the promotion/relegation playoff.

The usual update will be updated after the last games have been played on Tuesday.


clox - 030429 @ 01:30:13
Link - 030429 @ 01:46:43
I sure hope GTG and [E] plays their game before deadline :|
yveZ - 030429 @ 07:00:19
here here :) nqr5 will be better, tighter and nicer! :)
budzior - 030429 @ 07:09:01
we wanna play in playoffs :( buuuuuu buuuuuuu :<<<<<
Domin - 030429 @ 09:12:03
NOO cmt maps in next season!!!!! (we veterans dont even want to learn new maps)
aken - 030429 @ 09:12:28
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
draGon - 030429 @ 11:09:43
hehe hf!
Samgorod - 030429 @ 11:59:18
NO cmt maps in nqr!!! Why not make another league for custom maps? Those who want to play them can play there... More games, more fun and everybody will be happy... NQR stays unspoiled...
Apollyon - 030429 @ 12:20:00
Small question... what exactly is the difference between eXmY and cmtX ? If the enemy team has "specialized" one of these maps i have to learn it anyway. And i really don't see a difference in learning one map or the other.
Spd - 030429 @ 12:32:39
cause u cant blame your loss on bad map layout on cmtX maps?
Kryten - 030429 @ 12:39:58
because CMT are designed for 4v4 and work well, whereas many exmx don't?
Legio! - 030429 @ 12:46:19
Yep, they are designed for 4v4, =). And like kryten say, there are only a few exmy maps who can meet their standard in layout/tp abillity.
pattah - 030429 @ 13:21:59
Only a few? e1m2 you mean :)
Hagge - 030429 @ 14:57:07
I guess domin made that comment because he even hasn?t played the cmtmaps.... if he played it like 1-3 times maybe he would have the same oppinion but play each map at least 5 time and you will see how good they are and you will learn the basic tactics of them.... there is not many maps in qw designed for 4on4 so take the chance to play the ones we have! link ownz!
Hagge - 030429 @ 14:57:16
I need an ice cream :[
flinty - 030429 @ 14:59:13
and now when cmt5 has gotten way much better, it seems to rule pretty much :)
pattah - 030429 @ 15:06:50
Deutschmaschine is the map! Btw, I wouldn't mind another naked map.
Link - 030429 @ 15:26:40
There are some very good demos from all maps at the cmt site: Clans like SR, CMF, FS, CB, AQ etc played some very good games in the CMT league. If you dont want to even look at those demos, but just keep on "whining", well ... bg :( If you want me to recommend you any demos, I will be happy to do so. There are also 2 movies about the CMT maps out. There are map guides and locs. What more do you need? Attitude?
aken - 030429 @ 15:28:30
don't forget that cmt1 and cmt5 has changed, so if you dl demos now, maybe it requires the elder version of the maps :)
Link - 030429 @ 15:34:53
yep, the old versions is DLable from the cmt site, the new versions are DLable from links on this newsudpate:
X-con - 030429 @ 17:45:01
2 Interviewes... plz gimme more to read?!
caspar - 030429 @ 17:52:02
yes! mapbashing time again :D the cmtmaps are probably good enough but still its five more maps in an already quite large mappool, not that easy to get the time to prac all :/ and btw link, you see how unsmooth it gets without different names for the mapversions ;p
Link - 030429 @ 17:54:24
If you're a noob: yes, I do see it. But noobs will get help :)
Hagge - 030429 @ 17:54:49
well why not remove 5 sucky maps like e1m5 or so !?!?!?! :[
znappe - 030429 @ 18:00:59
dm3 only plz. luck no, skill yes.
sexC - 030429 @ 18:56:53
cheers to all the divisions that got the majority of their games played (seems to me as if div4 was the only div that didn't really go through), well done! can't wait for playoffs now...just wish that the new cmt5 could've been used this season, bloody awesome map aye :P
oCoiNi - 030429 @ 20:15:48
Good luck in playoffs everyone that made it ! :)
Legio! - 030429 @ 22:18:48
spd - 030429 @ 23:54:47
caper its not like you play ALL maps in the map pole. I think we played one e3m3 and one e2m2.
Samgorod - 030430 @ 00:36:49
I've played some cmt maps in ffa many times, but I still don't like them better than orginal id maps. Well I gues the majority supports CMT maps then and in that way its right to bring them in... 2bad! Will see how many ppl quit nqr because of this... Maybe its the goal to get some new potential players out of the game to get the advantage back with strange maps :P
Hagge - 030430 @ 01:54:44
Be ?
Legio! - 030430 @ 02:03:18
Samgorod..very strange reasoning there dude..
Link - 030430 @ 02:57:05
{T} played one time: e3m2, e3m3, e3m7 - two times e3m6. So in 24 maps, 19 was big three, 5 was eXmX. Why did you not play more eXmX if you want them so much?
ztranger - 030430 @ 06:11:55
cmt's were well designed for 4on4.. nqr/cmt was the step for those maps to be known in all aspects.. as apo said.. or even better.. while the enemy team has "specialized" one or more/all of these maps, you could do the same so if playing more often those cmt's i'm sure that those ideas about them will be other than OMGCMTSUCKSDIEHARD.. it's never late.. and we all learn loosing.. that happened on the big 3 many years ago.. i'm not telling to exclude eXmY coz there are some nice and funny eX's.. but only to play once or twice coz, at leasti get bored playing eX.. they are made for sp and not tdm.. and cmt's or another new tdm map are made not to quit qw.. or at least make it even more interesting.. best regards
ztranger - 030430 @ 06:14:42
err... some mistakes.. it's late and i'm all tired.. try to decode tem :|<br>:>
Diki - 030430 @ 08:51:46
I just think that by removing shaft from some cmt maps would make them much better. Its just too easy to bunny and quadshaft all enemies.. coz there no hide places like in dm3 ra, sng.. Even I killed something like 3 rl enemies with quad shaft against CMF and SR :) Or maybe shafts are just places where those are too easy to get AND there are too much cell boxes also! Let's think about DM2, two rls and its working really good, maybe some shaft should be changed to rl...
pattah - 030430 @ 10:31:05
big three + cmt maps = 8 goodies = clear map pool
Samgorod - 030430 @ 10:32:54
Link: Well some of T like the big3 best... I'm not a dictator u know... :P and some villains didn't know any other maps than big three, so we wanted to be fair... Anyway the issue ain't big three... Its those cmt maps or was... Just my view... cmt maps will change things and make winning harder... pro gamers will prevail and others will lose... New maps are a good thing, but why mix? Why not make own tournament? Then clans who are willing could partisipate on both and play more games... You think that there won't be enough ppl in cmt tournament if you don't mix? That might be true :) Or is there too much work? (that I can understand...) Outstanding work with this tournament anyway... u manage to raise it back from the dead once again... gg! Whatever... enjoy cmt... It was fun... Time to change a game :)
Link - 030430 @ 10:59:12
"coz there no hide places like in dm3 ra, sng" - "Or maybe shafts are just places where those are too easy to get AND there are too much cell boxes also!" ... learn the maps Diki :) Samgorod: views are ok and I understand your view, many eXmX maps are really good and fun to play ... but, what cmt demos did you watch? :)
Icce - 030430 @ 11:44:49
It's a natural behavior to get anxious when changes are about to come. But, when you finally dear to take the step and look back, you'll find it hard to understand why you didn't do this before ;-)
Gamer - 030430 @ 13:13:44
I think diki is right saying that there are too many cell boxes. On dm3 almost all of the ammo is placed in water and usually you can't go get more ammo from there because of discharge threat so only place where you get more ammo is sng. Also the water cell boxes don't get picked up as much so there won't be so many bp's with 100 cells going around.
sexC - 030430 @ 16:26:37
shaft @ cmt1 is a joke :|


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