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  CMT maps  030504  

The NQR-crew have read and talked alot about communitys reaction to this 5 cmt maps addition. It seemes like 5 maps is too much at once according to the posts. Therefore we are going to reduce it to 3 cmt's. Which one's that will be implemented is up to you to decide in a poll after cmt#2. Link has left the NQR crew to persue other endeavours, best of luck to him.

// Icce


Hagge - 030504 @ 22:01:18
what does endeavours mean ???
Spd - 030504 @ 22:02:11
Hagge :)
Link - 030504 @ 22:03:00
fucked by the swedes again
melker - 030504 @ 22:03:40
A conscientious or concerted effort toward an end; an earnest attempt. Purposeful or industrious activity; enterprise.
splash - 030504 @ 22:03:55
Engelskt uppslagsord endeavour Svensk ?vers?ttning {brittisk engelska; i amerikansk engelska endeavor} bem?dande, str?van, anstr?ngning (substantiv)
def - 030504 @ 22:03:56
znappe - 030504 @ 22:04:42
there is a tb3-league coming up. stay tuned!
billy - 030504 @ 22:06:57
gg link , you were the bestest of the crew even though u support the cmt's too much :P
Link - 030504 @ 22:07:20
NQR just turned into SD, so I left, no big deal.
Eta-Beta - 030504 @ 22:10:45
NQR just started listening to the community a little bit more, so you left, no big deal 8)
razor - 030504 @ 22:10:51
great decision not to let them all in so they just get avg learned/played... 3 is good and maybe they can get as big as tb3 after a while.. who knows..
Link - 030504 @ 22:11:46
Ye, the 30 ppl who screamed their asses of is the community.
Icce - 030504 @ 22:12:31
The big deal here is to listen to the communitys voice...
billy - 030504 @ 22:14:25
well this is one way of ending the "conflict" who know what the community's voice will say after cmt#2
Hagge - 030504 @ 22:16:58
link :((((((
xhrl - 030504 @ 22:18:45
link: saying that nqr is like sd is overstating the case; it is just that no one can adapt to changes in tdm maps as quickly as you might desire. I still see this decision as a victory for a moderate amount of change. I think this compromise makes sense....just don't bring back the episode maps: e2m7 and e1m5 were decent for tdm but not used enough to justify their admission for voting. My advice to the NQR admins: be willing to bend with this compromise but don't break down and offer those episode maps. respectfully, xhrl
drejfus - 030504 @ 22:20:03
d?r vaknade nqr-crewn; GG!
Link - 030504 @ 22:21:29
It is a map pool with only 6 maps, that is not why joined NQR. So when Icce made his decision, it was easy for me. Now all tb3 lovers can be happy.
mrlame - 030504 @ 22:23:49
link suger du?
Melker - 030504 @ 22:24:25
and all tb3 haters (loosy quakers btw) can be sad.
BuLLz0R - 030504 @ 22:24:45
suger du link
Link - 030504 @ 22:24:55
jaaa det g?r jag!
BuLLz0R - 030504 @ 22:25:03
assss? ja m?rker det!
Icce - 030504 @ 22:25:10
xhrl: There won't be any more changes now. Link: I've talked to ppl too and u know that, but won't listen to it.
Link - 030504 @ 22:25:13
men kuk e s? gott!
Melker - 030504 @ 22:26:22
lol..someone faking as link :P
clawfinger - 030504 @ 22:27:29
cmt1,2,3,4,5?!?!?!?!?! var e det f?r newbie maps ? jag trodde att man ska enbart spela orginal banor i kan lika g?rna ta in e1m7, dm7,dm70 osv
Link - 030504 @ 22:30:08
lol Icce
znappe - 030504 @ 22:30:10
lol clawfinger :ppppppppppppppp
clawfinger - 030504 @ 22:31:30
iofs en sak kanske vill ha en s?song med enbart newbies :)
znappe - 030504 @ 22:32:17
ja d? kan ju du va med klas :p
razor - 030504 @ 22:32:21
we all know u love maps link... but i dont think anyone want u to quit nqr just because of the reason that we now have 6 maps now instead of 9... u did a great job on coverage nqr4.. which also got good replies everyday on those newsposts u did... that ppl liked it etc.... and i mean lets just see... i think this is the best thing.... 3-map-addition is a good amount... i doubt that ppl is going to start another 250 post flamewar screaming that they want ALL the 5 cmt maps instead of just 3.. btw vote for cmt1/3/5!! :)
clawfinger - 030504 @ 22:33:02
amen jag spelar f?r blisters menar du att vi ?r newbies?:)
znappe - 030504 @ 22:34:43
kan ju alltid kicka dig
Link - 030504 @ 22:35:13
This decision means that 2 of the cmt maps are fucked for good, based on votes by ppl who dont know them good enough.
Spd - 030504 @ 22:36:30
or it means that 3 of 5 maps actually (sp?) gets a fair try.
Gullan Bornemark - 030504 @ 22:37:52
Sudda, sudda, sudda, sudda bort din sura min.
razor - 030504 @ 22:41:45
ye i agree with you spd... imo it means 3 of the maps gets a really good tryout instead.. and the other 2 dont get fucked? they can be added in a later season..
Gamer - 030504 @ 22:44:29
now we won't get 1000 posts on the other newspost... damn. 5 maps was just too much for those that didn't play in nqr-cmt.. maybe all five in nqr6 if people start to like them in nqr5? ;)
xhrl - 030504 @ 22:46:31
spd you are right. I think after playing cmt1,2 and 3 many ppl will think, "hey, these cmt maps are very good tdm maps." And they is just that small change is more conducive to achieving and maintaining excellence in tdm gameplay.
Icce - 030504 @ 23:15:29
Razor and Spd: That's what I think too. If ppl like the maps..we'll add the next 2 cmt's in NQR#6.
oddjob - 030504 @ 23:18:05
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hamorai - 030504 @ 23:23:48
Link - 030504 @ 23:28:58
How can they learn to like them if they have to prac on the other 3? Are they gonna prac on those other 2 while they are playing NQR5? lol Icce.
clox - 030504 @ 23:29:10
thx, gettin used to and learn 3 maps takes quite some time too.
dREk - 030504 @ 23:41:10
Link: Since EVERY CMT map will be in cmt2 league EVERY clan gonna practice all FIVE cmt maps and THEN vote and decide 3 maps just before NQR5. So I think it is fair enough and this way the eXmX maps thing is gone. However I really did like your work Link and I am sure going to miss your news reports etc.. And you have really shown that you are active and cares about this leauge since you were the one answering all the questions etc in the last post about the new NQR5. Good Luck to you whatever you do. Icce: What happens with the pointing system and random map now?!
Goljat - 030504 @ 23:45:05
add those eXmY back then, everyone knows those already like they have said at here.
SLB - 030504 @ 23:47:12
I wanna add death32c
[E] Hixen - 030504 @ 23:56:18
first 6on6 or 8on8 death32c league... anyone intrested, something to do under the summer.. could be alot of fun :)
Icce - 030505 @ 00:31:49
Link: Have u forgotten that there will be an cmt-league? I guess ppl gonna play cmt-maps there? *fnezz*
Link - 030505 @ 00:36:38
"EVERY clan gonna practice all FIVE cmt maps" - Sounds like a fantasy, but if miracles still happen, and then some clan get really good on one map .... and it dont get voted inn. gg.
MIXU - 030505 @ 00:40:29
LAME, link is like, um the nicest admin i've ever met. Bad fucking game.
MIXU - 030505 @ 00:46:52
MAN PLEASE STFU ? K? link is the most down to earth admin i have ever talked to, fuck you all if you ctiticse his work, go jump off mt everest and starve. Loosing LINK IS BG, u fucking idiots. His report OWNS, his ATTIDUTE OWNS and yes he him self OWNS, K? fucking wasters
MIXU - 030505 @ 00:53:38
oh and btw ? stfu b4 any one starts stating 'link' lover, ok ?
Link - 030505 @ 01:10:26
mrlame, oddjob and slime is link lovers, join the fun.
MXU - 030505 @ 01:10:50
lol @ admins btw, u gave in so easily ? or was it too much pressure ? what the fuck like. Every admin said people were given 4 months to learn cmt maps. X4all example, has'nt even got cmt maps amd you JUMP for the gun when people whine so easily? lol dont get me wrong, we ( ]FS[ ) whined over cmt, not including me, yet u gave in so easily ? lol, no ? u have gotten down to 3 smt maps in less than a week, whois to say that it wont be down to tb3 in 4months time ?! You are supposed to show dominance no ? oh well, lol pld Icce, hopefully u can aquire 1% of links humerous comments, that is if you're lucky enough.
znappe - 030505 @ 01:14:55
link is the best admin, but its wrong to force 5 new maps on the community unless its totally certain that this is what the community wants. instead they should have waited until after the cmt-summer league when everyone will have a chance to play them and then just have a vote -> CMT or NOT CMT.. then we would have known.. but now link is just cranky because he did not get what he wanted.. he is still the best admin nqr have seen so far. GO LINK.. just drop the cmt's until you know for sure that the majority wants them!
Link - 030505 @ 01:25:02
Cranky? I did not join NQR to see it become a 6 map league, like certain others. I did not start the cmt project to see 2 maps be buried by a vote with ppl who dont know the maps good enough (unless I am wrong and Samgorod and Billy becomes cmt lovers...shock horror) I did not join NQR to let 30-40 NQR players, out of 600+ players whine their way make admins change what we already agreed on.
Sassa - 030505 @ 01:25:16
Goljat - add those eXmY back then, everyone knows those already like they have said at here. <br> Are u fucking crazy, those arent even built for 4on4 ;( they are bad maps! just have tb3 + cmt maps, but not fkn other maps, if u wanna have other maps then u can start nqr5 right now besides cmt2 and then for nqr6 we can choose what cmt maps should come in nqr6! But if ur gonna have exmx in then start NQR5 NOW before the summer !!!!!! dont go idle
Znappe - 030505 @ 01:25:22
In all fairness tho, giving up after one week is lame no ? like, after cmt, 2 if Icce decided to drop 2 maps, it would of been ok yes? I think its lame of admins to let such a great Admin go over giving up so easily to the people, no ?
Sassa - 030505 @ 01:26:14
btw link, great job in NQR !!!! will be a loss for the crew ;(
SLB - 030505 @ 01:44:06
I wanna play in death32c league hixen :I
znappe - 030505 @ 01:49:50
who is that irish dude who is writing with my nick :/// i onl use a big Z in qw ffs!
Goljat - 030505 @ 01:53:49
well what i have heard that the head admin of nqr chose it to decrease 2 map just by himself, looks like this is ** league :E
er - 030505 @ 02:16:19
Znappe is Me (mixu) wtf?
znappe - 030505 @ 02:20:18
TiMMi - 030505 @ 02:28:21
This is fucking STUPID. Its even worse than having only tb3. Oh My Fucking God, the worst decision possible. Great Game guys. Now NQR is totally destroyed. I fucking refuse to play in this league. Go fuck yourself all cocksucking whiners. You whine no matter what. I aint gonna come with suggestions like "What about...?" Because I aint fucking playing in this league for sure. NQR, go die.
TiMMi - 030505 @ 02:42:02
Angry words from a retired NQR-player. Not ever again. You've destroyed everything.
Gamer - 030505 @ 02:46:18
looks like TiMMi went back to south park :<<<<<<<<
manu - 030505 @ 03:04:47
Link, u did a really great job in NQR/CMT. You followed up all post and replied to everything, really good work! thats how it should be done. Perhaps some other crewmember will step in and do yer work now! GG, GL!
killis - 030505 @ 04:29:39
hahahahahaha rolf
fix - 030505 @ 06:56:44
just add all cmt and exmx, people get where choose from and then decider from big3 everyone should be happy? :)
fix - 030505 @ 06:57:34
not all exmx , those which were in last season, those which where played even _once_
fix - 030505 @ 09:20:58
and link sure was active admin, but no one can please everyone..?
Apollyon - 030505 @ 09:29:08
NQR always offered great freedom in choosing your homemap which is in my opinion part of its popularity. Now the maplist has been limited to only 6 maps. As Link points out this is very similar to the Challenge-Smackdown system which already proved that the additional maps (e2m2, e3m7, dm6) won't get more popular even though that was the intention behind introducing this system. The clans always prefered to play the big three and the same will happen in NQR as well. The chance of getting your home(=cmt) map as random map is pretty slim and thus the vast majority of clans will choose to play one of the big three on which everyone feels comfortable as decider. In the end it is all just a question of what you want to achieve. Most admins or people like Link want QW to develop and noone can deny that cmt maps in contrast to eXmY maps have potential to breathe life into QW for several years to come. But on the other side we have the clans and players, some just playing casually but most playing just for one thing: TO WIN. And here we are at an interesting point. It is so much easier to win with just three maps. The people "whining" here just fear to lose. Adding new rather unknown maps and making them possible decider maps will take away a lot of the advantage some teams have over others. And shock horror it might even give advantage so some teams that usually get owned. An important point which has been somewhat overlooked is that of random maps. I never liked decider maps being decided at random even though i am part of the league that introduced random maps. It would be much better if teams just agree on a decider map (which they in fact did to a lot in SD and NQR by just playing the big three). But agreeing on a map if there are more than the big three is hard. There is a good solution though. Just let the teams choose which maps they do not want to play out of the remaining maps until just one remains. This requires an odd number of maps of course. I have made very good experiences with that system lately in the Clanbase QW Cup (admittedly not very competetive) and especially in the german duel tournament i held. But this is all idle talk now because as i understand nothing has really been decided yet. We get to play the cmt maps over the summer and after that we get to decide which of them are going to be played in the more serious NQR6 season. Personally i don't mind to play eYmX maps or cmt maps in NQR6 although i prefer cmt because i think they got way more to offer. The more maps there are to chose from the better, i really like to play an "odd" map from time to time because of the fresh experience. To me QW is and should not only be the newbie dm4 "i own ya" +attack style but also slow paced camping on e3m3. In another words: variation. My suggestions are to add more than just 3 maps to make a bigger mappool. Wether there are cmt+exmy maps or just cmt maps does not make much of a difference. Asking the teams which maps exactly (after trying them out during summer!) is actually a very good idea. And think about removing random maps and introduce the system i explained above as it will both mean other maps than big three get played as well as help the "WIN WIN WIN!" minds (actually it adds a lot of strategy in choosing your homemap as well). Link, you should not have left the admin crew of NQR. Compromises have to be made and as i can tell you won't achieve anything by leaving. You are taking the cmt map issue to personal. Yes the maps are good and they will help QW it will just need some more time.
rust - 030505 @ 09:40:52
sexC - 030505 @ 10:07:28
link: as apo said you're taking the map issue way too personally, and you being the best admin by far I'd hate to see you quit. I still can't see why someone like you quit over a few tosser's spamming their opinion over and over again. please do the right thing and get back in the crew again. nqr crew: it's absolutely absurd to only use 3 out of the 5 cmt maps. I bet that most quakers average cmt knowledge is way higher than the average exmy knowledge, so that action is to me just plain retarded. that's what I used to love nqr for; you dared to be different, you dared to try out new things. by reducing the map pool you're heading down the sd track (not saying that is bad, but what's the point of having two similar leagues?), and I bet that people will lose interest in quake itself. the last thing this community needs is to contract even more. as seen in the comments, no one was going to quit nqr because of all the cmt maps. by link resigning and two of the cmt maps being removed however, we've already seen people quitting. apo: excellent suggestion about the decider map, I strongly recommend the nqr crew to take that idea into consideration. to all you whiners out there: just think twice before you say something stupid. I read an article/post by para the other day that said that without certain people the community would be no more. not necessarily saying that's the case, but I reckon that there's something to it. just look what a single man has accomplished through being stubborn. finally to link again, if you decide not to join the nqr crew again I respect that in a away, I'm sure that I would've given up a long time ago myself. good luck with whatever you do, and have fun playing them dm6 2on2's on swe servers :)
sexC - 030505 @ 10:23:25
fuck that's not even readable :) may I suggest that whitespaces should be included in the post along with some edit function? :|
R2D2 - 030505 @ 11:21:51
Apollyon, as we in sweden would say it, "klockrent!"
Icce - 030505 @ 11:40:12
I didn't stand alone in this descision. We were 4 admins who backed it up. It's a loss that L ink choosed to leave the crew because he didn't get he's will through all the way. But life is about compromises, even when it comes to stuff like this.
Eternal - 030505 @ 11:46:07
R2D2, as we in poland would say it, "kotlet co?"
fix - 030505 @ 11:53:56
NQR has always been about playing this game. not so much about victory..of coz some, but league system gives something for everyone and i think thats the reason why it has gained so much success lately..making map pool only 6 maps wont help to increase the populaty i think, which we have running high atm..ppl should get freedom to choose their home map whatever it will be maybe one from big3 or cmt or exmy..many maps many different people..i just dont understund what is wrong with big map pool even some maps arent played that much..if you look cs..they do play more than 3-5 maps? start sd or some other big3 tournament for ppl who dont like other maps..but dont ruin the main idea of nqr, which imo was to _play_ many games and get games going on what ever map you like, can it realy be so big deal? in the end this is just entertainment. and ye, link back to admin crew :)
Icce - 030505 @ 12:22:14
I sure wish that this was pure entertainment and that all could have fun too Fix =). The problem with exmx maps are always which one's should be allowed? If it should be fair all clans should have the possibility to choose their own map. Then we know the scenario, clans leaving wo because of weird maps etc. And I can tell you that Link for sure don't support those maps, so if he returns to the crew the possibility for your suggestion decreases even more.
fix - 030505 @ 12:30:59
current map pool + cmt is not enough for Link? how much there was such cases that some clan left wo for some map couse they just didnt like to play it (exmy maps) ?
Samgorod - 030505 @ 13:06:47
Heh Link whos a martyr now :) Get ur norwegian butt back there and try to reason not dictate... :D GG NQR crew for listening the scene and taking actions... Allthough this decision still sucks ;) Yeps I support Fix all the way in that map issue... big3, exmx and cmt = One big happy fucking family and even I will shut up :P
Katsku - 030505 @ 13:11:39
Clans like that shouldn't even be in NQR. If you are in - you play all maps and if you dont you get kicked out.
ParadokS - 030505 @ 13:37:38
You are really making it harder than it is. First you don't want changes. Then ok, we force CMT in the league. In the end that was ~ok for you, eventhough some ppl still wanted eXmX. But then you whined that 5 CMT maps was too much, so we say ok, lets meet you halfway and remove 2 maps, and you can decide which. Now that is wrong too. Now 3 extra maps to tb3 is way too little, and you want more maps, and still whine like someone cut ur foreskin, and link left too. You are not easy crowd to please, and sure isnt making it any easy for ppl to run a league, but we do it anyway. If there are any maps that has a chance of being upthere with tb3 it is CMT maps. ANd only way to really test those maps is by forcing you all to play them, even for just a period. So can't u accept tb3+cmt1-5 ? Is it really that hard to learn those maps ? And if it is... so may be it.
razor - 030505 @ 13:40:32
lol timmi.. what are u doing yourself now then ? whining about a decision!.. the admins tried to listen to ppl and changed a thing... lets just play one season and try it... the best thing about this imo is that we now have the greatest chance of having 3 more maps becoming really big.. maybe as big as tb3 in the future... and what exactly are u angry about? that we have 3 cmt instead of 5? or that link is leaving?.... i agree its bad link is leaving.. but its not always the best to be so stubborn... u gotta be able to compromise.... and to mixu: who says the admins has to DOMINATE?.. isnt that really bad if they do ? and not listening to the players playing the leuage?
razor - 030505 @ 13:42:45
paradoks i can understand you.. :) but hmm.. just try and run a poll... in this comment threads just a minority is heard..
Link - 030505 @ 13:43:27
Let's get things straight, shall we Icce? First of all, the reason we had to comprimise maps, was because the admin crew wanted fewer maps. I did not want it that way, I originally wanted it to be current NQR4 map pool + the cmt maps. But since I am voted down by the rest of the admin crew, who whines about too many maps, we have to come up with something else, so I listen the majority and agrees (OMFG!). I partly agree that it is "unprofessional" with too many maps, but it adds spice to have all clans participate and be happy with their beloved map, and as long as tb3 is random map, the tb3 whiners accept it too. So as the admin crew wants fewer maps, and Icce clearly states that 8 maps is perfect, then we have to make choices and comprimises. The problem with votes on exmx is that some clans dont get their homemap, while some do, even if no maps are superior ENOUGH to others, you cant say that a map played 20 times is so much better than a map played 10 times, when the tb3 is played 200 times, thats just LOL. So in the name of fairness with a small map pool, we make the decision to cut all exmx away. My personal sacrifices here is my favorite exmx maps, e1m5 and e3m7, I think most of them are good to play on in 4on4, but that's my favorites. Anyway, we make our decision and get 8 maps. Then after a week of whine by what Icce refers to the "community", who are the comments here and "personal MSGs" he gets on IRC, he says we must change something to show the "communtiy" that we listen to them. And again, I point out the 580+ registered players in NQR that DID NOT WHINE AT ALL, for whatever reason, it dont matter, was not taken into consideration, unless Icce got 200 personal MSGs of whine (sure you did). So with the power of the whiners at hand, admins have another meeting. The result of this is that the lame norwegian, the lame dane and the sane brit, clearly states out that removing 2 cmt maps will not do any thing good, for several reasons: the tb3 lovers dont care, they dont want learn new maps anyway, so it makes no difference to them if it is 3 or 5. The exmx lovers will have an advantage with MORE maps, coz it will be more likely then that they can get to know a map really good in contrast to some others and get a greater chance of getting more points, just like the exmx-system provided. But the 3 swedes want's to listen to the minority of whiners, and they want to give the tb3 lovers the advantage, by reducing the map pool even more, down to 6 maps. The key here is that Paradoks really dont care about if its 3 or 5, as long as he gets cmt1 (and cmt3), it's the same shit for him, even though he originally agrees with link and kryt. So then Icce justifies his decision by having a 4-2 vote in the admin crew. This decision is just not one single mistake, it is one mistake after another: 1: 3 cmt's and not 5. 2: This arguement/decision was taken too early, you could have waited after cmt league #2. 3: You are gonna have a vote of what 3 maps ppl want, then you get the same situation as we have in the exmx case, and that was THE REASON we dropped them all: to be fair and not let any clans get an advantage. So a very GG to those clans who falls in love with one particular map, but the map gets voted out...nice waste of summer. 4: To vote out 2 cmt maps is like voting out 2 of the tb3 maps: it is impossible to do the correct thing, the result is only that you bury those 2 cmt maps forever. What? Bring those 2 maps in NQR6? Are they gonna PRAC those 2 not voted cmt maps DURING NQR5? Or do you look at it the way that if the cmt maps are accepted and liked by the ppl in NQR5, you then think it is OK to bring them inn? Well then, then it does not matter AT ALL if you have them all in NQR5. By doing this the chance for burying 2 of the cmt maps is at great risk. 5: This decision was made by a man who dont know much about the cmt maps at all, I dont even think he has played one of the maps even one single time. 5: The map pool is too small. 6: This was a Swede decision :) (ok, a little joke). So you think I left coz this was ONE simple little disagreement? No way, I lost every enthusiasm I had about NQR as a league, I lost every single aspect of helping it developing it further. I dont believe in this at alle so I dont find the energy to continue.
razor - 030505 @ 13:44:52
i dont see so many ppl here wanting more maps... althou mighty fix is counted like 20 ppl :/
Link - 030505 @ 13:46:15
Razor said: "in this comment threads just a minority is heard..." gg Razor, you nailed it down!
razor - 030505 @ 13:54:06
link: u sure has alot of things going vs Icce... well its better that he listened to the ones that said something.. which actually was pretty many afterall.... then to not listen at all.... but wtf... POLL POLL POLL
razor - 030505 @ 13:54:42
pretty many but yes still a minory.. so run a poll!!! :/
razor - 030505 @ 13:56:41
and whatabout choose out 3 of the cmt already before the cmt#2.. ok some ppl dont know them yet.. but i still think it would be alot better... link has a point that it would be bad for those who dont get their map voted in
Link - 030505 @ 13:58:05
razor: you just got owned by your own argument saying that it is the minority who comments this thread, just like I tried to tell in the comment above. And that is excactly why I think it was wrong to change the decision.
ZkilfinG - 030505 @ 13:58:54
You have my support and understanding Link. I wonder how long it will be before NQR is TB3 only now...
razor - 030505 @ 14:05:34
link yes i said it was a minority but i also said it was pretty many... cause its still pretty much ppl that whined about 5 cmt maps was to much.... and whats this thing that its soon gonna be tb3 only.. and the same thing as SD.. thats bullshit imo.... we just try out ONE little season with this.. and 3 maps gets a really good chance.. and ok lets say everyone think they suck after the season... what does that mean ? that the other 2 cmts is erased from all existing HDs in the world? and the episode maps is also magically erased from all exisiting harddriwes.. so they dont exist anymore and cant be put into the mappool again ?
Link - 030505 @ 14:11:04
Razor: exmx ppl are in principle openminded to variation and will handle 5 cmt maps fine, just like FS did in the cmt league. When you can handle 10 exmx's, you can handle 5 cmt's. The tb3 ppl however dont handle it at all, and they get the advantage with this reducement. That is wrong imo.
Link - 030505 @ 14:14:33
oh, and I am not mad at Icce personally if that's what ppl think, I am just upset over the decision. At the end of the day Icce is one of the "good" guys :)
Domin - 030505 @ 14:17:12
I surely will change game is this fucking cmt custom shitty is starting.. hey! you dont need cmt league anymore, you have all the shit in one league... we have played those dm and ExMx maps for ages, we know those maps and those are good maps.. we dont need these new cmt shitty maps.....
Domin - 030505 @ 14:17:56
has link made these maps or why the fuck he wants them in?
Link - 030505 @ 14:22:45
Yeah, I made them all in just one hour in a random state of mind when I was a noob at map editor. This is why I rock at them coz only I know the secret health/armor rooms.
razor - 030505 @ 14:30:01
ye i also think many could handle 5 maps.. that isnt so much... i think there were alot more exmx which was unknown to some in nqr4.... but we dont see any of the exmx on the way beeing as big as tb3 either... thats what i would like anyway... and good maps that have a chance on that .. is the cmt...
Domin - 030505 @ 14:31:10
NQR = cmt with some dm maps?
Link - 030505 @ 14:36:09
some dm maps? what other dm maps than 2 and 3 do you play 4on4 on Domin? cmt ARE dm maps, exmx is not.
fix - 030505 @ 14:49:41
lol razor :) and im not whining just trying to think this from everyones pov maybe i should stop it :), and we played some cmt3 lastnight vs cb! sure was i said i dont have anything against those maps
Domin - 030505 @ 14:52:49
there is cmt league.. its called CMT! not nqr, yet
Domin - 030505 @ 14:53:59
what fucking new generation of quake, quake has always been the same.. same maps and other things.. cmt? its doesnt belong to quake..
Icce - 030505 @ 15:12:37
I cannot understand the argument that NQR is turning into SD. We have a totally different structure in this league, and that's one big thing, we are a league, SD is a tournament. All clans isn't a participating in it either. Link: I havent proclaimed myself as a cmt-guru, and if I would have played the maps alot, does that mean that I shouldn't listen to the community then? They have spoken and said 5 cmt's at once is too much! That is important, not that you get it your way all the time. If you could turn down your temperature a bit and think things over, you will get what you wish, but it takes a little longer.
Vertigo - 030505 @ 15:15:07
It's sad to see that NQR Crew doesn't have backbone to stand behind it's decisions. No determination at all. Weak fucks. When something has decided and announced, it really should be final. This back and forth shuffling only harms the scene, makes NQR crew look like a bunch of unreliable and unknowing dudes. You took the false turn this time, guys. My respect goes to Link on this issue: standing behind your own ways and decisions is too rare nowadays.
BuLLz0R - 030505 @ 15:19:53
haha timmi, ses 8)
Link - 030505 @ 15:33:52
Icce: you say 50 ppl are the community. I can not agree on that. Domin: since quake was the first real online fps, the map commuity did not get strong until q2-q3 got out, and therefore, in the lack of better maps, you got maps as dm2 as a good 4on4 map, and because everyone knows it, it is accepted, just like any other exmx would have been by the vast majority if Clan Nine and DR had chose to play on some other maps than e1m2/dm3. This is the sad story of quake and maps, but as long as you get tb3 as random map, can you not sacrifice a little as well, in the name of trying out new things?
jester - 030505 @ 15:46:44
I don't see problem with big mappool either. It's always nice to try beat your enemy in their 'homeground' if they choose 'lame exmy map'. I think ppl really liked to play for example redux... they tried their best and see if its enuff against a team which has played the map a lot more than you. And I do agree Vertigo. Make a decision and and keep it. Otherwise this looks lame :) gg.
billy - 030505 @ 15:53:05
OMG just give all exmy maps and cmt maps and all custom maps and big three as deciders :D and everyone will be happy
Icce - 030505 @ 16:00:14
Link..I can't agrre that the 7-8 ppl that want's all 5 cmt's is the community either.
Link - 030505 @ 16:10:15
What about the 500+ ppl that are silent, they apparantly agree or dont care?
znappe - 030505 @ 16:13:24
domin rules.
SLB - 030505 @ 16:25:50
The more (good) 4on4 maps the better.
vks - 030505 @ 17:00:14
way too many complains about maps. if you dont like a league that has a certain map pool then do NOT play that league. whoo the heck cares about maps, we play qw or wtf ?! sure, the crew should have been more consistent with its decisions. rules r rules
spokz - 030505 @ 17:08:05
cmts suck =[
X-con - 030505 @ 17:57:14
Link the 500+ ppl that are silent are prolly happy to play whatsoever map nqr choose to take in. Thats why they don't speak out?
TiMMi - 030505 @ 18:04:39
vks says: "if you dont like a league that has a certain map pool then do NOT play that league." HEY, I aint fucking playing in this shit either! But it DAMN sad that they destory the only reason to play quake, and that is to play NQR-games. But not anymore. ][ Im not like the usual whiner. I like exmx, I like tb3 and hey; I like cmt maps too. But when you manage to say that we shall vote for 3 out of five? THATS SO LOL. THATS LIKE CUTTING YOUR DICK INTO FIVE PIECES, AND ONLY BE ABLE TO SIT BACK WITH 3 OF THEM. THATS NONESENSE, YOU WANT YOUR DICK, OR YOU WANT TO DIE. Im not playing nqr again. I fucking refuse to be even SIGNED UP in a clan participating in this SILLY FUCKING STUPID SHITFACE LEAGUE. GO DIIIE.
lusive - 030505 @ 18:06:42
stop whining ppl!. why cant ppl let the admins just decide something and then we players play?!, sure you can whine and hope for something else, and now when they do change you guys still keep whining about it. lets se how many clans that will sign up for nqr5 then we will se all thoose who where "quiet". just decide players will come... because qw is alla about fun.
Hagge - 030505 @ 18:23:33
plz..... use the same settings as in nqr4 and everybody will be happy! :[
manu - 030505 @ 18:58:35
same rules once again would be really nice, but some nqr maps are good to, perhaps something in the middle ?
manu - again - 030505 @ 18:59:21
nqe maps = cmt maps
razor - 030505 @ 19:05:35
this has just got too far now imo... and timmi u obiously dont like qw enough if u decide to quit because u only can play 3 cmt maps instead of 5.....
razor - 030505 @ 19:11:24
and you obivously didnt choose to run a poll so link u cant complain about a minority is heard and that the change is based on it.... and that the absolute first thing of an admins word should be the "law" for the rest of the season is bullshit imo also... does it really hurt to change stuff ? i mean its a LONG time before the season even starts...
def - 030505 @ 19:13:00
People, you are wasting precious minutes of your lives arguing over something so pointless. Consider the fact that all of you are so set in your views, that there is no fact in the world that would make you change perspective, so please stop trying to outshout each other on who's point of view is right. Either decision will make 95% of the people remain with NQR and 5% probably leave in disgust. So, it really doesn't matter. END THIS THREAD!
Link - 030505 @ 20:33:41
X-con: you are 100% correct, yet it was changed. Def, you are correct as well, but still it was changed.
Strife - 030505 @ 20:55:30
This was very unfortunate, I had hoped for tb3 and all cmt maps. Hope cmt1/4 makes it anyway.
riker - 030505 @ 22:01:07
good link is gone, now get rid of para and then the elite players might be allowed to play
znappe - 030505 @ 22:21:11
permban p? riker vore n?t..
TiMMi - 030505 @ 22:37:10
Players that get owned by TiMMi on dm2, shouldnt even have the ability to post comments on this page..
moris - 030506 @ 00:21:17
not sure maybe it was discussed already but why dont you=nqr_admins make a poll for each division in which the map pool for that particular division would be decided? there would be options like 1- tb3+cmt 2-tb3+exmy 3-tb3+cmt+exmy etc. then noone can really whine since it were the clans in the divs who actually decided what are they gonna play during the season..
Goljat - 030506 @ 02:51:37
yeah riker if elite means that you fake in other clans whine all the time and got bad attitude then you are really elite player.
busti - 030506 @ 09:13:18
Danger is not in what evil does, but in the silence of the good
dalla - 030506 @ 10:30:06
this really sux. For those clan in div 6 for example, who have just started to see some improvement in teamplay, and has an exmx map chosen as homemap, whis sux even more. All clans with dm2, dm3 or e1m2 as homemap will benefit from this ALOT. Don?t tell me that the map makes no difference, osams lost their homemap e3m3 ONCE last season, beating clans like T and HOT on this map, which is pretty good for us. On the big three however, we got raped, and will get raped aswell. REMOVING EXMX SUX!
Samgorod - 030506 @ 11:50:39
Go busti! :) dalla has a point... Mainly ppl are pissed because you removed those maps... Why remove any? Why don't you keep the current (NQR4 set) + add all cmt and give more options... Then if you have to make ppl play those cmt maps you all seem to love so much... Maker decider random cmt... So everybody has to prac and play them as well... All get their homemap and cmt's get played... All happy :)
Goljat - 030506 @ 12:21:23
first you whined that there are so many maps that you don't have time to prac 8maps, now 6 is too less and you want more like all cmt maps + exmy, god damnit try to choose :)
Link - 030506 @ 12:57:19
ppl want their homemap, so they can own...nothing new :/ Samgorod, I actually wanted nqr4 maps + cmt, so even if you like to tell shit about me (because I am the one who spoke out more often than others in the admin crew to defend the decision), you have to understand that all admins have to stand by the decision, even if they like it or not. If I had been dictator, you would have been happy, so stfu :)
Jinx - 030506 @ 13:27:38
3 old + 3 custom + 3 eXmY = 9 maps. Ask each clan which one custom map and one eXmY map they want in the pool. Change the least played custom and eXmY map each season... just my opinion :)
HangTime - 030506 @ 17:26:48
Well well nearly 150 posts already and I'm not in any of them yet :<. Couple of points 1) of these 500+ who don't comment many of them probably dont comment on ANY topics here, or even read the website that regularly. These are like casual players or guys who dont care much for community aspect just like to play qw (perfect example from past would be vana). 2) Link says 3 or 5 CMT maps makes no difference to tb3-zealots, well I guess I could be described by some as a tb3-type (not entirely) and am much happier with 3 cmt instead of 5 maps. This will be much easier to cope with and learn (also reduced bias if there is randommap from all maps). If CMT1, CMT3, CMT4 is in nqr5, thats great for me, bit more playtime and I won't get lost so much and maybe just maybe even get some good tactics! But if its not, and say we got cmt5 instead of 4 then it won't be so much effort to learn at once. 3) It won't kill these other 2 cmt maps that aren't included, they can be added at a later date. It's a gradual process, get a couple of CMTs well accepted, then push for some more if they are good enough. You say clans wont bother to prac these 2 "discarded maps", heh, clans dont bother to prac all 5 maps at the moment, so you will be gaining 3 maps, not losing 2. Like razor(?) and others said, if we can get 3 maps learned pretty good, well accepted, played to a good standard thats better than 5 "half-known" maps (this is the esact situation we have atm with eXmY - apart from a few clans on specfic maps there is basic but limited knowledge). Smackdown did this a bit with e2m2, got it played to a reasonable standard, but the final "acceptance" stage never happened - probably because it's not so well designed for 4on4 as CMT. 4) As I have said many times over previous years, I don't say new maps are bad as maps for 4on4, but we need to be cautious introducing to leagues. Adding 3/5 of cmt is an acceptable compromise for me (even though it's no secret that I could play dm3/e1m2 all day without getting bored). I guess it would be nice to know in advance which 3 maps are gonna be used (so can prac them more in nqr-cmt2) but I guess this way we should truly find the best and make sure all are well tested.
Legio! - 030506 @ 17:33:33
Couldn't have said it much better my self HT.
Samgorod - 030506 @ 17:36:09
Link nope not happy, but I would have accepted it silently, because there still would have been options... Now they want maps that only pro gamers can lockup and they want to remove the possibility of surprise (exmx)... Normally I like new maps -> used to love ukooldm maps and so on... but these cmt maps are a different case... Labyrinths... Probably great for ffa, but can't even imagine playing them in 4on4. All that space and design kinda reminds me of q2 or q3 maps those you play once or twice and then forgot :)... I still remember my first time in e1m2... 1997 against SFP got raped, but learned the simple map and liked it anyway... :P So there isn't any change in my view I hate CMT maps, but of course ppl change their views in order to achieve compromises not to dictate and fight all the time... But maybe that is the way Goljat & Paradoks like to handle things... Whine? Always you bring that word up when someone disagrees its like so lame... Maybe its the last straw to use when you can't invent anything else to backup your story... :) Maybe it isn't my place to comment anything... I should shut up and let the pro gamers dictate... After all I'm only a division6 whiner insignificant part of the scene right. :) I just enjoyed playing NQR despite the shit Link throwed to our necks and Riker faking... It still was fun to play... now when you changed it all, it all feels like wasted time. Last nqr season before cmt shit and hell we didn't even won. :)
Link - 030506 @ 23:26:00
What SHIT did I throw at you Samgorod? plz specify, since you prolly got some trouble with it. And how on earth can you be able to judge the CMT maps already? "just labyrints" ... eh, sorry, but your attitude towards them reflects your attitude towards me. How long took it to learn dm3 and e1m2? 1 week? Anyone can lockup a map if they know it, and no one has been able to make a strong lockmap yet on CMT, no one knows it that good yet. You are saying without exmx, and just CMT, there will be no "surprises" ... what, is it a surprise if you loose/beat a team in NQR? ffs, the team is in your division, you dont play teams from other divs than the one you are inn, so where is the big surprise? If you wanna prac exmx vs div. 1 clans go ahead, only problem is that no one pracs exmx. You dont make sense to me. HT: good point as always, but many ppl are fast map learners, after 6 years of qw I guess that is normal, so I dont see the problem. Point is this was better for tb3'ers, not for exmx'ers.
razor - 030507 @ 01:27:41
link!... hmm.. i think maybe u should ease down a LITTLE on cmt and maybe accept that some ppl simply just dont like them... maybe the reason is they dont bother do learn them.. but so what... isnt that a valid reason.. they arnt bad qw:ers because they like TB3 only or maybe episode original qw which they remember from the old days.... EVEN if they are bad build for 4on4.... and that this maybe is better for those who like TB3 doesnt have to be a bad thing either? maybe thats whats the majority wants... that this leuage isnt gonna be 66% new unknowned cmt maps and 33% original qw.. i can understand them in that... but well well.... we will never know without that poll! ;)
razor - 030507 @ 01:34:34
and u should see it as a victory for you.. i mean u started the whole custom map thing.. and now the map pool consist of 50% cmt maps... and if i remember right cmt wasnt very popular when you first started out to organizing with them
Link - 030507 @ 01:44:37
"maybe the reason is they dont bother do learn them" ... that is ok reason for me, it is to some content understandable. I just have a tendencie to ease UP when ppl say something sucks before they even try it, I hate that attitude :S (znappe etc.)
razor - 030507 @ 02:08:13
ye i agree they should TRY it at least... and be able to compromise also
Domin - 030508 @ 14:40:16
this whole cmt suxxx... for all kind of ffa and whatever maps there is leagues and tournaments for allkind.. lets keep this league in regular QW and basic quake maps not some lameass ukooldm?s and cmt?s
Hagge - 030508 @ 23:34:57
:) :] x] 8) 8] B} :D =D :X xD 8I :K :E :L :P :p :F :Q :O :o :q :I BI B> B) :}
mixu - 030510 @ 05:40:35
Hagge :<
Hagge - 030510 @ 16:40:45
that?s me B)
s0ft! - 030510 @ 16:59:23
ni suger alla enormt mkt
slabby - 030527 @ 13:26:55
gg cmt, no tot in nqr....or can you refuse to play certain maps giving away one point?


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