2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  NQR Playoffs!  030505  

Lets get ready to rumble =)!

clan MalFunction VS Disorder:
Clan MalFunction will go head to head with Disorder, and i bet you all that this will be one hell uva game. I surely belive that CMF hunger for revenge after loosing a tight group game vs DS (1-2), and will do all in their might to restore their lost glory. Allthough DS lost Mrlame to Hyphen, they are boosted by the presence of Dag, and they should be able to put up a really good fight vs the classic clan MalFunction, really hard though to pick a winner in this game. It can go either way.

Slackers VS Firing Squad:
To our next Semifinal game Slackers vs Firing Squad.
This game might be easier to predict if one go by the result's from the group games. FS have shown that they are a top clan to be reckoned with and anything can happen during playoffs. SR has shown some shaky moments loosing to Hyphen in a group game. The strenght on paper should put SR as winners you would think, but as always the clans reaching playoffs seem to give it 110% so you never know what the outcome might be. This game will most likely be a kickass game aswell, don't expect anything less from these teams.

All games will be best of 5 maps.

Deadline Semi's: 12th Of May 24.00 CET.

CMF vs DS: 12th of May 21.00 CET.
SR vs FS: 10th. of May 22.30 CET

Stay tuned we will post info about when the games will be played, and will be working close with crew to try and organize this is in the best fashion available.

// the NQR Crew



billy - 030505 @ 23:03:07
so eid =[
error - 030505 @ 23:04:20
CMF-Ds 3-1 SR-Fs 3-0
Hagge - 030505 @ 23:04:49
only third post :( cmf-ds 3-2 sr-fs 3-1 (reppie ownz) :] gl/hf!
Legio! - 030505 @ 23:07:26
"Regular season rules apply to these playoff games, except that the grand final will be played over 5 maps." From rules section "League system". Only the final will be played with 5 maps ;).
IDKFA - 030505 @ 23:08:29
hagge-eta 2-0 billy-broning 2-0 gl/hf!
draGon - 030505 @ 23:28:19
quote at hagge REPPIE not owns hes the BEST!!!
Hagge - 030505 @ 23:45:07
legio u must be kidding ???? why not best of 5????????? it?s teh fkn semis ffs!!!!! change rules asap ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS FFS :<
Legio! - 030505 @ 23:50:12
Its not different from last year..we had the same rules then...
Link - 030505 @ 23:57:06
What Legio is forgetting is that we all agreed on that semis also should be 5 maps. But what the hell, change that too :)
Gamer - 030506 @ 00:25:40
damnit i was looking forward to best of five games.. oh well.
blitz - 030506 @ 00:43:00
Do best of 5 that is what everyone wants to see ?
sassa - 030506 @ 01:36:00
yeah DO BEST OF 5 !!!!!!!
sassa - 030506 @ 01:36:41
if its best of 3 it would be like watching only 45 min of Arsenal getting they ass kicked by Man U, and we all wanna watch 90 min offcourse :)
error - 030506 @ 01:36:44
yea just make it best of five. I see that members from both sr and fs want it so GOGOGO.
Link - 030506 @ 01:40:42
It was decided best of 5 coz there was only 4 teams in playoffs. I am just reminding the admins in case they forgot :>
manu - 030506 @ 01:55:14
sassa, 45 minutes of ManU is enough i think
Goljat - 030506 @ 02:40:11
yep long passes,long passes and again long passes that is manu style.
Sassa - 030506 @ 05:11:59
bah, man u ownz..
billy - 030506 @ 08:00:15
i like manu and ManUtd:( :DDDDD cmf ez ds, but watch out for reppie in the second match =[
Diki - 030506 @ 08:48:23
:C FS is good but high habit pings will make them even more better. It really sucks if u have played something like always with ping 25 in finland and 30-40 in sweden and then u have to play with 50-60 in germany. Fss are from holland? It really sucks that they have so sucky connection that they have to be something like 200km from server. Sure we had yesterday same avg pings but its just so huge diffirence to play usually with 25 ping and suddently above 50. And their case is just to play always with hpw pings :(
Icce - 030506 @ 09:08:06
The semifinals are 5 MAPSand nothing else! Was a couple of month's ago we decided that, so you are forgiven legio =)
Sassa - 030506 @ 09:51:39
Welcome to the ordinary whining comment from Maniacs (my clan) ;)
jester - 030506 @ 10:13:46
Yep. I agree Diki but there is nothing that you can do to it :)
karko - 030506 @ 10:24:36
Isnt the other divs gonna have playoffs aswell? Or am I completly lost..
pattah - 030506 @ 11:02:55
Yea, reppie > qw :]
Hagge - 030506 @ 11:20:28
thank u! I was almost having a heartattack when I heard it was only best of 3 :[ and to diki... fs has the same ping in their county as u have in urs.. but they know how to play with 50 ping in germany and they can live with it... why don?t u guys learn it too and stop whining? ;) it?s not very hard! ask reppie :]
Diki - 030506 @ 12:54:18
Yeah, we should prac on ea server.. but anyone doesnt. FS and Polish clans just have to prac almoust every time with high pings... and we others just play that one or two matches... Yeah, we should start to play with mqwcl coz its better with high pings and what ever :o I can live with it too.. just though that fs will be in this league mutch better that they are :)
HangTime - 030506 @ 16:32:50
FS connections aren't that bad really, but they are spread from countries as diverse as finland and uk. AFAIK Reppie (and maybe miser) are the only two regular FS players with >20ms to their isp. They all get 28 ping or less to their best servers. Maybe Boomtown would work ok for fs vs .fi clans provided the finns don't all lineup with 26ms. Slackers got good connections and I can't see any problem with xs4all or EA they all have max 39ms there except hib so should be fair game. They also prac quite a lot on central servers. Any back to the games, should be good. I don't have a connection at home at the moment, hopefully my new adsl will be activated by the weekend though when presumably these games will be played, looking forward to it. Best of 5 is a good idea since these clans are so closely matched, best of 3 allows luck too much influence.
Legio! - 030506 @ 17:29:03
Ye point well taken, it is 5 maps and nothing else, enjoy ;)!
billy - 030506 @ 17:43:38
diki typical .fi attitude :((((((( one map prac bg]SR[ =[[[[
andy - 030506 @ 17:58:07
If I were you, I would stick to the rules. Or ask the remaining clans, if it is ok for them to change the rules to a best of 5 system beginning in the semis. If you don't you can piss off a clan, who lost a game 2-3, after leading the series 2-1, and, going by the REAL rules, would have won the game and proceeded to the finals. Seeing the topgames coming up, I think this is very likely to happen, too :) Best of 5 is the real way to go, of course, I just would get the teams' "permissions" so people don't get the impression you change rules as you like.
ParadokS - 030506 @ 18:23:54
Its only 4 clans, and dont remember when we last played best of 3 in playoffs. I think we'll manage to make sure all 4 clans know the conditions.
HangTime - 030506 @ 18:33:08
Andy, let me quote from NQR rulepage: "Please note that NQR reserves the right the alter these rules with no prior notice." We have already seen this with extra maps being added to NQR map pool after signups were taken, nothing new here. Para: NQR2 used best of 3 in playoffs (even in the final, if memory serves). I believe NQR3 and SD5 also didn't use 5 maps until the latter stages (semifinals/final... maybe only final for nqr3?). From the comments it sounds as though FS and SR is happy with 5 maps, so at least 50% of clans will be happy, together with the community/"fans".
andy - 030506 @ 19:44:42
Every league reserves the right to change rules without asking its teams. That doesn't make it a right thing in my opinion. Afterall these are the conditions why you joined the league. Turning best of three into a best of five series of course is no big deal, but next step could be that during the season the map pool is changed. And during season 10 NQR staff will announce that Counterstrik is now the official NQR game :)
FlePser - 030506 @ 19:45:38
and what about play-offs?
FlePser - 030506 @ 19:45:55
i mean promotion / degradations games :))))
HangTime - 030506 @ 19:55:19
Map pool changes? Seen that before in Smackdown playoff systems too :) As we all know, there is a difference between "legal/justifiable" and "right" things to do...
xhrl - 030506 @ 20:41:53
well i think some measure has to be given to what is 'customary' or 'usual'. In big finals since sd started, the normal approach has usually been a best of 5 series. i don't think such a thing strikes anyone as dramatically different at all. I am looking forward to this playoff round...i wish strength and honour to those who will be competing!
Legio! - 030506 @ 22:08:30
Info regarding Relegation / Playoff games will be anounced soon. Stay tuned folks.
Kryten - 030507 @ 10:16:30
Legio ate my neighbours!
Legio! - 030507 @ 12:02:23
Have you been at the pub for to long now again kryten ;)?
sassa - 030507 @ 13:18:34 poll and news
flinty - 030508 @ 16:41:40
btw finland sux @ hockey ;DDDDDDD
true - 030508 @ 19:07:33
And Forsberg rules ! Nevertheless, this World Championship is crap since most of the best players do not play because of NHL playoffs. CMF 3 - DS 1 SR 3 - FS 1
dREk - 030508 @ 22:24:58
Is ladbrokes going to sponsor the nqr playoffs or not? :-) I really hope so I can bet some money on the teams.. Go QW!
Hagge - 030508 @ 23:36:27
:) :] x] 8) 8] B} :D =D :X xD 8I :K :E :L :P :p :F :Q :O :o :q :I BI B> B) :}
pattah - 030509 @ 09:38:20
Hagge --------------> :F
Vertigo - 030509 @ 12:57:53
But where's Campbusters?!?!
Hagge - 030509 @ 15:33:51
we had some bad luck :\
znappe - 030510 @ 03:46:49
they had hagge..
error - 030510 @ 13:00:57
Yea, Campbusters were extremely unlucky.
FlePser - 030511 @ 23:36:43
what about promotion/degradation matches :(?
Icce - 030512 @ 10:10:45
Flepser, it's coming up soon. We're waiting for "all mighty Kryten" to complete the fixtures ;)
FlePser - 030512 @ 12:20:46
aaight, and campbusters where VERY unlucky :(, they had badluck with their aim


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