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2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
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  NQR final - Slackers champions!  030521  

Last night a quite incredibly game were played between the two topclans Slackers and clan Malfunction. They fought hard in 5 rounds for the NQR-crown season 4. Clan Malfunction took the lead in this awesome combat by winning the first two maps (e1m2 and dm3), both with a small margin though. Some of us got a bit surprised by this strong opening from cMF, but Slackers came back on track the third map (dm2) and showed us all that they indeed were still alive. The fourth map (dm3) was pure ownage from Slackers, and it looks just like a transport area to the decider. Last map (e1m2) was a pretty even game right from the start until the nervous end. Can't remember such a thrilling end in a big final ever before. Words can't describe this heavy match and all it's turns and individual playerskills. The last round finally ended up with a 2 frag win for SR!! All of you out there who missed it, go download the demos immediatly and enjoy the show.

Congrats to Slackers who came out victorious in this NQR 4 final, and a big GG's to you guys in clan Malfunction.

// NQR Crew



canius - 030521 @ 12:27:36
GG Slackers and cMF... I hope we will see more finals like this one, those last seconds in the 5th map was a thriller.
Hagge - 030521 @ 14:35:51
gg! next final = cb vs sr ? :(
SLB - 030521 @ 16:47:55
Funny when a quad-guy was about to get squashed on dm2, when another guy jumped to get YA and got squashed instead, now that's teamplay :)
sexC - 030521 @ 17:25:04
pretty weak update, where is the 10 000 word match report by link? :/
Strife - 030521 @ 17:33:28
"go download the maps immediatly and enjoy the show" ?? :))
HangTime - 030521 @ 18:44:17
Considering the close scorelines I didn't find these games as exciting as I would expect. Overall the standard of aiming seemed a little below what I would expect from top 2 clans, too. SR did well to come back from 0-2 down.
... :/ - 030521 @ 19:08:45
where are the match report from each map? where are the CMF vs DS MVD's? where are....etc
:) - 030521 @ 19:49:28
Whine whine..cant u unhappy people find anything else to do?
aken - 030521 @ 19:56:27
it was the most exciting final i have ever seen (in the short period of my life i spent with qw :). Only an overtime could be more interesting on the decider map :) GG's!
aGrb0lha^ - 030521 @ 20:13:22
omg! cmf vs fs, cmf vs sr --> all e1m2 matches were won by non-cmf clan, and with a uncountable fragnumber;). poor cmf, they might be the best qw clan ever, and have never enough luck next to their skill!!! GG's all clans, cMF plz dont get bored playing QW! We trust in u!!! ;))
ParadokS - 030521 @ 20:50:14
good report at :)
sexC - 030522 @ 06:15:25
that report is just average, we're talking about the final here, I remember the good old one page per map reports :) can only wish that link decides to make a comeback
Kryten - 030522 @ 10:17:51
the responsibility of match reports is now on the clans, all they have to do is login and write their report. i think its much more interesting to hear their version of events than us admins.
Link - 030522 @ 12:21:42
DS vs CMF semifinal MVD's that can be DOWNLOADED fom the bbb servers have not been DL'ed, not by DS (shock horror), not by CMF or not by NQR. Too bad no one feel the responsibility to get them uploaded on the site, it was a 5 map cracker of a game. Kryten: personally I think it's lame that NQR admins are not capable to do something x-tra in the playoffs, but then again I know that IRL is much more important. Personally I dont need that report, but ffs, when there are NO demos as well, thats REALLY BAD :)
Game Review - 030522 @ 17:56:58
I am sure this match will go down into QW history as one of the best ever. Not because the two best teams of the moment met in the final of the most important league of the moment but because of what happened during the first four maps and the exciting, thrilling, exhilarating last map with the (almost) narrowest outcome possible. Honestly, i was not very excited about the match until it was underway. And i am sure for everyone watching on the qizmos and listening to the live commentary it was a great experience as well. CMF played with the lineup of Fix, Dare, Siv and Striker the whole evening and surprisingly for most SR fielded Xalibur instead of Paradoks on the first map e1m2 along Hib, Goljat and Gamer. Despite Xalibur's recent inactivity SR were in the lead on this map most of the time and CMF only managed to overtake them in the last minutes winning this first map. Now Xalibur got replaced by Paradoks on the second map dm3 which seemed to go very well for SR until CMF stole a pent, took over the map and never looked back. SR got control again very late, too late to catch up though and thus CMF wins the second map as well with only 5 frags. Claustrophobopolis aka dm2 was the third map played. Possibly the most dangerous map to play when you are trailing with 0-2 maps. A fullstart by the enemy and you are screwed. And CMF started out very well getting both rocketlaunchers and during the first minutes they looked like the winners of NQR4. But Hib showed off with some grenade kills giving his teammtes Goljat and Gamer the opportunity to take over quad. CMF turned the map once again later on but SR were not easily beaten and not even Siv's incredible luck (due to a bug?) not to get squished on his quadrun did not help CMF and Slackers won with a good margin in the end. SR got to choose the fourth map and they decided to play on dm3. Here, SR got off to a great start and some 15 minutes of nearly flawless teamplay dominating CMF with ease. One of the key factors was Hib delaying the very first pent for 10 seconds which later gave Gamer the chance to easily pick up the next pents after taking the ring. CMF got the last pent and it helped them to find back into the match but that was too late and they could not catch up on SR's lead. The last map would be e1m2, the map with which the series started, this time chosen by CMF after discussing a couple of minutes . In one of the most exciting matches on this map ever SR started out great once again. Especially Hib showed an outstanding performance maintaining 100% efficiency for more than 5 minutes. The second half of the match belonged to CMF though who were slowly but surely catching up on SR's lead. The last quadruns by Siv and Striker got them very close to SR and the tension and excitement among the spectators could not go any higher. CMF players could not make the deciding frags though while SR played a clever mix of hiding and attacking CMF positions at the same time giving them a deserved 2 frags victory!
PS - 030522 @ 17:58:09
taken from that, for all u lazy ppl
Legio! - 030522 @ 21:43:00
First of all about those demos, we are having problems with the server and we tried to upload them to something got wrong though, wich we could not figure out what. So that's that, we are still trying to get them up there, even though it's very late, it will be nice for our archives. I have been away for 3 days taking my certification on HP Mono LaserJets. So i was not able to cover the final's as i would've wished. And a bit of missunderstanding in the admin team didn't make it easy. Allthough Icce did what he could and like he states in his post FFS DL the demos :). A Season round up will be making it's apperance within a week or so, so stay tuned folks. To all of you who worship Link's reports and such, all i can say is that you will not see him on the NQR Admin team anymore though. Take care folks.
Link - 030522 @ 23:01:06
Nice to hear that, it means I can now nag on everything :> I would also like to say to Icce that since you are a man of the ppl, as you claim you are, when such a small number of ppl gets to whine 2 CMT maps out of NQR, and then when you see the QW.NU poll, then, since you are a man of the ppl, you WILL do what the majority of the ppl say? Or would that pill be to hard to swallow? It would not surprise me. The clans of NQR are know in the hands of Hellfire Swedes, Paradoks and Kryten. I am sure they will do what the public demands. Good luck and take care you too :)
Link - 030523 @ 04:11:19 ?
panic - 030523 @ 07:02:12
ge mig AFITD tebaka f?r fan, HOBBEX VAR E DU ?!?!
laxr - 030523 @ 09:24:40
undrar fan jag me.. vart e totte och sql d??!?
Kryten - 030523 @ 10:54:02 is undergoing the change from season1 to season2, so it doesn't work at the moment. it will be finished sometime in the next day or two.
Caban - 030523 @ 15:51:05
When will be nqr/cmt2 and voting for three maps ?
Kryten - 030523 @ 16:23:32
i expect cmt2 will be starting within a few weeks. the maps for nqr5 depends very much on how cmt2 goes, and i wouldn't rule anything in or out at this stage. but its pretty clear that cmt maps *will* be in nqr5 in some way or another, and so taking part in cmt2 will be very much to everyone's advantage.
serox - 030523 @ 17:48:41
ireland v england LAN rapture final was more exciting. decider map,e1m2,Ireland win by 1 frag and one Ireland pov had a rocket in his face just about to hit at end. lol.
Apollyon - 030523 @ 19:12:38
Are the teams involved aware of the promotion/relegation matches? I guess not because none have been played so far and i just saw a conversation on irc which left me with the impression that some don#t know about it at all. Maybe it is worth a newspost?
riker - 030606 @ 18:45:16
hehe serox :)


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