2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  NQR season 5  030826  

We have been asked by quite a few ppl; When is NQR5 going to start etc. Is it going to start? And so on and so forth ;).

Well yes NQR5 will start, how soon we cannot tell you yet but in a very near future we will start taking signups from clans. More info regarding signups and this season's rules will be posted as soon as we have sorted out a few things.

Stay tuned folks.

// The NQR Crew


splash - 030826 @ 21:21:49
mogge - 030826 @ 21:22:36
HE HE 2nd comment
Strife - 030826 @ 21:22:40
Legio! - 030826 @ 21:23:18
lagge - 030826 @ 21:25:40
great!! (mogge, u r teh suxx0r! ;)
Firehoppir - 030826 @ 22:40:20
vilka cmt banor kommer med? det e v?ll viktigast att man f?r reda p? vilka maps som kommer spelas f?rutom tb3.. s? klanerna hinner pracca upp sig :) gillar skarpt att cmt banor kommer att inkluderas iaf..
drejfus - 030826 @ 22:58:25
jag har h?rt att alla utom cmt4 kommer vara med...
cara - 030826 @ 23:00:30
samma h?r, sugcrewn har tagit bort bara den mappen! och det var min favorit.. synd som fan..
Link - 030827 @ 00:32:58
Men ni m?ste ju fatta at 6, 7 eller 8 banor en jevla stor skillnad!
caspar - 030827 @ 02:11:18
hrhr, ov?ntad comment d?r link :B maps hade vart fint att f? reda p? dock
Samgorod - 030827 @ 10:40:48
Joo o. Kaikki sanoo vaa, ett? tulevaisuudes... Ehk? sit jouluna alotellaa... :P
Legio! - 030827 @ 11:54:47
Link grow up.
Link - 030827 @ 12:31:48
Grow up? You mean like make-a-decision-and-stand-for-it kind of grow up? :)
Horatio - 030828 @ 10:10:43
I think this years nqr will be less fun than previous seasons. I for one don?t like cmt maps, but if you are going to include them, why not all of them? And if all exmy maps are so bad to play 4on4 on why did we ever start playing E1M2? You are just mainstream and followed clan nines choice 7 years ago. I bet if FF would have played e1m6 or whatever other map, there would have been TB4 now and not TB3. So don?t tell Link to grow up. I think you all should grow up. I for one are looking more forward to Link?s teamup league than NQR5 because then you can play whetever map you want EVEN the cmt maps. I guess i just have to learn to like cmt maps just as YOU all should learn to play EXMY maps because many of them are great fun and they are no more LUCK/LOL/STRANGE than TB3 or CMT. Hugs and kisses from Horatio.
Firehoppir - 030828 @ 11:35:19
Every map exept cmt4? I think the crew should stop drink so much and confuse it with cmt2/cmt5b. Cmt4 is the second most played map in the nqr/cmt league right behind cmt3. and maps like cmt5b and cmt2 aren?t played half as much... tummen ner ;O(
Firehoppir - 030828 @ 11:58:49
and hell yeah give us the exmx maps back to :O)
Kryten - 030828 @ 14:44:49
I'm sick and tired of hearing all this Link ass-kissing. Most of the work he did involved writing match reports and coverage - something he did very well. But please don't be so short-sighted into thinking that he was the only one that put the time in, its just that what he did was more visible to you guys. As an example, this site took weeks of solid coding and we're currently considering plans for a newer, better version. The other admins spend lots of time on other behind-the-scenes activities. I don't like having to point stuff like this out as I don't do this for the attention. But all I've heard for the last few months since Link's exit is how the rest of us don't do anything and Link was the only one who point time in. When our efforts seem to be so unappreciated it doesn't exactly inspire us to put in any more. Link left for a reason, and we're NOT gonna bring it out into the open for the whole scene to discuss (you may have heard Link's version but I'm sure this doesn't match ours). Just be aware that no one on the admin team wanted him to stay, so why everyone thinks the sun shines out of his ass is beyond me.I'm not trying to have a go at Link, I wish him well in whatever his next project is. We are trying to make a balance between what the *majority* of the scene wants and what we think is best for the league and the future of qw (yes, THATS RIGHT, sometimes we make decisions that we know won't always be popular - something I think we're entitled to do as the people that put in all the effort for this league to run whilst getting sod all thanks for it). I don't like the idea of leagues competing against each other - they are all genuinely trying to improve the scene in some way or another, and at the end of the day isn't that what we all want?
Eject - 030828 @ 15:03:34
!! go
stal - 030828 @ 15:17:24
First of all I'm looking forward to the new season. Big thanks to admins and whoever else might be responsible for making this possible. Now, some more meaningless thoughts about the maps issue: After playing with FUDOH, the most active clan, in nqr-cmt, I must admit I'm pretty fed up with the cmt-maps (cmt2+4 are my personal favs among them). It's like a forgotten realm of fun to be able to play some of the exmx now, but since they won't be included in the league we rarely take the time to prac them. Would players\clans have retired from NQR5 if exmx + all cmt maps had been included? Would more players have joined? Would it make any difference at all? Would it be less or more fun to play in the league for the majority? Since TB3 always will decide the overall winner of all clanbattles, I really can't understand the big deal with small map-pool. Also all these "maps designed for 4on4" arguments seem pretty empty in my eyes, since the few exmx maps the qw-scene allready have picked from a pool of something like 30+(?) official id-maps are maps that are more than good enough (and fun !) for div6 -> div2, and maybe even a few clans in div1. Haven't you ever experienced the rush and adrenalin from defeating (or even just performing well against) a good and "feared" clan on their weird exmx homemap? Playing against EQ on E2M7 last season was great, even though we lost by quite a few frags in the end! Why not let Smackdown take care of the hardcore TB3 fans and the "professional" bit of Quakeworld. Let NQR be a much more open, fun and different league full of variety and with the ultimate strategic goal of increasing the number of people playing Quakeworld and having fun doing so. Restricting the number of legal-maps just don't feel like the right thing to do. Maybe a new league that includes exmx maps will be good, but if I could choose, I'd prefer to keep NQR as the really strong gatheringpoint where all Quakeworld clans battle it out on the maps of their own choosing. Kinda like the old quakerank "A Frag in The Darkness", only so much better.
drejfus - 030828 @ 15:54:08
well said stal!
fix - 030828 @ 16:04:57
indeed stal indeed.
m0lle - 030828 @ 16:45:19
Allt detta snack om Bort me Kfjump ? alias osv osv .. ge orginal quake tillbaka ist?lle ge oss ExMx Maps tillbaka!!! PLZ!
Horatio - 030828 @ 18:15:16
I didn?t write that stuff to complain about the admins or saying that Link did all the work. I know that it takes time and effort to pull of a league with division system/site/match reporting and so on. I am just saying that all new "rules" or what you should call them really destroys the way we once played quake. Fine take this season and try the new (well almost all the new) maps and see how it goes. I am going to play and hopefully learn to like the cmt maps. But i think that this league have become too serious. The idea from the beginning with nqr was to allow more maps than sd wasn?t it? And for the players to chill and have more fun playing quake providing seasons instead of sd?s cup system. Well try to play 6 maps for a whole league and after that please tell me who is not fed up with the 6 maps map pool. In last nqr not to mention the one before that, if you got tired of tb3 you could choose to play some exmy map for a change. It provides a more tactical gameplay to get to choose from more maps because if you know that a clan sucks at a specific exmy map an you rock i could provide ez points by selecting that particular map. And also that provides incitaments for the other clan to learn that map and what do you know suddenly there are two clans who rock at that map thus giving quake one more map to play on when they select it versus another clan who hasn?t played it. We will just have to see wich league is more fun when we have played NQR5 and teamup this fall. I am not saying that Link nor any other of the admins was right in this matter. But I for one think that ditching the exmy maps was wrong. And don?t give me crap about too large map pools. Just put all playable episode maps plus all the cmt maps along with the BIG three (hint hint E1M2 is a exmy map) in the map pool. Yours sincerely Horatio.
Legio! - 030828 @ 21:06:13
Kryten, couldn't have said it better my self!Touch?...
Horatio - 030828 @ 21:08:30
I don?t think nqr and teamup (if it will start) will compete in anyway. Just that the map pool in teamup sounds more fun.
razor - 030828 @ 21:25:36
i just think too many leuages will make it boring.. splitups in this little scene is zzz.. and over such a little thing as maps!! tb3+whatever.. is my opinion
cara - 030828 @ 23:30:53
"Yours sincerely Horatio."
Horatio - 030828 @ 23:32:39
[23:28:38] * carapace was kicked by Horatio (not good enough for splatt)
cara - 030828 @ 23:37:24
eid? 8)))))) (c) hf
Horatio - 030828 @ 23:48:55
DIN J?VLA B?GJ?VEL (c) splatt (hint hint this was only a joke, so don?t get any crazy ideas admins)
Kryten - 030829 @ 01:28:01
Haratio: your "e1m2 is an exmx map" point proves how you have missed the point entirely. I don't have the energy to explain *again*.
Horatio - 030829 @ 10:46:31
I have not missed the point at all. What I am saying is intirely true. You cant deny that if 9 would have playd on another map e1m2 would not have been played as much as it is now. So if we could open our minds then and take e1m2 to our hearts, why can?t we do that with more exmy maps?
Link - 030829 @ 10:50:38
I didnt start the Team/Up project to "compete" with NQR. I just got fed up with the neverending discussions about clients, scripts and maps, issues that ppl never agrees on, and in the end issues that apparently only a few ppl decides. Personally I think that some ppl are misplaced when it comes to this :> Being one of the persons that decided what maps to play on, in NQR, then you are doomed anyway: every decision is wrong. I realized I was wrong when we cut the exmx away, because when you think of it, QuakeWorld will never be "pro" or "mainstream" in anyway (unless some mad QW'er gets spoiled rich), so why act like that? I tried to be smart, but I wasen't very smart, sorry :| Because QW is most about fun, and I think the model with TB3 as random map + a big map pool, is the model that seems to generate most fun as a whole. And more leagues for QW is not bad ppl, it's good! I wish all leagues GL in the future, even clanbase :P Kryten: dont get too sick, NQR needs you. And I left because the NQR admin crew decided on 6 maps in NQR5, or you didnt understand that? :> Legio: my sunshining ass always gets a good laugh every time you say "couldnt said it better myself". Now be happy ppl and play QW ppl :>
Horatio - 030829 @ 10:50:51
Because as it is now, they won?t get another chance either...
sexC - 030830 @ 09:04:03
I agree with Razor to a certain extent when it comes down to having too many tournaments, but then again NQR has gone from something fun to something more similiar to SD. Why waste such a good page, active crew and great original concept on such a small map pool? We already have smackdown, other than that we only really need a leage for fun. #teamup provides that fun in allowing you to use more clients as well as playing whatever map you want. I guess time will show what the players prefer anyway, but until then keep flaming...sigh
billy - 030830 @ 09:26:49
yeah, and now its Teamup's time to be something fun, NQR has taken a more important role now in shaping the future of qw 4on4
Horatio - 030830 @ 18:19:47
Shouldn?t all qw leagues be about having fun? Now it seem like nqr will be alot less fun
ehh 8| - 030831 @ 13:21:13
i remember times when people played smackdown with tb3 and had fun :(
fisto - 030831 @ 22:09:00
fan va alla suger kuk! cmt-fittorna kan dra helvete, (ps, i like div-6 players like ztorm and havz) *mys*
Legio! - 030901 @ 12:28:50
Link, the sun doesn't shine anyware near you. And especially not out of your ass, because u have to much butt-boys to please. But hey let's be happy and play some QW, aight? 8]
Legio! - 030901 @ 12:30:44
Oh yeah i forgot. "I couldn't have said it better my self"?
Link - 030901 @ 12:58:47
I thought you wouldn't fall down to this low level of discussion, being the "adult" admin that you are. oh my! :)
Kryddturkz0r - 030901 @ 18:10:38
PlzzZzz, get the nqr going.. *eager' :D
Legio! - 030902 @ 01:11:28
Ok so you admit you have a low level of discussion then? LOL =)..wll i will not waste any more energy on you from now on though.
Link - 030902 @ 12:09:19
How boring
Horatio - 030902 @ 16:04:36
Just get the nqr and the teamup started
PreMorteM - 030902 @ 19:12:35
I totally agree with stal. When playing nqr back in season 2, the single most fun thing about it was that a shitass clan like the axemen could win on a wierd map(e1m5) vrs almost all the elite teams. I guess many other shitty clans experienced the same. All exmy, cmt, tb3 in nqr gets my vote!
Nepra - 030903 @ 12:30:39
Since im not in the cre anymore.. can i have a go at link? ;D' butty boy butty boy
Horatio - 030903 @ 13:21:15
The club for mature people on the internet -> #nqr
Link - 030903 @ 13:39:17
I always thought I had a nice butt, especially in my really old and tight Levis 501
m0lle - 030903 @ 17:09:06
cos it works alot!?
canius - 030904 @ 01:38:58
is nqr starting sometime? or has it gone bye-bye?
Kryten - 030904 @ 10:05:48
read the newspost you've just commented on...
Horatio - 030904 @ 11:01:33
Canius, u should know by now that it lies in the nature of a quakeleague to be delayed...
riker - 030904 @ 19:55:56
f?r jag vara med? eller ?r paradoks och dreeyfus admins igen?
znappe - 030904 @ 20:15:52
du f?r inte va med
Horatio - 030904 @ 21:13:08
klart riker ska spela
Legio! - 030904 @ 22:35:23
Ja du f?r vara med, och du t o m kanske kan f? spela hela s?songen om du f?jer reglerna ;).
Legio - 030904 @ 22:35:54 "f?ljer reglerna" =[
Horatio - 030904 @ 23:41:50
Bra Legio, det vore inte r?tt att straffa honom f?r flera s?songer f?r det riker gjorde, egentligen var det ju ganska kul ;)
m0lle - 030905 @ 10:28:09
Riker in DIV 6!!!
Link - 030905 @ 12:38:25
It is no problem with cheating Riker, just don't get caught :>
znappe - 030905 @ 13:11:32
precis n00briker, fuska r teh enklest
Hagge - 030905 @ 13:13:37
I hope I won?t get caught just because I use aimbot?
Horatio - 030905 @ 13:37:15
Your aimbot must suck Hagge :) But then again, if the enemies are too good for the aimbot u can always drop from the game.
[E] hixen - 030905 @ 14:11:04
stal, very good comment.. nqr crew, why change a good working concept? there are allways ppl whining.. (maybe the ones that lost to axeman on e1m5, due there l33t tb3 skills didnt work) you had a cmt league for all those cmt lovers out there.. why not keep it? not enough ppl playing? (i dont know plz, explain) and why make the map pool smaler?, why only best of 3 rounds? (5 rounds?, could get pretty intressting) dont kill the qw scene, new maps are a good idea, but banning the old maps, is just plain stupid. it's like saying, hey you can't drive around in that old AC Cobra '66 car, you need to have the new Mitsubishi Galant '2003
X-con - 030905 @ 20:21:34
Hixen for president!
Horatio - 030906 @ 00:43:21
znappe - 030906 @ 13:33:28
go hix!
drejfus - 030906 @ 13:44:48
@riker: om jag inte minns fel vare jag och def dom ?nda som var f?r dig... men men, sug kuk.
Horatio - 030906 @ 18:16:43
orka med allt gn?ll
Pink - 030907 @ 03:54:11
Let's get the party starting...
Icce - 030907 @ 22:31:08
Stal and Hixen: We have recently discussed the map pool in NQR crew. I can promise that we'll add atleast 2 exmx maps which will be voted by the clans in signup.
jebur - 030907 @ 23:58:20
I totally agree with stal and hixen. The eXmX maps were great variation to play sometimes besides tb3. Those were what made NQR special and fun, and isn't fun the reason we all play? It also gave an opportunity to the clans that were less skilled on the tb3 maps to at least gain a few points on a "weird" map versus a better tb3 clan. I wouldn't even mind going as far as including _all_ maps to the mappool. And by all I mean all dmX maps, all eXmX maps, and maybe also some of the most played custom maps. That way all clans will have the freedom to choose whatever map they would like to play. If no clan would like to play 4on4 on dm4 then simply no one would choose it :)
m0lle - 030908 @ 00:06:11
Link - 030908 @ 02:35:33
For the 2342342352352 time: adding 2 eXmX wont help, it will just piss ppl off, coz then some get a map they like, and some dont. It makes it even more unfair. This is a farse. Lets bring inn e2m2 and dm6 shall we, I mean, if you are gonna fuck up, then at least fuck up with style. Icce is doing the "we have to please the whiners a little again", by making another mistake. GREAT! Come on, flame me now :)
Kryten - 030908 @ 09:58:23
Oops, think I must have missed the admin meeting. But sounds like a good compromise to me; I must admit I didn't realise that so many people liked playing weird exmx :)
tr0ll - 030908 @ 10:54:13
Why not TB3, 2 x CMT and 2 x EXMX? Like I've been saying before; a player must master a big variety of maps, not only 3 maps which have played over and over again the last 5 years. Admit it, a lot of clans had a great deal of fun (even if the didn't win) when they played on i.e. E1M5 vs. Axemen. I'm not saying ALL, but some of the EXMX maps are great for 4on4 and require perhaps a different tactic and procedure to master, but this only brings more challenge and fun into the tourney. Quake has many maps, let's not choke ourselves and the best game ever with only using a very small amount of potensial maps. Link: piss ppl off by adding 2 EXMX maps? Of course, you can't make all players and clans happy, but all players require to play, so team up and ready!
Icce - 030908 @ 10:57:56
First of all Link this descision was made by ALL admins. Second, we now let ppl vote for the maps which you alway stopped when you were in crew. The farse here is that u Link have attacked us on various forums since you left/got kicked. If u remember the poll at "" about map pool in NQR5 it says: 34% wanted TB3+CMT (not specified 3 or 5 though). 38% wanted to include exmx-maps atleast in any format. Only 5% wanted to keep NQR4 map pool. With this stats behind us we think we do the right thing, no matter what sarcasms u throw up Link.
Link - 030908 @ 13:45:43
"Got kicked": quite amusing, I am getting a Villains Egowhip flashback :) If you feel like I am attacking you/nqr-crew, I am sorry you feel that way (I guess you wouldnt feel like that if I was a total idiot). Kryten and Para is not for eXmX, dont make me laugh :> Troll: you make all players happy with the nqr4 map pool + cmt, and tb3 as random maps. Icce did not stand behind is decision the first time, not the second time either, and now we got a YET ANOTHER decision. That is why I call it a farse. If I read this correctly, they are prolly bringing in 2-3 cmt maps and 2-3 eXmX maps, to get "less" whine. So we are back to stage 1: some ppl get what they want, and some dont, no matter the "quality" of the maps, we are back to voting :) The NQR crew got some sort of "number of maps limit" tocked into their brains, that they refuse to violate. All this is of course just what I think, pure imagination, has nothing to do what is really going on! So dont take me seriously, coz my speculations are prolly dead wrong! (in other words: I am an idiot).
Icce - 030908 @ 14:14:24
If you can read Kryten says it's a good compromise we made right?. And how can you even spoke for Para when you weren't there? You are getting more and more pathetic after every post you make. The only thing you?re looking for is a chance to be ironic. But the most ironic thing here is that it was you who promoted most for taking away the exmx-maps. Now we are cleaning up the mess afterwards.
Link - 030908 @ 14:27:52
I didnt realize you were so full of it Icce. Do I really have to make a copy/paste of a post I have already made? lol :)
Offbreed - 030908 @ 14:51:41
weeiii e2m7 !!
manu - 030908 @ 14:56:25
ohh so we are back again, to this thing nice :>
manu - 030908 @ 15:08:55
why not let all players that will be in nqr vote for everything ? perhaps there are some downsides with this, i have not thought so much about it, but it sounds good at first anyway. Thats how democracy works ? Decisions should be made by ppl affected by them, not by BUSH/SADDAM/NQRADMINS ? //manu
gaz - 030908 @ 15:47:36
gaz - 030908 @ 15:48:01
oh and ukcldm2 ta
Horatio - 030908 @ 22:39:17
Admins: Please make a decision and stand for it. I am not interested in arguing over maps anymore. Choose a few maps and then we play, simple as that. Why do ypu argue about maps and other rules when the majority of the community just wants to play? Don?t push this charade anymore forward. End it here and start the competition. Over ?N Out
Kryten - 030909 @ 01:41:57
personally i like to know what ppl think
Kryten - 030909 @ 01:42:48
btw, the delay is down to me, no one else. i need time to sort out the database and prepare everything for signups, should be done in the next couple of days.
brain - 030909 @ 10:03:26
10!!! 5,4,3,2,1 NU!!!!!!!!!
riker - 030909 @ 13:49:42
dreej: oj sorry l?ste fel, stog bara en massa HF ?verallt. ?r s? kul n?r para sitter som ett barn p? julafton n?r han uppt?ckte det haha. <@GGpS]Nepra> well i think they should be punished <@]SR[ParadokS> hmm ... WUhahuahuahaha...... *N*I*N*J*A* !!! <@hf|legio> ;) <]SR[ParadokS> not my fault riker is ?ber lame
[E] Hixen - 030909 @ 16:16:59
quick question.. why have a voting on maps on and not on nqr page?.. i have never visited but I have been on this page, reading comments etc.. i havent seen any posts about anything on "vote your maps for nqr season 5"anywhere?.. (but then again, i could just have missed it) admis.. why dont take a new map vote, and really go out to everyone and not just persons on a specific page.. we all have our own free pron sites we go to.. just coz I vote on nude britney spears pics on my page, dosent mean everyone get free britney spear pics on every other page, or? and for icce and all other admins.. plz, you want comments on your league.. then plz dont start flamming ppl and calling them names etc.. ppl have the right to there own opinion and if you dont like it, just ignore them, or ban there ip.. just dont let the small children see your bad behavior.. and yes that goes for us users as well.
Horatio - 030909 @ 17:04:28
lol brain, i have heard that old ra sound at ix?s place a long time ago =)
razor - 030909 @ 17:43:22
isnt it best to let each clan give a vote when they make the signup.. link: i think u should just let them handle their own leuage now since u decided to leave..
razor - 030909 @ 17:45:42
and based on the poll with only 5% wanting the old map pool... obviously shows they had to do something with it... and i just think they try the best they can... they dont make decisions to piss us off
Horatio - 030909 @ 18:14:31
good point
Legio! - 030909 @ 18:28:44
HIXEN: All clans will be given the oppurtunity to vote on wich maps they want. CMT's and ExMy's. Quote Razor: "i think u should just let them handle their own leuage now since u decided to leave.." Nuff Said ;)! End Quote.
Link - 030909 @ 19:37:50
I didn't know I was handling the league for them, at least I didn't know Legio felt that way, thanks for enlightning my on that issue, it made things much clearer, I was very fuzzy on that part! I am still allowed to flame my opinions? Or maybe I am not? :)
[E] Hixen - 030909 @ 20:57:16
razor & legio: well i think you missunderstod me, i meant that we the community are given a chans to pick what type of maps, how many maps etc.. for example... how many maps should we include in the map pool, what type of maps? exmx, dm, cmt, other? and when the nqr admins and everyone else see the results of the vote.. and let's say for example again.. that we pick 4 exmx maps, and 3 cmt maps.. then before the season starts the clans can pick there maps as legio said. and razor.. speaks for the whole community? i dont know.. but I think.. if nqr just put up a quick pool or something.. even I would get a chance to vote.. maybe the exmx maps goes up 1% or 40% or down 10%.. maybe cmt maps goes up even higher.. I just say, does it really hurt if you have a pool? I just have this feeling that more then 6% wants the good old exmx maps back.. actually I haven't spoken with anyone who dosent want them back.. but then again.. i could be wrong Link I dont know if that message from Legio was meant for you or me.. I didnt leave anything, if I did i can't remember what I left, sorry =)
Legio! - 030909 @ 21:23:22
How is your league going Link ...?
Link - 030909 @ 21:33:57
Hix: my personal choice of map-pool is the nqr4 map-pool + cmt maps, with tb3 as random maps. It seems to keep the whining to a minimum :) Legio: thanks for caring, you want details on it here on the NQR page? :>
razor - 030909 @ 22:20:07
hix: no they dont... but i just mentioned about the 5% that wanted the old map pool and thats a low number... i really doubt if, the (not too many) ppl that didnt vote there, if they voted.. that it would suddenly become more then 50% that wanted the old map pool... so new map pool is obvious i guess... that was what i was meaning to say... and im sure the crew is trying their best to solve it... link: no u could just simply say your opinion and leave it there like everyone else not flame it all over... my own opinion is tb3+whatever... dont we just wanna play?
razor - 030909 @ 22:23:53
"I just have this feeling that more then 6% wants the good old exmx maps back" yes it is: quoting icce : "about map pool in NQR5 it says: 34% wanted TB3+CMT (not specified 3 or 5 though). 38% wanted to include exmx-maps atleast in any format."
Goljat - 030909 @ 23:08:36
and over 50% wanted to ban scripts. I hope you follow these polls then, naah put to signup polls that do you want to ban scripts and if over 50% of clans want to ban script then lets play without rjump scripts. I hope you also release the result of clans answers to minimize whine.
dak - 030909 @ 23:18:59
I agree with golo on the scripting, but I don't think it would matter as much as the map choices. Maps being right are more important than stopping scripting imo (though one doesn't have to rule out the other, of course) :)
Link - 030910 @ 00:47:00
"Maps being right" - When did anyone agree on that ? :)
znappe - 030910 @ 02:22:38
[E] Hixen - 030910 @ 12:57:00
huh? ban scripts? now i have totally missed something.. are they banned? will they get banned? who even brought this discussion up? dont say clan 9 are back.. they who wanted everyone to play on equal and fair grounds.. and refused to play with pings under 40 vs E.. while they were all in the same room and our ping was around 60-110.. that I call fair sportsmanship.. I understand if someone wanna get rid of those dame quickRl jump scripts.. but then again, scripts have allways been around.. even from the start.. soon we have to play with standard settings.. i dont understad.. stuff like this.. scripts, maps etc.. were never an issue before.. have quake scene really gone this bad, that we are starting to look like the cs scene :/ yes this is whine, but i'm not sure who I'm whining at =) so just forget my commen
Link - 030910 @ 13:09:06
I guess some ppl get pissed when someone steals a Quad at dm2 from rl-high with a push of a noskill-button, and regains control over the map. I am sure you can understand that? However, rljump-scripts are more lame in duels, in 4on4 I wont say scripts has that big impact on the result, so personally I can live with it. But I can't live with a noob 13 ms lamer that owns me in duels though, partly because he uses those rljump-scripts :)
ayv - 030910 @ 13:47:44
@Admins: What is the reason to forbid all episode maps, all dmx maps, some custom maps, all cmtx maps? I had fun back in nqr2 when i was in trash and we lost vs qh on e4m6, vs kalevala on e3m3, vs gamblers on e1m6/e3m3, vs damagers on e2m5, vs axeman on e1m5/e2m2. Sure when I have to play on maps like e4m6 I whined 'what a shit map' but it would be egoistic not to grant clans like qh a nice game on their map. It also was not that less fun for us cause we still had 1-2 games on tb3. It even was more exciting, we had to win 2 more maps on tb3 then and often we played 3 maps instead of 2. The whole match became more challenging. Yes nqr2 was best league i played in. Everyone could challenge everyone. All maps allowed. If you allow many more maps the chance more ppl will join is higher, the chance more maps get played is higher. Mabe many of the episode maps are good for 4on4 but they arent discovered enough yet. The chance will be higher to have new good 4on4 maps if ppl are allowed to play on them. Personally i'm happy with tb3 but if u want to keep as much ppl in qw as possible, maybe maximize their fun they can have with allowing them to play any map they want. Same counts for clients/scripts/... (Post might be a bit confusing, but usually i dont have time to comment on sites)
m0lle - 030910 @ 16:48:33
Tycker de ?r l?jligt.. Om man ?r bra Quaker s? kan man lira alla maps.. ?ven en bra klan ska klara alla maps! QW ?r inte TB3!! V?GA V?GRA!
Horatio - 030910 @ 17:39:42
Spela p? bara
cara - 030910 @ 18:09:21
It's impossible to be top notch on a too large map pool (10 maps for example), games should be able to end 2-0 to a clan's favor instead of 2-1 to the other ones because of plain luck. If one clan chooses the map they are best at, they'll probably win it 'cause it's unlikely that any other clan will beat them on it (if they are smart with the praccing). And the other team will probably do the same, so we have a 1-1 situation, and if the decider is decided by random it's just pure luck who has pracced the map the most. Just some thoughts :] KIZZEZ AND HUGZ NQR-KR00!
Horatio - 030910 @ 18:29:19
Make it a 5 rounds game then, most clans prollyss wont have 2 lol maps they are good at, and there is much more exciting with 5 rounds...
ParadokS - 030911 @ 02:26:01
best of 5 maps is too long. Ppl dont like to play that long for one match.. that is minimum 1 hour, most likely 1?.. plus all the waiting
Horatio - 030911 @ 02:27:06
znappe - 030911 @ 02:48:17
5 would own.. 1? hours is just like a cs-game.. perfect that is, best of 3 is so random..
znappe - 030911 @ 02:49:45
link alla eger dig i duel.. err? spelar v?l ingen roll om dom har scripts eller inte? :(
ParadokS - 030911 @ 02:50:12
hmm all exmx and all cmt plus tb3.. well its an option :) But then it will be so that admins will just start league, confirm match reports and restart league... Maybe we approached it wrong :) This is league made by admins. It's not only a tool for the clans to have a place to showoff results and comment on games.. and check stats, it's also a place where we try to shape the future of QW. Try and feel what is good and what is bad... experiment a bit of what may be good systems. Maybe link is right that we should just allow all, and someone else mentioned that other leagues could specialize in certain map pools like SD, or a custom map tournament. But where r those tournaments ? We dont have consistency in that department, where we have proper competetive tournaments for mediocore and top clans, so i guess NQR is trying to please bit of both sides. Maybe its wrong, and we should 'hand nqr over to the quakers' where all is allowed, all maps r allowed. As more and more crew membres leave, and we still just have 1 man to code the page, maybe it is the right thing to do. But I guess we just do what we feel is right and carry on with our business tb3 some cmt and some exmx and we'll have u fool around on them and give us ur results, and we'll be confirming them =) meanwhile lets see what SD has in store for the leetness department and i will be surprised when Link pull out a rabbit of his hat aswel.
Link - 030911 @ 03:07:44
Rabbits is good :)
Horatio - 030911 @ 04:01:38
Pretty sound thoughts there para, but even if we play on ALL maps, then wouldnt cmt form the future for quake? That would be the news of this season...
ParadokS - 030911 @ 04:20:47
If we allowed all maps, i guess the true good 4on4 maps would be revealed, in this case for the custom map fans, CMT would be victorious nevertheless. But in that case i think more that ppl would be reluctant to play cmt, simply to show that eXmX r good enough, and should never be banned... IMO there r just not enough players and clans to fill out all maps in a longer period. But as kryten said, we wanna take NQR to the next level, and in some way go back to the first season. We think it will be a nice mix, but again u never know :) Maybe we will consider taking 'all' maps, or at least expand the map pool considerable.. i dont think we will ever allow _ALL_ maps. But a 20 maps map pool would be sufficient imo. Time will tell, and a debate sure will not go quietly =) For now it will most likely be a 10 maps map pool, and beside tb3 rest will be voted in by clans upon signup, and we should live with that enjoy the other QW events, as we play 4on4 on NQR.. exchange experiences, tweak our QW setups and chat on irc... like we have done always. :)
Horatio - 030911 @ 05:13:10
yeah, just get it running so we can play, as we always have done
Tuna - 030911 @ 11:22:41
then plz different mappool for different divisions? :-)
Horatio - 030911 @ 12:52:18
Go kryten, go kryten, get the page up, go kryten...
Kryten - 030911 @ 13:08:50
Its partly done =(
Horatio - 030911 @ 13:44:34
good work
Mega - 030911 @ 15:49:22
Hate this waiting! do something :)
Horatio - 030911 @ 15:59:52
I think kryten is. As Skalman would have put it: "Jag g?r."
ztorm - 030912 @ 00:23:38
Kryten. Jag och havz vill spela i div7 denna rundan, vi tror att ett steg upp?t kommer bli f?r mycket och att div6 var lite v?l mycket f?r oss f?ra rundan. Vi vore tacksama om du kunde l?gga med en div7(vi ?r ber?dda att faka i den is?fall) MvH. ztorm (allas lilla div6 player)
Horatio - 030912 @ 01:57:59
sn?lla jag d?r
Kryten - 030912 @ 10:30:18
ztorm. wtf? speak english man!
Horatio - 030912 @ 12:21:29
Kryten: Ztorm said: "Me and havz want to play in div7 this round, we think that a step up might be too much and that also div6 was too much for us in the last round. We would be grateful if u could put in a seventh div (we are willing to fake in it in that case) Greetings ztorm(all our little div6 player)
fix - 030912 @ 15:21:23
well how lame was that? or did i just miss some swedish irony?
Horatio - 030912 @ 16:56:44
Swedish irony kicks
znappe - 030912 @ 17:37:45
swedish irony suck, so does all swedish quakers, they are all morons (including me tsktsk)
Link - 030912 @ 18:23:13
It is not often I can say: "Znappe, you said something smart". Other than that I got no comment :>
Horatio - 030912 @ 20:25:10
svenska spelare ?r iofs b?st :(
razor - 030912 @ 21:17:27
i dont think that was ztorm
Link - 030912 @ 21:45:59
It looks to me as Finnish players are the best. Slackers, CMF, Duelmania...etc :>
znappe - 030912 @ 21:57:23
looks like im the best? znappe - link 26-1 @ dm6?
Horatio - 030913 @ 00:59:07
and what about gamblers
znappe - 030913 @ 02:09:34
they are hot too
billy - 030913 @ 08:54:48
nah, Billy's Burgers r hot as lava and we're gonna fry your ass so watch out :(
znappe - 030913 @ 18:56:32
quad vs burgers 163 - 26 :<
Horatio - 030914 @ 12:13:47
Last comment gg


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