2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
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  At long last - news from NQR!  031027  

Well, hello hello. I know that all of you update-hungry quakers out there are just dying to read some news, so here it is. Since it has been a very long time since the last update, and many many games have been played (actually 254 games now since the start of the season), I'll try to make a long story short for each division.

Division 1 also known as the ]SR[ Division, just had an update so no news here.

Division 2 also known as the American Division.
Chopstick Ninjas dominating this group so far with 18 points from 7 games thanks to their FF lineup and looking good. Second place going to FU and HF with 15 points each. HF still haven't lost a single game! Can't wait for CN vs HF some time soon :) Also Fragomatic have played only 2 games, both won and may still pose a threat to CN or HF. Both American teams in this division are doing unexpectedly well, despite high pings in the games. AG have won 2 games and taken a point in games vs CN and HF! Our friends from the other side of the Atlantic roam on their home map of CMT4. The other American clan, Fired isn't doing so well but they still have lots of games to play, and maybe we'll see some surprising results, as Fired have already beaten SSC! In the middle of div2 we have a lot of hassle going on with clans like the mentioned SSC, E1, AMD, MM, GTG and AG all fighting for better spots. Hixo from FUDOH now leading the fragrank for this division with 61.8 frags/map. gg :)

Division 3 also known as the Dag Division.
It's one of the more interesting divisions if you ask me. A lot of div2 potential clans fighting for the top spot here and no team left undefeated. Currently Vet's are in the lead with 22 points, and Exist right on their tracks. Euthanasia , which has Dag and Space in its lineup 'only' 5th with 16points. Kala are looking very strong this season on 4th place having taken a point against Vet's and defeated both Exist and [E]. Maybe Kala will still attack first place...who knows, would surely be interesting. The other finnish team in this division, Wiinax arent doing that good, and are in the lower part of the table having won only one game, along with PHC, Ax3 and Second. Come on ladies, you can do better than that! NRU close the lower part of the table, but only 3 games played so the points are bound to come rolling in soon. The Russians from BWL are still potentially dangerous so watch this division closely, because its bound to get hot :) Quite unsurprisingly Dag leading the fragrank for this division with a sizzling 76.9 frags/map.

Division 4 also known as the McParanoids Division.
Two clans clearly dominating this division - Hungarian Paranoids with 24 points and 8 of 8 games won 2-0 and Billy's Burgers with 21 points and 7 out of 7 games won 2-0. A short time ago Hell Patrol was still in contention with the leading two, but lost to finnish Lost BoyZ and then to Burgers and now are on 3rd place with 21 points but 2 lost games. Quite a large gap between number 3 and 4 in this group - 9 points to be exact. Nevertheless, Gamblers, Edge, OLW, Dybbuk and Thangorodrim may still well compete for 3rd place with Hell Patrol. I'd especially look out for {T}, because if they win their next 4 games they will overtake HP with the same number of games played. Dybbuk recently lost to the polish Hell Patrol and lost some chances :/ Suicide Commando and Quadaver are still looking for their first victories, with 3 and 5 games played consecutively :( I'd say that Radiant Nails are playing rather under expectations occupying 9th place, and they surely can do better than that! Billy of Burgers just leading the fragrank over Milamber from Paranoids with 68.3 over 66.9 frags/map, 4 BB and 3 Paranoids players in the top 10 of the fragrank! I wonder who will do better when those two clans clash at long last.

Division 5 also known as the Portuguese Division.
Yes, we have two Portuguese clans in this division: TAV and Def's, but they aren't doing as well as the Americans in division 2. In fact both clans from the land of Porto have lost all their games :( That doesn't mean that they didn't show resistance, but it just wasn't enough, combined with the fact that they lag a lot :( I'm quite confident we have a winner in this division already, clan Armageddon from Russia brutalizing their enemies in and taking 1st place with 8 out of 8 games won, looking really strong this season. There's still a fierce battle going on for 2nd place though between El?intarha, Ancient Gods from Finland and Clan Code from Hungary. Caped Crusaders (earlier the Stone Clan) from the USA are doing quite well too, having won two games already, one of them vs Clan Code. Shadow Minions are also underperforming a bit if you ask me, but maybe it's because their starplayer Terror didnt play in all the games, so 5th place currently. DoS from Poland have now won a really close games vs hHh-clan and another one vs Defs and may well be on their way to some higher rankings. The other polish clan, Illumination having some trouble and yet to win a game. Terror from SM leading the fragrank in this division with 68.5 frags/map (I'm not counting players with 1/2 maps played).

Division 6 also known as the Swedish Division.
Eight out of thirteen clans are swedish here, now that tells a lot about this division doesn't it? :) Swedish Osams in the lead just ahead of FNU in second place. Only FNU managed to beat Osams, but lost to other clans in this division, all this making Osams look rather comfortable. Only Gauntlet seem to be able to retake the lead with 4 out of 4 games won, but still to face Osams, so watch out for this game. Only two clans with no victories yet, Scapegoats from (yeah you guessed right) Sweden and the Kurwas from Jihad Warriors. Really hard to say anything more about this division with clans winning and losing against each other almost randomly (but hey it's a swedish division!) Gauntlet, Team MP, Morituri and FNU looking in better form than the other clans so far, each of them taking a point from Osams at least. Case from SKK leading the scoreboard with 67.1 frags/map so far.

Division 7 also known as the Miscellanous Division.
A lot of funny named clans here, some doing better and others worse, but no funny named clan can compete with The AssassinS in division 7 this season. 27 points in 9 games - can't do better than that. Hippushnik are in second place though, and managed to take a point away from ASS. gg :) Four clans without points in the back of the table. Let's hope all of them get some points soon! It's quite probable, as there are still quite a lot of games to play. FIPS are right on the track of Hippushnik having just won against them, so we now have a battle for 2nd place going on. The clans in the lower part of the table should get some more games played soon! We're all waiting to see what more they can show, and a nice place in the middle of the ranking is still possible for Mjoelktand and even The-Djibs or Twiddle. Clan 42 only played one game so far and won it, gg, but we're waiting for more! Maybe they can beat ASS at long last. Purity leading the fragrank with 57.7 frags/map here. GG all clans.

I'm sorry for all you who wanted this update to cover every division more fully but I promise that we'll try to write more often and more detailed updates. :)



FlePser ( 031027 @ 23:07:03
Can i have one McParanoid please :E
znappe ( 031027 @ 23:29:10
lol.. all this crap about 'ff'... ff is dead (playing wc3 actually, but its the same). but a clan who is not dead is CN.. CN is CN as it has been since 1997.. it would actually be more correct to say that it is "thanks to their EnslaveD lineup".. the 5 most active players in todays CN played in the EnslaveD who took part in smackdown3.. so.. why even bother concentrating on players clanhistory? we live in the moment.. and the moment (of div :p) belongs to CN.
znappe ( 031027 @ 23:29:52
(of div2 :p) ... typo.
znappe ( 031028 @ 00:15:39
hm k hm k.. now i ph33r that ppl will take me a little to seriously again, so lets just rephrase.. -> look at the players who actually play IN the games for a clan and not for the idlenames on the teampresentation <- .. no harm done,carry on.. great update otherwise, keep up the good work.
Eta-bETa ( 031028 @ 00:35:12
Great to be able to read about the lower division. When I hardly watch demos at all (except for some of my own, hiehie, B) it's hard to keep up with the clans coming from below (behind?) one day raping our fellow arses. It's great to get some insight into the divisions. I would like to hear more from SKK and I also want to see us in the next update muhehe, this is the week of NQR games for us!
fast_rewind ( 031028 @ 00:36:34
znappe for president \o/
Eta-bETa ( 031028 @ 00:37:01
So we'll see you in div1 next season znappe? Better start praccing more than dm3 then with valla or he'll drop again in the nqr games. B(
znappe ( 031028 @ 00:40:15
hehe, if we stay active in the midseason i would really like to play in div1.. but u never know about the oldies.. shit happends, idle happends :E but we'll see.. and for you who wrote this update i can tell u that CN vs HF is scheduled.. the game will take place on this Wednesday @ 22:00 CET. gl hf.
Legio! ( 031028 @ 00:41:43
Very nice update.
znappe ( 031028 @ 00:41:58
fast_rewind.. i dont like hungarians tho :( they allways own my beloved quadaver :<<<<<<<<<<< fekk 0ff!
xorcist ( 031028 @ 01:00:03
good newswriter there! FU HAS LOST 1 GAME OK?
FlePser ( 031028 @ 09:32:38
have they 15 points?? YEAS???????????????? WTF???? newswriter is right!?!?
znappe ( 031028 @ 10:45:39
"Second place going to FU and HF with 15 points each. HF still haven't lost a single game!" <- it never says that fu havent lost a game :) it just says that they have 15 points..
fox ( 031028 @ 11:42:23
8 victories out of 8 games :) with 3 wo's oh yeah they really rock my world
[D]konk ( 031028 @ 13:54:27
Porto land...yeah right...u drunky bastard =P
pai ( 031028 @ 14:23:15
"Quite unsurprisingly Dag leading the fragrank for this division with a sizzling 76.9 frags/map. " But I thought that The_Dead was leading the division rank with 79fpm from a FInniSh clan mny, but it seems that I was Wrong. B<
wallu ( 031028 @ 14:41:23
what an racist act again from paradoks.... where is mny??!??!!? gg admins but i think there should be no racism in nqr :<
Katsku ( 031028 @ 14:53:21
This was said "I'm not counting players with 1/2 maps played" in the column.
wallu ( 031028 @ 15:17:24
wallu ( 031028 @ 15:17:45
newswriter sucks can i do the next update? :<
Adler ( 031028 @ 16:26:47
Oh shit para, why you are ignoring mny???:<<<<<<<<
Chipi ( 031028 @ 17:01:01
div5 will be interesting though (i know u mostly watch div1-3 games, but this news is about us too:). Armageddon clearly leads the group thats fact, but check their last 4 games: vs Elaintarha, Ancient Gods, Caped Crusaders, Clan Code (the 4 hardest matches for them i think). They have chance to win them all, but i give AG more chance to win this div.
nEpra ( 031028 @ 17:54:58
Division 1 also known as the ]SR[ Division.... and why is that?
valla ( 031028 @ 18:16:41
Eta, det enda vi pracat ?r mot hyphen (alla maps) och ssc (cmt4 och dm3). K?ndes heller inte s? givande att lira dm2 eller e1m2 mot er heller med reservlaget.
Legio! ( 031028 @ 19:26:19
Wallu you are not making any sence what so ever...
Terror ( 031028 @ 19:51:36
Thnx for the nice writing about me :)
FlePser ( 031028 @ 20:49:05
it is not Para's news, that's for sure
Chipi ( 031028 @ 23:08:22
maybe newswriters should sign what they write?
fifi ( 031028 @ 23:23:50
nepra: its because there are no clans that stand a fair chance against sr in div1, well maybe campbusters... just hope cb wont get ping 27 or even 28 in fights because IT IS hard then!
xhrl ( 031029 @ 05:22:38
with all due respect to sr, i think right now cmf looks like it is owning division 1. may be i am missing something? perhaps it is because fifi doesn't dig the manly man's map :p
Katsku ( 031029 @ 08:01:20
No whining, atleast someone was kind enough to write something. ;)
Link ( 031029 @ 12:15:37
"Legio! - 031028 @ 19:26:19 Wallu you are not making any sence what so ever..." lol :> When did he ever make sence :>
Horatio ( 031029 @ 12:40:49
gamblers owning div4?
FlePser ( 031029 @ 13:05:36
sure :E
Legio! ( 031029 @ 13:16:50
Link yeah.. ;)...
nEpra ( 031029 @ 16:10:17
fifi: i had 70 ping when we played you.
mixu ( 031030 @ 06:24:18
"Gauntlet, Team MP, Morituri and FNU looking in better form than the other clans so far, each of them taking a point from Osams at least. " no! we did'nt play osams yet, bold nqr news writer!
Chipi ( 031030 @ 11:09:03
bold?:) You mean bold as brave, or bold as thick?:)
Chipi ( 031030 @ 11:16:35
Fcking bad, that teams playing with so different lineups, some teams dont have a chance against a dagspacehixen... team, others can play a much easier E (I respect them, still good players in my eyes, but there is big difference...).
oosi ( 031030 @ 16:40:58
and fud2 shining and rising! we have 7 won maps and only 2 won games, were coming plz ;)
m0lle ( 031030 @ 23:14:16
SKK is moving up @ div6!
mx ( 031031 @ 08:35:52
heh, nice to mention mny alright, considering there looking like division favourites?:) gg?
razor ( 031031 @ 13:00:25
hmm i sure wouldnt wanna write anyone of these newsupdates and try to write about 80 clans and 254 games in a short version and try to make it good and then still get flames for it :)
FlePser ( 031031 @ 16:16:57
you can try tho and be the first without flames (not even by link)!
zilch ( 031031 @ 17:23:32
I'm actually ranked #2 on fragrank in div4, so billy and paranoids do not have all high spots :< someone has miscalculated my frags
Legio! ( 031101 @ 00:08:38
Yea Razor, but yea...sort of "comes with the job" =/. ;)....
FlePser ( 031101 @ 11:11:54
Zilch, we have like 8 players in top10 :(
billy ( 031101 @ 12:38:43
Sure does Legio :) Its the "beauty" of the job...
oosi ( 031101 @ 12:38:58
heh yep razor, its hard shit to do it without flaming possibility. but this newsupdate is good, keep up good work. there are always comments coming up which tells more about the season going on ;) grats nqr team, youre doing awesome job!
Purity ( 031101 @ 22:06:51
Lol, I'm leading the div7 fragrank and we lost half of our games :P gg team
reppie ( 031101 @ 23:41:47
yeah...they're lucky to have you in their team! im sure you provide a good teamspirit!
Purity ( 031102 @ 00:41:46
Ye I always do rep
Eta-bETa ( 031102 @ 12:45:20
Znappe ;), Valla: Mmm, men vi har nog inte lirat en enda hel dm2 innan senaste matcherna heller. F?rutom i clanbase/smackdown/nqr eller vad sjutton det var senast. Inte f?r v?r skulle jag sa det, snarare f?r er. :) men vi praccar g?rna...
menth0l ( 031111 @ 15:12:51
Armageddon are going DOWN


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