2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-07 EarthQuake vs. Firing Squad 0-2 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-03 Disorder vs. =X= 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
  fs rumbles against the e2m7_experts: EQ  031207  

Too bad that nqr playoffs do not allow for maps outside tb3; no, not for my sake, but for the sake of EQ. Outside of cmf and those slackers, I think this crew is among the very toughest on the non-standard maps such as e2m2. Now the sad news for EQ is that fs is well versed on maps such as e2m2 as well. Though during the regular season these two clans had one of the most entertaining match ups on e2m2 I have seen. That this is idle talk because, as I said above, no non-big3 maps are used, so there will no hope of seeing another brilliant come-from-behind victory on e2m2 by fs. On the big 3, fs is just a more proven clan. If EQ hopes to win, jezaja and his men must prevail on what is arguably the best of fs' maps: dm3, though fs has been impressing me on e1m2 throughout this seasonm as well. But to beat fs on the map where the flying_dutchmen fling off their wooden_shoes and call it home is going to be a tall order. I think the best chance for EQ is to try their luck on the dm2_lottery map; fs no longer has blitz to fight off on that map. But with drefjus in their line up I think on e1m2 fs is very strong indeed; yet EQ is a good e1m2 team. But I believe that fs will take this series 2-0.

I wish strength and honour to all of the competitors who will be doing battle!


error ( 031207 @ 22:12:11
gg horatio
Firehoppir ( 031207 @ 22:36:16
hmm the match is already played :)
Legio! ( 031207 @ 22:53:50
And the prediction was made before the game...
Goljat ( 031208 @ 20:52:40
Goljat - 031127 @ 21:07:07 goljat's famous bet tips about playoffs. cmf 2 - cb 0 fs 2 - eq 0 (sorry eq not good maps in playoffs) ds 2 - X 0 (x give a good fight but ds win two rounds with 30-40frags,) guess who knew it :)))
xhrl ( 031208 @ 21:06:48
hehe goljat we should run an online betting system for nqr like we had for the eso2 duel tourney. btw, bertuzzi is the manly man:)
lib ( 031209 @ 11:01:47
this underscore_gimmick is the most retarded thing i've seen in months. and that includes talking to link :|
xhrl ( 031209 @ 20:41:19
i will try to avoid_it, lib, just_for_you...got_the_idea?
lib ( 031211 @ 14:33:12
xhrl ( 031212 @ 07:04:57
more like indifferent sarcasm....


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