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  NQR 6 Update! League Info & System  040117  

Hello Quakers, fraggers and fellow brothers in arms!
It's almost time to kick off yet another season of NQR, the 6th season! First of all we would like to thank all participants that battled it out in NQR 5, we sure hope all clans had a pleasent season. I know many players/clans voiced their displeasure about no playoffs/relegation games for divisions below 1. But all that's gonna change now :)

We have been very busy behind the scenes planning and discussing the 'new' NQR league system, maps, rules and a bunch of other stuff. We have now finally reached an agreement on all of the above. We think and hope that this new system will bring much fun and competivness for all clans/players involved, no matter which level of skill. We will now present you with the new league system, maps/map system, rules update; such as the updated rules regarding player transfers and nicknames.

League System

As you can see, we have chosen to stay with the 3-1-0 point system, divisional system will be same as last season, only lower number of divisions, and more clans per division, this is due to the changes made to the playoffs section. The big changes are in the playoff stages, where we chose to use an FA-stylish system.

Nations Quake Rank uses a "3-1-0" points system, split over a number of divisions. The divisions are skill-based and so, in theory, the better clans will be in Division 1 and the lesser-skilled clans in the lower divisions. Each clan will play every other clan in their division once, and only once (during the regular season).

The points system works as follows:

You win a game that ends 2-0: 3 points
You win a game that ends 2-1: 3 points
You lose a game that ends 1-2: 1 point
You lose a game that ends 0-2: 0 points

If teams are even on points in the table, the following will seperate the clans (in this order): 1. Map difference. 2. The game between the two clans. 3. Number of maps won. 4. Frag difference.

Playoff system:

After the regular season has finished, the playoff stage begins. NQR 6 contains a totally new FA-stylish playoff stage. The top 8 teams from each division will go into a knockout playoff where lower division teams also can climb and meet teams in higher divisions, because there are no defined limits. All playoff games exept semifinal and final will be played over 3 maps, (semifinals/finals are best of 5 maps). In best of 3, a decider can be agreed upon between the teams, else decided by throw-away system (first picker is chosen by random). In best of 5 (semifinals and finals) both teams pick a map each, after those 2 have been played they then pick again a map each (if 2:0 after first 2 maps, team with 0 maps pick first for 3rd map, when/if 4 maps have been played, the remaining map that has not yet been played should be played as decider).

For a more detailed look at the playoff system click here -> NQR 6 Playoff system.

Maps and map system

Official map pool: [CMT4 DM2 DM3 E1M2 xxx] (xxx map will be decided before season start by a poll. Each clan will get 1 vote when they signup. They can vote for either E2M2TDM or E3M6TDM).

This pool is to be utilized throughout the league, from division games to playoffs, all the way to the finals. You can select any map as your homemap for any given match.

Best of 3:
If the result is 1-1 after two maps have been played, a decider map will be required. If the same map has been played both first maps the decider will be that map as well. Else a map will be agreed upon between the teams, or selected by the throw away system (a team is chosen randomly to throw first map). Example: team1 picks CMT4, teams2 picks DM3 - a decider map will be picked from DM2 E1M2 xxx. Team1 is chosen randomly to throw away first map. Team1 throws away DM2, team2 throws away E1M2, xxx will be played as decider.

Rules updates

No fakenicking/aliasing will be tolerated. Please respect the league and the other participants by using your respective nicks. If we see this: FIRST time we will give you a warning. Second time, the player in question will be a subject to recieving harsh penalties such as a timed kick/ban or a permanent kick/ban from the NQR League.
If a player on the scoreboard is not listed in the members list his frags will ofcourse not be counted. Don't ask admins to add scores of players in your team that were using fakenick during games.

KFjump & other scripts
This is something that has been on topic for discussion in quite some time, on forums and QW sites. Jump scripts such as KFJump are allowed in NQR. We would really rather see some scripts banned, but we believe this is something that should be limited within mod/server/client - we don't want to play police on servers and walk through demos to see if ppl actually used scripts.

Player transfers:
During the regular season you will still be able to recruit 2 players. But we urge clans to respect the division they are put in, and not take in higher division players. As a natural step of player transfers admins have to approve every single request. It is admin policy not to allow playertransfers that will seriously compromise the 'levelness' of a division as it was originally constructed at the start of the season (as a starting point we will evaluate a player and decide what division we think he fits in. We will then not allow him to join a clan more than 1 divisions below).

We are certainly eager to get this season underway, and we hope you guys are as well. The signups will start pretty soon so stay tuned - this will be announced on IRC and here on

// The NQR Crew


Link ( 040117 @ 00:05:58
Domin ( 040117 @ 00:28:41
dREk ( 040117 @ 00:49:01
Nice to have a new season starting soon eventhough I do not like the system as I have stated to some in the NQR crew. Hopefully see a change next season.. GG anyway and GL!
Max Rebo ( 040117 @ 01:03:25
Hrm, well, seems ok but for the play-off system, I don't like that at all, seems weird, artificial and unfair. EG, why should the top8 from DivC be eligable for playoffs against the top8 from DivB even though the bottom 10 of DivB in 3 cases of 4 are better than the DivC teams? And I sure would'nt call it a FA Cup system.
akke ( 040117 @ 03:38:51
i have to agree with max, i don't see it as a very good system
Purity ( 040117 @ 04:13:12
You can see it this way: the top 8 of div5 is going to the playoffs though TEN div1/2/3/4 clans are left out while they are supposed to be better and so on. Weird? Seems like a challenge for lower divs though.
troma ( 040117 @ 04:29:49
max rebo; probably due to the sake of the misplaced clans wich seems to appear in every season of this leage.
sweeper ( 040117 @ 05:39:54
i think it sounds pretty cool...lets try it out before we start dissing it too much, shall we? :)
Goljat ( 040117 @ 10:31:28
pretty weird you can only vote e2m2 or e3m6 map, because e3m7 was really popular in nqr5. :E
Goljat^2 ( 040117 @ 10:39:26
E3M7 - The Haunted Halls Times Played 59 CMT4 - Andromeda Nine (CMT Version) Times Played 53 Pretty weird :E
Max Rebo ( 040117 @ 12:39:28
Hehe Goljat, I thought so too, but I'm biased regarding E3M7 so I let that part go.
clox ( 040117 @ 13:19:56
agree with rullstol, E3M7 - The Haunted Halls f?r alles
ParadokS ( 040117 @ 14:04:58
Actually it's just a bit like clanbase ( ) where you have the diffrent groups (divisions) based on how good clans are, and in the playoffs the best from each group (division) go to the playoffs... here we just give chance to clans from the divisions to face clans from other divisions.
ParadokS ( 040117 @ 14:06:05
There are as many oppinions as there is players about what map pool to use. So 2 sollutions is to use all maps, or few maps that all can play. Maybe just cycle 5th map every season?
Hangman ( 040117 @ 15:27:50
"If teams are even on points in the table, the following will seperate the clans (in this order): 1. Map difference. 2. The game between the two clans. 3. Number of maps won. 4. Frag difference. " If you only play same team once why "3. Number of maps won. 4. Frag difference. "?? It will never be draw in number 2!!? :)
fausto ( 040117 @ 15:56:35
I wonder how it will work.
Goljat ( 040117 @ 15:58:59
hangman, if there are more than two teams wit same points.
Apollyon ( 040117 @ 17:15:37
What, where is the whining? All is good it seems. I like what is coming up. May Rebo: I dont agree with you here because if you didnt manage to get 1st to 8th place then you just didnt play good enough. Yes, maybe those teams are better then the lower divison teams. But those also earned their right to go to playoffs by winning their games. We should get rid of thinking that a higher division clan is always and under all circumstances better than a lower division clan. I am really looking forward to those playoffs and i wonder how many "surprise" victories we will see there. Bottom line: if you wanna go to playoffs then you have to win the games in *your* division and that system is very motivating for teams from all divisions.
drejfus ( 040117 @ 18:00:09
cmt4 :(
TryM ( 040117 @ 18:42:13
dm3 :((
Katsku ( 040117 @ 19:48:23
Sounds good to me, nice work admins.
Max Rebo ( 040117 @ 21:53:01
Look at division 1, you have SR, LA, CMF and FS absolutely guaranteed a place in the top8, that leaves 14 clans fighting for 4 play-off spots, which in turn means that clans such as DIVA, =X=, HF, AQ, Hyphen, HGC will potentially miss the playoffs and instead we'd have teams like (random low div2 and div 3 teams, no offence or praise intended!) Vets, SSC or FAP playing the top 8 for a place in the quarters, that's udicrous. QW is not fotball where amatuer teams sometimes win against the Premier League teams (see the flawed FA Cup analogy above), the larger the basic skillgap is the more certain it is that the better team will win. In the case of a DIV2-team (i.e ranked 19:th or worse) vs the TOP8 in div1, in a three map series with only five maps to choose from, the outcome is 99% certain, where's the fun in that? Now then, the lower divisions is of course more uncertain because of the difficulty in judging the strenght of teams, so this system might have some merit there ......................... The question I ask myself is, why not match the lower half of a division vs the higher half of the division below, while using the proposed play-off system, DIV5 1-8 plays DIV4 9-16, winner plays DIV4 1-8 and so on. This will require more playoff rounds, but if you can play two games a week in the regular season then it's surely no problem doing it in earlier rounds of the playoff. This would only leave the bottom teams of the lowest division without playoff-games. ........................ Btw, Apo, I don't like it when you try to score cheap points implying that I believe that higher division teams are "always and under all circumstances" better than lower divs when I CLEARLY wrote "in 3 cases of 4 are better than".
Max Rebo ( 040117 @ 21:54:37
Ludicrous not udicrous :-(
Legio! ( 040117 @ 22:22:53
I am pleased with the current system we have put together. But you cannot win them all...;)
Apollo ( 040117 @ 22:41:17
Seems ok, atleast the new map pool is way better than last season. Pretty much like Para's column at suggested :)
Ego ( 040117 @ 22:51:01
Well - I think this will be interesting though I don't understand why the Playoff-system was changed from the version that was drawn up thursday night. That system was more like the one Max is proposing (14-10 div1 and div 2 playoff and 14-10 div3 and div 4 playoffs). I guess there's a point in having a system where Div5 clans can "potentially" win the playoffs - but I believe that 8 teams from Div1 just aren't enough. In any case - this is still a big step forward (especially if we can keep the schedule) and hopefully the lower division clans will prove everyone wrong and kick some ass in playoffs. The most important aspect (for me) remains though: relegation/promotion issues and the move to fix the division sizes and avoid reshuffling divisons each season (but I guess I'm the only one who wants to clear that up or?) ;-)
reppie ( 040117 @ 23:28:54
seems fine to me! hf/gl everyone! :)
Max Rebo ( 040117 @ 23:30:43
Can we at least get an explanation from the admins why they've chosen this format? Discussion please!
xhrl ( 040118 @ 00:33:50
i don't think it is useful to 'convince' anyone that this system is effective, for you either like it or you prefer another system. But we reached a consensus about this system on a number points: 1. It would afford an opportunity for any skill level of clan to prove itself in a playoff series, whether it be at the gold, silver, or bronze level. i see this as a something which was sadly absent from last season. 2. It allows clans which enter to vote for one of the maps to be the fifth map. there will be three maps from which to select your clan's vote; simply put, the map that receives the most votes will be used. 3. It makes the regular season games more important for purposes of seeding for each of the three playoff strands. 4. It puts more emphasis on two maps other than the tb3. If the two maps are, for the sake of explanation, cmt4 and e3m7 during the regular season of nqr6, then why not have them be available to select from in the playoffs? a five map pool is not too much to expect teams to prepare for, especially when only two are 'relatively' new to the scene. Most nqr players have an IQ higher than 100, so it shouldn't be much a stretch to say that a high standard of play could be anticipated on these two maps other than tb3. i hope so:) 5. It should be a fun season, as all clans will have a good opportunity to experience some success with this system. this is the main point for me. respectfully, xhrl
ParadokS ( 040118 @ 00:36:36
psst.. xhrl. the gold/silver/bronze isnt used in the above newspost ;P neither is the 3 map vote pool, only 2.
Max Rebo ( 040118 @ 01:55:42
The map pool is fine, but I've yet to see a reason for the top8 div1-clans to fight clans 19-26, 37-44, 55-62 and 73-80 for a spot in the quarterfinals. Don't you see the absurdity of this? What if a potential top Div3 clan gets switched to Div2 in the last Admin conference , now they have no chance of play-off and instead have guaranteed spot in the lower half of div2. There was a lot of switching of clans before last season started, why shouldn't the same happen this time around ......................... The more I think about it the more incredolous I get. Bah!
xhrl ( 040118 @ 03:13:51
yes, para, that is true, but i was trying to give max a sneak peek. max, just wait until you see the way the playoff pool is going to be, no more will you be incredulous, but rather you will likely see it as the james_bond of all possible playoff systems.... ok, that might be a slight hyperbole there, but you will not be unbelieving any longer:)
Kryten ( 040118 @ 13:52:57
to whoever said it isn't like FA-cup... well clearly it is exactly like FA-cup. Lower ranked teams compete earlier on, and eventually the top teams enter the competition at later rounds. It gives the opportunity for some giant killing where some low ranked team beats someone from a higher div. I think we could see some interesting games - sure a div7 clan aint gonna beat a div1 clan, but then you don't see non-league teams winning the FA-cup in football. But they might beat some other higher teams on the way.
Max Rebo ( 040118 @ 14:51:17
Kryten, The FA Cup doesn't exclude 60% of the Premier League-teams before the competition even starts, the qualifying rounds are for the amatuer teams/lowest divisions only. Also, the FA Cup is completely randomized in the drawings after each round.
Katsku ( 040118 @ 17:32:49
Sounds good to me, nice work admins.


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