2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-07 EarthQuake vs. Firing Squad 0-2 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-03 Disorder vs. =X= 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
  Date/fixture errors.  031002  

There is a slight error in fixtures and schedule.
No clans should have 3 games scheduled in same week, but 2 games pr week all the way. Also we will have a game free week plus a catchup week. I expect Kryten to fix this asap so there won't be too much confusion about dates and such. However, it never hurts to play games when you can, and not always when you have to. So do what you do best - frag each other, and we'll try to keep up adding the games =)

As soon as fixtures and dates are fixed we'll post a full overview of season schedule so all can plan ahead. Sorry for the delay in that department, but we actually just missed to tweak that before the season start =)

You can check first weeks game overview @

Bredbandsbolaget QW 4on4 servers are back to normal, check more at
- NQR crew.



Jjonez ( 031002 @ 09:17:09
looks like we forgot to sign up or something. could we still be added? maybe division 8?
ParadokS ( 031002 @ 09:58:26
forgot ? :) 20 MORE clans than last season didn't forget.. and signup period was even longer this time :\
Sassa ( 031002 @ 11:23:10
jjonez you can join maniacs if you wanna! just drop a msg to me on irc
Jjonez ( 031002 @ 14:09:27
i think the rest of goh wouldnt be too happy about that :)
FlePser ( 031002 @ 14:26:07
How come no one reminder GOH of signing up, they are like the oldest clan still active :(
FlePser ( 031002 @ 14:26:26
put them in div5 or something, must be doable :(, me loves goh
Link ( 031002 @ 15:05:25
How can you miss a NQR signup? rofl
Horatio ( 031002 @ 18:37:20
please let goh participate...
jezaja ( 031002 @ 22:04:05
No, rules is rules why include them if they dont care?
znappe ( 031003 @ 03:39:55
lol @ jezaja, if they dont care why is JJ then bringin the issue up in the first place? offcourse it got to be a way to get GOH in, no qw-tournament is the same withouth jj,prakka and the rest of goh, lets start a petition! GET GOH IN! \o/
Goljat ( 031003 @ 08:49:21
naah clan is too inactive if they can't sign up in two weeks.
troma ( 031003 @ 09:24:09
"rules is rules" propably one of the g33kiiest lines since paradoks talk about "obay the rules". Let me remind you still, that this is a computer game. If the poor clan wanna play, just let them. Its not like its messing up the fixture program that no other clan then slackers try to follow..
HangTime ( 031003 @ 10:32:16
Why not have them as "backup" clan who can replace the first low division clan which goes inactive/folds/banned/whatever? Surely that's good for everyone, since their remaining opponents still get somebody to play.
HangTime ( 031003 @ 10:36:58
Oh and goljat, I have seen GoH play more lately than some other clans who have signed up. Also if you look at their history in tournaments, they are usually pretty reliable at getting matches played even if they don't prac "15/7" like some clans...
Icce ( 031003 @ 10:59:26
There are more than one clan that want to join NQR after signups ended. We are gonna deal with this issue asap.
Legio! ( 031003 @ 12:22:39
Its not as easy to let them join or not, it has also to do with the fixtures/schedule. The fixtures are script generated, but Kryten is looking into the possibillity to add a clan after fixtures has been set.
Hagge ( 031003 @ 12:56:30
2 games per week... gaaaaah
Krytem ( 031003 @ 13:59:57
am i? :)
Horatio ( 031003 @ 14:27:23
Well, it would be nice to let goh join in some way, just look at nqr2, they played way more games than any other clan. And besides they are truly great guys and have a high level of sportsmanship.
error ( 031003 @ 16:45:18
As Hangtime said, replace the first inactive team.
Horatio ( 031003 @ 16:49:03
very funny to replace a team that becomes inactive halfway trough...
Legio! ( 031003 @ 18:12:18
Ok let me rephrase that..Kryten _SHOULD_ look into that :)!
Legio! ( 031003 @ 18:14:31
And what does NQR2 has to do with NQR5 Horatio? Yes they where active then, but not even signing up in time? I mean, ok they might..i say able to join in. But if you "miss(?!)" 2 weeks of signup. I would consider that clan/players to be very idle....
Icce ( 031003 @ 18:41:27 funny is it to join a league halfway. If GOH and the other clan shall play at all they shall be in from the start imo.
Horatio ( 031003 @ 19:00:14
suck, orka med dig legio. s? tr?g s? det blir pinsamt
Legio! ( 031003 @ 19:12:29
Dina resonemang som inte h?ller.
Legio! ( 031003 @ 19:13:27
Men forts?tt o f?rol?mpa mig om du vill, jag har tydligen f?rtj?nat det p? n?tt vis? Men det tyder bara p? att jag redan vunnit diskussionen..s? aja.
Horatio ( 031003 @ 20:01:59
ja precis, men man kan ju lyssna p? n?gon som vet lite om det aktuella laget.
[E] Hixen ( 031003 @ 20:54:18
precis, lyssna p? mig. allt f?r qw och v?ran community.. om en klan vill signa upp sig lite i efterhand, och verkligen visar att dom ?r aktiva vilket ?r fallet hos goh tycker jag helt enkelt att det inte finns n?gon anledning att inte l?ta dom joina.. s? mer klaner som spelar, dessto roligare f?r oss alla.. inte s? sv?rt va?
precis ( 031003 @ 21:26:57
Legio! ( 031003 @ 21:52:12
Jag och de andra i crewet har redan f?rklarat att vi ska se vad vi kan g?ra. Men att vi inte kan lova att det g?r, that's that.
Jjonez ( 031003 @ 23:02:31
thanks all (many anyway) for the support. makes me feel warm and fuzzy :) HT lends his voice to reason once again. i wasn't hoping for anything except for what he proposed anyway of course. and i'm pretty sure the admins considered that anyway. we'll just have to wait and see what's possible.
Horatio ( 031003 @ 23:26:38
Strife ( 031004 @ 01:42:58
No games played yet. ????
Legio! ( 031004 @ 01:53:46
Thx for beeing understanding JJ..i can't make any missed the deadline buddy ;). But i'll try ok? It's pretty much up to Kryten, and the fixtures thingy's.
Legio! ( 031004 @ 01:54:13
Yeah, COME ON...start playing games 8]!
Eta-Beta ( 031004 @ 03:06:17
At first I thought this was going to be great.. lots of games played etc. Then I realised that pracs are a lot more funnier. No offense but the maps? I think seriously of making hagge agree on quitting nqr. Bah, clanbase rox :(... /end of whine... Camp for non-nqr!
znappe ( 031004 @ 04:04:14
ye, clanbase is nr1! #clanbase.qw ! :)
Goljat ( 031004 @ 09:49:36
"No offense but the maps?", yeah what a lame system you have to play one non tb3 map in a group game and nomatter if you lose or win that you get same points still. Then quit and get clans who wants to play in like goh. "i wan't to choose everything and if i can't i won't play whine rules"
Horatio ( 031004 @ 11:33:31
We whine toghether, we die together. Campbusters for life!
Link ( 031004 @ 14:42:32
rofl .... :)
Strife ( 031004 @ 14:54:17
I think all clans map voting should have been made public.
Link ( 031004 @ 15:11:06
rofl ... #2
znappe ( 031004 @ 15:13:25
who cares? :>
Link ( 031004 @ 15:19:55
To all the whiners who wanted map VOTING: did you SERIOUSLY think that the maps you voted on would be sure to get inn? My clan got 50 % of the maps we voted for: e1m5 , e3m7, cmt3. We still miss some maps, but since we got 50 % we really should be happy and call it "luck" or whatever. When you want a map voting like this you are playing russian roulette with the maps you want. But you all of course KNEW this when you were happy about the "vote-for-maps" decision? Or did you miss something?
Horatio ( 031004 @ 15:42:20
if u want maps, just wait for teamup to start. need standin stfu?!
Horatio ( 031004 @ 15:52:19
no voting, no 4on4 maps excluded
don sopp ( 031004 @ 17:54:21
you suck link, goljat too
Katsku ( 031004 @ 19:07:26
STFU and start playing !
FlePser ( 031005 @ 21:07:17
Icce ( 031005 @ 23:22:32
We have redone the fixtures in div 5 so GOH can join when Kryten have updated the new schedules. Assasins are also joining div 7 then.
Kryten ( 031006 @ 00:45:08
Will do it first thing in the morning.
Jjonez ( 031006 @ 09:36:53
if you guys want to be really nice you could add us to div 7 instead :) thanks though! where do i send a members list or can I add that myself with a login?
Icce ( 031006 @ 10:04:35
Well we won?t change anything more. It was some job to arrange this part :) You can send email to Kryten with your teammembers and psw to clanpage.
vr ( 031006 @ 10:54:38
Gotta email kryten about the members in The AssassinS or can i find him anywhere on IRC? If email, what more do you need to know?
Icce ( 031006 @ 11:55:11
Besides memberlist we need to know your choice of password to the clanpage.
Icce ( 031006 @ 11:59:42
You can find us crewmembs on quakenet @ -> #nqr.


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