2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-07 EarthQuake vs. Firing Squad 0-2 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-03 Disorder vs. =X= 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
  First games played - Division 6-7  031006  

After a somewhat sluggish start, the first games in NQR season 5 have now finally been played. First week is already over, and not even half of all week 1 games have been played. But don't worry, you will have plenty of time to finish all your games before deadline. You will have both this week plus the catch up week in the end of the season to play these games.
There is of course also the possibility to play during the autumn vacation. But now let's move on to the games:

For some reason the lower divisions have been by far the most active so far. Let's start with some coverage from division 6-7.

The first game in division 7 was played between the german newcomers in SmackThatAss and the swedish clan F?reningen r?dda igelkottarna (which means something like "Save the Hedgehogs Association" in english). After some pretty even games on dm2 and e1m2, FRI ended out victorious and gets 3 points!

Another game in this division was played between the russian clan Hippushnik and the UK-clan super-electro-chickens. SEC also had one player from Portugal and one from the U.S in their lineup so their pings were pretty high. But despite the pings they managed to do pretty well and on dm3 they lost with only a 20 frag margin. The score on e1m2 however was 255-67 to Hippushnik.

We also saw a close battle between two swedish clans in this division: mjoelktand vs. Pigs of Fucking Fury. The first map was e3m7 - The Haunted Halls. POFF seemed to be really good on this map and won with 225-93. Let's see if any other clan in this division will beat them on this map. DM2 however went to MT and e1m2 was a close one, 195-127 to POFF's favour.

Next it was time for mjoelktand to take on the brittish clan FIPS. This game was pretty one sided and both dm2 and cmt4 went to FIPS with clear margins. Apparently FIPS was placed in a too low division, we apologize for this.

Now let's move on to division 6. Here we saw a battle between the polish clan Vampire Reborn and the norwegian clan FUDOH 2. The norwegians fought bravely but couldn't stop the kurwas on neither dm3 nor e1m2. 3 points to VR.

Another game in this division was played between two swedish clans, the battle between the funny clan names: J?tte Busiga R?var ("Very Rowdy Foxes") vs. Egentillverkade Gigantiska Dammsugare ("Selfmanufactured Gigantic Vacuum cleaners")! Lornelin & Co didn't seem to be able to stop the foxes today and JBR won on both e1m2 and dm2.

Another swedish derby was played between Team MP and fnu. fnu were simply too strong for MP on e3m7 but e1m2 was a bit closer even though fnu won that one as well. Apparently one of MP's keyplayers, clox, was away 15 minutes of that map due to IRL issues.

After that fnu went on to play FUDOH 2 this evening as well. As always fnu dominated e3m7 with an outstanding performance by Empezar. Then the norwegians took revenge on e1m2 in a close battle. DM2 became the decider and was pretty close as well, 137-107 to fnu's favour.

Finally a big GG to all active clans, and good luck the rest of the season!



Horatio ( 031006 @ 18:02:27
nice update, keep it up
Ownz Hagge ( 031006 @ 18:28:06
Horatio is the new #1 comment man, Hagge: you have lost it.
Horatio ( 031006 @ 18:35:38
thats cuz i have no job, no school and no life
Legio! ( 031006 @ 19:21:49
Ye nice update Jebur!
Pretorian ( 031006 @ 19:37:11
Great job, all nqr staff!
splash ( 031006 @ 20:52:00
can the clans in div3 pliz stop idle!!!!!!


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