2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-07 EarthQuake vs. Firing Squad 0-2 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-03 Disorder vs. =X= 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
  Second week finished  031013  

The second week of Nations Quake Rank Season 5 has now been completed. The league has now started for real. This has been a really active week with lots of games played.

Let's start at the bottom in division 7 and 6.
Here we saw FIPS from the UK defeating the finnish TF-clan twiddle 2-0 on dm2 and cmt4. Twiddle did quite well considering this was their first DM match ever.
Then twiddle went on to play the Pigs of Fucking Fury from Sweden. POFF showed their strength by taking both e3m7 and dm2 with clear margins.
UK clan FIPS managed to get another 3 points by defeating the german clan smackThatass 2-0. The CMT4 game was pretty easy, but dm2 was more tense: 138-123 to FIPS favour.
Then sTa wanted revenge and played swedish clan POFF. The maps were dm2, e3m7 and e1m2. sTa managed to win all maps except e3m7, after good performances py Purity.
The brittish clan super-electro-chickens faced the polish clan Deadly Guns. This game was only played on one map, dm2, and in 3on3, the other map got WO. The scores on dm2 were 81-170 to SEC.
Unfortunately the game between SEC and Teamkill was reported WO as well.
The European clan Quick Omission is another clan that looks hot in this division. They started off by defeating swedish FRI convincingly on both dm3 and dm2, with the former UK team captain Acquiesce leading the way.
QO then also went on to play another swedish clan, The-Djibs. The-Djibs had a bad day and got spawnraped on dm2 with the scores 441-3. Second map was Walkover for some unknown reason :)
Mjoelktand were another clan to face Quick Omission, and got beaten on dm2 and dm3.
We saw a surprise when POFF managed to break the winning streak of QO and save the last pieces of the swedish clans' reputation in this division :) DM2 was pretty close but went to POFF. Then the swedes showed their strength on e3m7 by winning 70-202.
Then The AssasinS, also from Sweden, showed that they are a clan to reckon with by beating Quick Omission 2-1 in maps.
The russian/east european clan Hippushnik continued their winning streak by defeating the swedish clan POFF 2-0 on e3m7 and e1m2.
After that HIPS went on to play the dutch clan Teamkill. The first map, dm2, was a rape with the scores 5-335 to HIPS. DM3 went to HIPS as well, and this map was played 3on3 since some TK players had some connection problems.
The TF-clan Twiddle also had to face the wrath of Hippushnik, and got beaten on both dm2 and e1m2.
Mjoelktand from Sweden were another candidate to get raped by the russians. The scores were 224-43 on dm2 and 265-12 on dm3.
Finally, it was the same story for the polish clan Deadly Guns who got raped even worse on the same maps.
Hippushnik are now clear leaders in this division with 18 points and 6 games played, followed by Quick Omission on 10 points.

Division 6:
JihaD WarriorS from Poland played their first game in NQR against swedish Team MP. MP had some ping advantage and took home the victory on dm3 and dm2.
Morituri from the UK also played their first game this season, against JihaD WarriorS. MOR took home both dm3 and dm2 quite comfortably.
Next JW moved on to play Osams from Sweden. JW once again had some connection problems, and Osams had no problem at all taking home both dm2 and cmt1b. It seems that Allah and the pings weren't on JW's side this time.
But before the match against JW, osams played their first game this season against Morituri. DM2 was very close and exciting and osams won with only 6 frags! As always the UK people knew how to play cmt4 and took that one home with 171-70. Then on the decider map, e1m2, osams secured their first victory this season by winning 212-100.
Then again osams showed their strength by defeating FUDOH 2 from Norway on all tb3 maps except e1m2. Osams are now in the lead in this division with 12 points, followed closely by FNU on 11 points.
FUDOH 2 also played a match against Team MP. On e3m7 FUDOH 2 played well and won. However, on dm3 and e1m2, Team MP was the better team.
After that Team MP moved on to play polish Vampire Reborn. First VR won dm3 and then MP won e1m2. The decider map, dm2, was played 3on3 because VR couldn't field 4 players. That map was close but went to MP with the scores 112-101 after some hiding in the last minutes.
Swedish oldschool clan J?garna also made their debut this season by taking on Egentillverkade gigantiska dammsugare. All maps were pretty close. First dm3 was won by J?garna after a close game. Then on dm2 and e1m2 Lornelin pretty much dominated the maps himself and secured the first victory for EGD.
Two other swedish clans also played their first game this season. St?l-Kalle-Klanen vs scapegoats. SKK was definitely the stronger team on both dm3 and dm2 that was won by large margins.
Scapegoats then played their second game, against FNU, and got raped badly on both e3m7 and dm2. It's pretty obvious they have been placed in the wrong division.
FNU also played a a game against Morituri. Both teams won their respectively home map, e3m7 and cmt4, quite easy and decider map became dm2. This game was more tense but resulted in a victory for Morituri who stole 2 points from FNU.


Pyta ( 031013 @ 22:13:23
I just want to say to every clan in div 7 that I'm sorry and we're working on our activity problem. We really want to play but never seem to be able to field 4 players at the same time :( Once again sorry, and we'll hopefully get on our feet and start playing soon. // 42Pyta
FlePser ( 031014 @ 00:05:59
gooo div6 and 7, purity, you own :)
oosi ( 031014 @ 05:55:26
fudoh2 played like 3 games but no mention about vs JW neither vs OSAMS. :E fud2 vs JW 2-0 fud2 vs OSAMS 1-2
Legio! ( 031014 @ 12:05:58
Very nice report! :)
nice report but.. ( 031014 @ 12:58:48
..not any info about div 1-5 clans games =/
m0lle ( 031014 @ 16:02:27
yeah get some info about div 1-5 :) ..
hmm ( 031015 @ 09:56:38
Two days have past and you still didn't put any info about others div - whar's going on?
fausto ( 031015 @ 18:33:14
victory is at hand! ph33r us!
znappe ( 031016 @ 02:28:20
more divisions plzzzzz, i dont even know who these clans are (no offense, wp gg) but i want to read about the better teams aiight? :D
Chipi ( 031016 @ 10:34:04
i dont know who znappe is, pls write about him :PP
whine ( 031016 @ 13:38:47
znappe is a suxx0r player that plays in a team wich he really doesnt belong in!
Legio! ( 031017 @ 00:33:44
The other Divisions reports are otw...
znappe ( 031017 @ 02:41:15
thanks whine, its allways nice to see pathetic comments from pathetic people who have to use a pathetic fakenick when he is making his pathetic personalattack against me.. gg mr pathetic :E hope u enjoyed it.. finnished jerking yet? .. (oh) k.. sorry.. guess not.
znappe ( 031017 @ 02:42:12
men bor man i eskilstuna s?, heh :D ja f?rl?ter dig, kan inte vara l?tt :)))))))
v100 ( 031017 @ 12:56:22
swedish spam
Drexciyian ( 031017 @ 14:12:22
ahh cool a low division write up =D
znappe ( 031017 @ 18:15:10
men sn?lla ge dig till k?nna nu d? din t?nt :( ja vill veta vem som e s? feg att han inte v?gar ha sitt eget nick n?r han attackerar mig,, /msg znappe` p? irc.. s? kan vi leka,, mmkay?
forsberg ( 031018 @ 02:55:14
tyst o spela
znappe ( 031018 @ 13:03:54
just det foppa, mr mm2 diskussion mitt i match! :S
znappe-wannabe ( 031020 @ 10:13:25
Sluta vara s? h?ftig znappe.. du imponerade verkligen i matchen emot -FU- =) Puss p? dig


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