Current Week: 12
2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  Who is going to put the firehose on the firemen?  040516  

Will it be the zoo? Hardly, as they fell to americans in what I consider to be a disapointing loss for the beasts in the zoo. I had thought the zoo would force their hand on cmt4, but fired played like manly men and kept the beasts of the Zoo in their cages. So for the Silver Cup it will be Kala vs Fired: and although I love the game Kala brings, I suspect they will be more adversely affected by the higher pings they will encounter in this match than Fired. Indeed Fired are the truly adapt ones at playing at higher pings; there can be no doubt. I think this series will go 3-1 to Fired, though I do hope asp and harsh dudes on Kala can show Fired the true meaning of playing qw tdm from a finnish sauna:)

In the Bronze Cup it will be Holy vs Olw. Being that I was totally wrong about Olw against both the osams and a2k, I am probably totally wrong in predicting Holy to take this Bronze Cup over Olw. I think Olw will take dm2 and dm3. But Holy should take cmt 4 and the episode maps. Rigormortis and daeagle will likely not be upset if they can 'steal' dm3, but I don't think Holy will count it; still less on dm2. Olw are not weak on cmt4, and their chance to take the Bronze Cup will ride on them winning dm2, cmt4 and taking dm3, even though it hasn't been their greatest map through the regular season. The truth I see no clear winner in this Final, and for this reason I predict we will see a close series of games, likely even five games. But nothing has gone as predicted in the Bronze Cup, so my idea that dm3 --- neither team's favourite map --- will be pivotal to the outcome may be entirely out off base. It is just a hunch....a loving hunch:)

Who rub out the Hib? Has someone rubbed out the Hib already? I have tried to reach the Hibster to interview him....but he seems afk or offline.

The Hib factor is the main thing that needs to be addressed by FS and razor in the upcoming Gold Cup semi. Being a best of 5, I predict the maps to go 3-2 to the slackers, maKIng for a much-anticipated LA-SR Final. However I am very often wrong, and there are good reasons for FS fans to think I am wrong in this prediction.

FS will take dm2 and e1m2. SR will take cmt4 and dm3. Many FS fans believe that reppie and his men can take dm3 off of SR; if they are correct, then SR won't advance. That said, I do see the dm3 game as pivotal for both teams. If we do see e2m2tdm, I favour SR.

In faCT, i think the only clan remaining who will take e2m2tdm off of the slackers is LA. As for FS vs SR, I think reppie/blxm will have to raise their games to take out hib and his men; perhaps nerves will be the deciding factor for FS....just staying cool headed might the ticket?

As is my custom, I wish strength and honour to those about to battle!
Rage, rage against the dying of the light....and feel the love:P



  vladde, asp, hib and Milton: get the firehose out!  040509  

These guys are hot, so hot they are igniting the NQR scene into a blaze: put your firehose on them to try and cool them down:)

Yes I know they come out of different divisions, but they all play a very skilled and smart brand of quake. If I were starting a superclan called the 'Canuckleheads', then these guys would make my squad. Milton's moves against kala on cmt4 reminded on the feeling I had when I used to watch pietro storm around dm3 during the early smackdown tournies: jaw dropping skills for his time. Kala did manage to cool down the mighty Milton and his merry band of ssc buddies; but it was not without a solid battle. Vladde has been on my all-star team since last year when I had the good fortunation to see him and the very fine clan X play some highly skilled and smart quake on e1m2; vladde is too manly not to be on such a team as I envision it. Now every clan needs a dag-like guy, but it would be too obvious to recruit him, and he'd probably turn down any offer that would take him away from juanito anyway; so I have to go after another dag-god. Who else but hib? Hib has been one of the most dominanting 4v4 players for a very long time. And I know he couldn't resist a call to join the Maple Leaf banner, especially after Heatley's long range fluke-shot:) As contentious as the question is about who is best in qw....even the other great players on SR would be feeling very amiss had they to play the NQR playoffs without hib....and furthermore even Link would agree that hib is THE_CREAM. So hib could be and would be a very serious addition to the canuckleheads; a man with plenty of championship experience....BIG Quake muscles indeed! My last choice comes from a less likely and a much less obvious source: kala, a clan now awaiting the winner of fired and the zoo for the Silver Cup Finals. I would request that asp join my canuckleheads; for he is none other than the next exile or goljat in qw 4v4, a guy who plays the game for his team. His recent performances against SSC in the silver semifinal were superb; so impressive were his support role play for kala, and so modest was asp about his role --giving all honour to his teammates-- that asp just has to be on the canuckleheads. I hope over the next while to talk to each of these very smart quakeworld players....provided they will allow me to interview them after I have upsurped them from their clans and placed them willy-nilly on the Canuckleheads:P

On another note, I am hoping to see the BGSR vs FS game get played soon. It is hard for me to bet against the flying_dutchman, but I have a sense that BGSR are going to take this series 3-2. FS will likely win dm3 and cmt4. BGSR will likely win dm2 and e1m2; with vladde and mrl on e1m2...and angua...BGSR are 'almost' undefeatable on e1m2 on it. So does anyone else see a e2m2tdm final fifth game with Link coming on to win against FS and razor? For some reason the fifth and final game on e2m2tdm seems anticlimatic. I hope I am wrong:)

Strength and honour to all about to battle. Put the water on asp, vladde and hib if you play against their teams; they are like firestorms raging full-on.



  Upcoming playoff matches...  040507  

Well we're at the semi-final stages now and here's the info on what games have been scheduled so far...

Sunday 9th May @ 19.30CET
Bronze playoff semi-final
Batida Swing vs HoLY

Sunday 9th May @ 22CET
Gold playoff quarter-final
Firing Squad vs Bad Game Slackers

Tuesday 11th May @ 22CET
Silver playoff semi-final
Elaintarha vs Fired



  NQR playoff coverage overview  040507  

Just in case you've missed it, I've been posting packages of all the NQR playoff matches which have been covered by the crew. You can find them over on Here is a handy list of games which have been covered and links to the files :)

Gold playoff: round 1: Firing Squad vs Nobbs
Gold playoff: quarter-final: Slackers vs Fragomatic
Gold playoff: quarter-final: The Viper Squad vs EarthQuake
Bronze playoff: quarter-final: hhh vs Apocalypse 2000
Silver playoff: quarter-final: Fired vs Qandrane
Silver playoff: quarter-final: SSC vs SKK
Bronze playoff: quarter-final: Osams vs OLw
Silver playoff: semi-final: Kala vs SSC

I also posted a quarter-final review/semi-final preview which can be found here.



  some more xhrl: bronze the love:)  040504  

Will anyone actually read the loving care I put into this post? Perhaps not. The guys in the bronze playoffs are having a good time showing their skills to old folks like me....and that's what really counts: the good time. I am pleased that the old and cranky NQR-admins finally decided to provide playoffs for the div4/5 teams; as they have provided some of the more amazing upsets along the way. Well, perhaps not that cranky...but the other adjective applies, as long as I am kept on the crew. Back to the point here....I mean who saw 7th place div5 Batida Swing taking out div 4's 4th place team Jagarna? If Batida Swing can take out VVV, they would face div 4's 5th place Holy in the Bronze semifinals. Swing away Batida! These guys are monsters....even if they don't beat VVV one must give lacuna_coil and his men a round of applause for going so far and proving themselves worthy of respect. I'd expect score and his harsh clan oblivion to take this bronze cup home if rigormortis and the holy ones weren't playing so well; furthermore i am given to understand they are having trouble getting their playoff games scheduled or played with the osams. It looks like some admin lubricant might need to be applied to the area causing friction:) Well let's not push that metaphor. Most are picking the osams to win, however even if they do beat olw, they might still have to beat hhh in the semis. That is, of course, assuming ak2 will fall to hhh, which is by no means for sure if qmole and wilG have their say. Yet, iirc, hhh won that regular season matchup with a close and well played cmt4 game. So the way is not going to be easy for os, however favoured they may be according to their record in the regular season.

I wish the best to all of those clans in div4 and div5 who have already battled, as you have really shown your manly natures! To those who yet to battle: strength and honour.

Sorry if there error or a lot is missing; the accident i was in has left my head in less then perfect operating condition:) But you must've been able to feel the love ???



  some thoughts on some games...  040504  

I apologize to my two big fans to start with. I have been idle the last three weeks; the most recent one because of a very bad car accident and the former two because of work-related obligations. Though because there are only two of you, and because gaz has more than stepped up, many may actually feel glad to have had a break from my rather lame predictions and long-winded, rambling comments with loads of semicolons and all-too-many references to strength and honour and dark_horses and the flying_dutchman.

Yes, I am back, at the turning of the tide.

And so is the flying_dutchman and his men. They will be facing BGSR; the winner will face off against hib and his band of ruffian slackers. It would seem to most that BGSR would be the one to fall to FS at this point. What with the recent public displays of BGSR's in-fighting, we on the outside can only guess that BGSR is fragile and imploding; and that fs has to merely kick them around a bit on dm3 or cmt4 with their wooden shoes and then the in-fighting will start for BGSR. I do expect this series to go 3 games for sure. If they are played, I expect BGSR to take e1m2 and dm2; FS to take cmt4 and dm3.

Accordingly it will come down to map selection tactics. The map on which I think FS has the best shot at upsetting BGSR is e1m2. It would surprise me if the flying_dutchman could lead his men to victory on it, because of the power of the vladde, mrl, angua and ztrm on this map. Yet I have seen FS play e1m2 superlatively well. That said, this one will depend on maps selection tactics and whether BGSR really is emtionally 'fragile' because of the recent 'link&fifi' incident. Perhaps the 'link&fifi' incident will just piss off both clans enough so that they come out wanting to prove something, and as a result, we get one of the best matches of this gold playoff.

The Fired squad have impressed me. I think if they can beat Quadrane, which is possible of course, they will find the ZOO to be their undoing. Of course, I am probably wrong, but as I picked the ZOO as my long_shot, dark horse clan to win the silver playoff at the outset, I am sticking with these comical Finns to take top spot. Their victory over GTG impressed me so much I had to change my underwear; but whether they can take out Fired or Kala or even Quadrane has yet be seen. I have faith they can! And so I believe the fans of ZOO have good reason to keep their hopes high. Watch out for the men behind bars in the Zoo!

Tvs and LA: LA have had amazingly close games against TVS in the past. I recall a dm2 comeback win for LA from a while ago, back when hib played for TVS. I think LA has too much fire power to lose on e1m2 or dm3 with dag on the server. But that is not where TVS' hope will lie. I believe that TVS will take cmt4. And i do believe they stand a good shot at winning it; ironically TVS have become kenya map_man; and they are rock solid on it, Blaze's humble comments notwithstanding. LA will most likely pick e1m2; and they should take it. If this goes to a third map, as I predict, it becomes very interesting to think about map selection/tossing tactics. I favour LA on e2m2tdm and dm3 slightly, but TVS on dm2.

Well that is it for now. Strength and honour to those who have battled and have yet to battle more.


  Round 2 preview  040426  

Hi folks

I have written an article reviewing the first round of the playoffs and previewing the next stage, and it can be found on here. Enjoy :)



  Scheduled playoff games  040421  

We have a direct link to where you all can post your scheduled games. We'll continously update that forum page. Good for you and good for us :)

Post it here.


  Playoff Updates.  040417  

Hello my fellow soap oprah quakers!

It's been turbulent last few weeks for the admin crew, trying to sort this whole mess out with the playoffs. I belive you have been as confused about all this as we have at certain times ;). We have now made the following adjustments to the ladders, and we are going to have to stick with these changes if we ever are going to get this playoff on the road.

GOLD Playoffs Changes:

TOT will change it's place with Hyphen, since that would the be correct way to do it, based on the regular season league positions.

Hyphen vs tVS
Hyphen will change it's place with TOT, since that would be the correct way to do it, based on the regular season league positions.

SILVER Playoffs Changes:

Here we will change the seedings based on the regular season league positions.

The seeds before the changes was like below:
SSC (1)
Kala (2)
Fired (3)
GTG (4)

With the new changes it looks like this:
Kala (1)
Fired (2)
GTG (3)
SSC (4)

The new fixtures are:
Kala vs Assassins
Fired vs Jihad Warriors
Griffins Tappra Gossar vs Vets
Satanic Slaughter Clan vs Maniacs

For further info regarding playoffs use the Playoff Page.

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes might generate.

// The NQR Crew


  playoff issues  040414  

One or two issues have arisen with the playoffs... namely a couple of inactive clans. Divines in the gold playoff will not be playing, and its possible that Boyzone will not be participating in the silver competition. Hold up on playing games until we have sorted these issues out (fixtures might change).

UPDATE: Divines' place is taken by Hyphen. Team Freedom's opponents in qualifier are now Nobbs R Us, and AntiQuad will play FAPPERS, who move into gold playoff. SSC move into silver playoff straight into FAPPERS place.

After a controversial WO gave OLw a playoff spot over Hixos, the admin team has agreed to void that WO and allow OLw to play their match with Hixos to decide who gets the final playoff spot.




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