Current Week: 12
2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  Idle warning.  040219  

Activity is finally picking up, still most of the clans are behind schedule and some haven't even begun playing games yet. This is ofcourse not acceptable so by the end of this week those clans with 2 or less games played will be removed from NQR6.

Each week we will add 2 more to that, so next week we will kick teams with 4 games or less and so forth untill we reach the playoffs. For any clans that has intentions of staying in this league it should'nt be a problem catching up.

We are now in week3, rapidly approaching midway in the division games and things are looking sharp.


  Overview  040216  

The 6th season of NQR is rolling for two weeks now, so here's the time for a little overview. I don't wanna waste your time, lets just see the facts.

Division 5
Neatmeat shows a nice activity, they already played 6 of their games so far, and together with the activity, they seems to be efficient too with 5 victories, and the leading of Division 5. The second place in this division is held by Batida Swing. They won 4 out of their 4 games, without even a maploss. Tho, they haven't played with the "leaders" of the division. Classics on the 3rd place are also unbeated, 4 wins, with one lost map. I think the next 2 clans in the list should not be forgetten too, Veni Vidi Vici and Clan Danube. Both clans have 4 victories and 1 lost game, so they can still arrive to a top spot in the div.

There are only one clan in this division, which didn't manage to start playing their games, so hurry up Oblivion!

Division 4
This division is clearly lead by two unbeated clans, JihaD WarriorS, and Assassins. They won all out of their 6 played games so far, and if everything goes nearly as the schedule says, they must face each other pretty soon. Maybe it will decide the fate of the ranking in this division. The rest of the division shows a nice activity too, like the 3rd Hixos, or the 4th Pigs Of Fucking Fury, with 8 and 9 played games. Altough they both lost some games, they can catch a good position in this div. HoLY can be a sleeping threat, they played only 3 games, but they managed to win all of them, and now they are on the 7th place. We'll see how good they can be, when they face the top of the division.

Good to see that all clans in this division started to play their games, even if only one. Move on guys!

Division 3
The current ranking is familiar to Division 4, there are 2 unbeated clans leading the ranking. Stal-Kalle Klanen and Quadrane have won all of their 8 played games, and i think their battle will be quite interesting. Too bad, that it's scheduled for the last week of the season. The following clans in the ranking already has some lost games, except JAMS on the 7th place, with 3 won games. Maybe they can catch up to a top spot, there's enough time remaining.

Two clans did not manage to play a single game, they are #fnu and Lost Boyz. Move move move!

Division 2
Quite interesting to watch the ranking of this division. The most active clans are leading the ranking, even if they have some lost games. 1st place goes to Fraggers United, they have 4 won, and 2 lost games so far. They are followed by Satanic Slaughter Clan, 6 won games and 3 losses. Team freedom takes the 3rd place with 3 won games out of 4 played. The next 3 clans seem to be still waiting to show their strength, they only managed to play 2 games and won all. In the order of ranking they are Chopstick Ninjas, Bored With Life, and Paranoids. I'm looking forward for the games of BWL, since they already beated the clans on the 1st and 2nd spot in the division.

The activity is not the highest in this division, but at least every clan started to play.

Division 1
Let's see the elite. The leaders of the division show a high activity, with 7 games played. Bad Game Slackers is in the lead with 16 points, hunted down 5 of their 7 opponents. Earthquake on the 2nd spot also has 7 games, and managed to gather 4 victories. Lege Artis played 5 games so far, and lost only one vs. Firing Squad, Slackers are on the 4th place at the moment, but i'm sure they don't wanna camp this position for a long time. To show us their intention on this, they won all of their 3 games. Firing Squad won both of their games, and that performance secured the 5th place for them. We'll see what they can reach in this season. I think taking down LA shows that they are not kidding this time. The Divines on the 6th place played 3 games, but BGSR took a game away from them in a close battle. Fragomatic faced only Hyphen so far, but managed to win both maps. This means the 7th position for them in the ranking. The 8th in the division is TVS, with one won, and one lost game.

HellFire 2LAx4 and The Axemen haven't played a game yet, eh!

At the end, let's see some statistics
1. DM3 - 107 games
2. E1M2 - 98 games
3. DM2 - 94 games
4. CMT4 - 72 games
5. E2M2TDM - 27 games

173 games have been played so far, 95 demos have been uploaded. There are 93 active clans, and 790 active players playing in this season.

The most active clan is Boyzone in division 3, with 10 played games.


  Activity  040206  

I am anticipating a great deal of games this weekend :)
Infact im expecting THIS many games!
Week 1 is not over yet, and the weekend usually is the most active part of a week for QW games. But I do strongly recommend that you start playing more NQR games. I have heard rumors of clans refusing NQR games, because they rather wanna play AM or practice.

but I probably heard wrong ;)


  Player Additions!  040203  

There seem to be something wrong with the script concerning the player addition page. Many players/clans have been reporting that they are receiving an error msg while trying to subject an addition to their team.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


This has been fixed - you can now add your players by logging in on front page.


  Small update  040203  

Clients and Proxies:
As rules state you must use latest official version of fuhquake and mqwcl. Some of you may not have noticed that FuhQuake actually released version 0.31 some time ago, since didn't make news about it. Well, it's there alright and you can download it here at
gibbage fileserver or from FuhQuake official download page


  Important updates!  040203  

Nations Quake Rank 6 has officially started.

The fixtures are up and you can see your schedule if you click on your division to the right and then click on your clan.

IMPORTANT: If a clan is scheduled for week 1, you have untill end of week 2 to get it played before it gets voided (no clans get points). If you want walkover for this game you must ask for it within this timeframe. We don't like playing police and we ofcourse encourage all clans to follow the schedule and be as active as the league requires. In any event if a walkover is requested we will take a closer look and determin wether or not we find it reasonable.

To locate servers you can use ASE - All Seeing Eye or you can use Just click on 4on4 and select sort by hostname and port and click filter to get a list.

We don't have the playoffs system coded or online yet so untill then please refer to my elite notepad skills to see if you are within the limits of the playoff cut and in what seeding group.
You can watch the overview right here:

Season schedule spring 2004
Playoffs seedings

Gold Tournament (updated version online soon)
Silver Tournament
Bronze Tournament (updated version online soon)
(don't mind the dates in the tournament texts, it's the one from Season schedule that will apply)

Match Reporting:
Since we are still using the old page, this means we are still using the old match report script aswel. The script ONLY allows .GIF and .JPG. This is very important, as admins don't like to waste time downloading a screenshot, converting it, re-uploading it and report the match also. So please do what you can to do this right and make a habbit out of it!

To help you out a bit here are some tips:

sshot_format jpg

The following matches should be re-reported using the correct format:

Neatmeat vs SmackThatAss
Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs Hixos

Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvinience and late notice.


  Schedule is up  040202  

The fixtures have been generated and are now active. Please can all clans check that there are no errors.

Unfortunately it is not perfect and some clans may find they have 3 games in one or two weeks, but this is counter-balanced by having just 1 game in some weeks.

Of course, this means that you can now start playing. Go wild! ;)


  NQR On the brink of kickoff!  040128  

Ladies and gentlemen...

89 clans have been signed up and confirmed. Some of the clans have yet not added a roster - so please do ASAP, or we will most likely remove your clan after the deadline has passed.

NOTE: To add your players you must login in the top of this page. Scroll down and find your clan and type in password and add your players. If you don't remember your password msg @]SR[ParadokS on #NQR.

The deadline for signing up your clan and your players is still Friday the 30th of Janurary! So do us all the favour of shaping up for one hell of an NQR season.

As you know the set map group for NQR6 is DM2 DM3 E1M2 CMT4 and a 5th map voted in by clans (1 vote pr clan) from E2M2TDM E3M6TDM and E3M7TDM. Your initial vote is NOT FINAL. If you want to change your vote, do so before the deadline (THIS FRIDAY!) by messaging @]SR[ParadokS on #NQR. I can reveal so far that E2M2TDM will be 5th map unless anything changes.

We tried our best during the season to fit clans into their respective divisions, hoping that the season will be most enjoyable for the majority of the participants. It is however still possible to influence admins on division placements. So let the whine begin. We take VISA and mastercard incase some teams are really desperate...

Other than that we highly anticipate this coming weekend where we will reveal the finalizing of the divisions, what teams will play in NQR6 and you will be able to play (report) your games from Monday! The fixtires will be up during the weekend aswel, so you know who you will play and when. More IMPORTANT info will come online during the weekend, that you should all take notice of to ensure a smooth running season for you as players aswel as us as admins.

Good luck and may the lavagod be with us!

PS: For those interested in the actual schedule and missed in one of the previous posts - here it is: NQR6 Season schedule spring - 2004


  Signups are open  040122  

The deadline for signups has been set to Friday the 30th. Then we will make a last review of signups and be ready to kick off the division games from monday the 2nd of feburary.

So far we have 68 clans signed and confirmed. Frankly this is way below than wehad last season - and I have a feeling there is more activity now. So please spread the word to your friends about the NQR deadline, incase some clans intended to join but for whatever reason are not aware that signup is infact active.

Depending on how many clans join we will have to tweak the playoffs system and teams pr division during the weekend to make the system work. However the system concept as a whole will remain.

To signup CLICK HERE!

!!! NOTE !!!
83 clans signed up so far which is starting to look really good, as we were expecting 90~. If you scan the divisions you will see quite a few are missing in division 5. So if you know some clans that are really newbies, but would like to give it a go in a real league, ask them to join up. The rest in div5 are pretty bad too - no offence :)

So hopefully they will all have a good time.


  New playoffs system  040120  

Season schedule spring 2004
Playoffs seedings

Gold Tournament
Silver Tournament
Bronze Tournament
(don't mind the dates in the tournament texts, it's the one from Season schedule that will apply)

The above is what I worked on and was talked about here. Try and stop talking about how bad the FA system is - we already know that. So that's pretty pointless. Your only alternative is having no playoffs at all - at least I haven't seen a proper system/schedule layed out for us to consider. So here's something for you to consider. It looks pretty good to those I talked with. Before you comment on why the bottom 3 teams from each division don't reach playoffs. Well, they didn't win enough games that's all. If all could join playoffs simply by joining then that would be pretty boring :) Here we have 3 diffrent playoffs, gold/silver/bronze. Each playoffs consist of teams from minimum 2 divisions. So should be lots of good fights imo =) In any way this is better alternative than what we have had before, so unless you can find some really major flaws - then we might use this playoff system for this season.

Also in light of last seasons activity on e3m7 we've decided to include e3m7tdm in the voting pool for the 5th map. When you signup you have to write either e2m2tdm, e3m6tdm or e3m7tdm and we will register your vote.

We are open for signups now and you can signup here but remember e3m7tdm IS included in map voting even if the signup page says otherwise (ill get this changed asap). We might push starting week forward with 1 week, depending on the debate on playoffs system and how fast clans signup. Please keep your critizism constructive and have some perspective. Have in mind the alternatives aswel when you decline a playoffs suggestion. Unless anything drastic changes, the plan is as follows:
Playoffs system will be decided next weekend - signups are officially open on monday (although if you feel confident under either playoffs system please signup now! So we will have more time to sort the clans - this will be most appreciated).



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