Current Week: 12
2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  Clans removed  040323  

Superelectrochickens (Division 4) and Exist (Division 2) removed from NQR this season. Both of these clans wanted this, because they dont have enough guys to finish season. All games against these teams rejected. Also, this connects straightly to the div2 and div4 points, so check out the new points and positions.

(EDIT) Removed also Wartyard (Division 5) and the reasons and actions done same as above.

(EDIT 24.3.) Removed Revolt Squad and the reasons are still same as above.



  Overview of the new dawn  040322  

I only have few lines before the overview, commenting the situation of the QWscene:

There. As you can see, I dont have words to describe how I feel about the stuff, whats going on nowadays. The game itself has lost meaning and something else is taken position... Not good. Anyway, a bit more overview stuff.

Division 5

Lower division situation looks good, guys playing pretty active and they seem to have fun without any kind of admin situations. Divisions lead goes to Oblivion with 49 points, apocalypse to 44 points and boeg (ex FNU) 42 points. VVV in 4th place with 36 points. Too bad, that Batida swing played only 11 matches, since theyre pretty far from the top, even they havent lost any single match. Batidas games 11 wins and 0 loses. We'll only waiting to see them more in action. Keyplayers @ div5 are prolly apocalypse's wilgurht with 95% played and 53.4avg frags.
Boegs Stax has 94% played with 59.5 avg frags and dragon from batida swing with 88.4avg frags, though only 5 maps played. Revoltsquad seem to be a bit inactive and prolly will be removed from league.

Division 4

Really tight top 5 here. osams took a few matches and went in to top three like i thought in last overview. Assasin havent lost a single match yet, but they havent played JW neither Osams. Great matches still coming up. Few keyplayers in div4 seems to inferno from assasins with 64,3 fragrank and in the top of divisions fragrank. 9th place in whole league. Played only 40% of matches though. Also, optimizer from JW looking really strong and been prolly the one of JW's secret weapons. 85% maps played and 59avg frags gives 5th position in division and 25th in the league. DOS, SEC and OLW shows up a bit inactivity in the end of season. Try to cheer up guys!

Division 3

No doubt what clan is surely over others. St?l Kalle Klanen played 17 matches and lost only 4 maps. Points 51, as the second clan Qandrane has 31. Ax3, Armageddon, Lost Boyz and Porn-clan idling, as Maniacs joined pretty late and started playing week or so, ago. Case, Molle and Persuader taking divisions 1st, 2nd and 4th spots, so this is clearly too low div for SKK and those guys. Other keyplayers which I can see, is Grind from Jams, played 100% 25 maps and 44.2avg frags. Nice activity there. Also Qandrane guys melody and ananas taking pretty strong ananas almost 90% maps and melody 100%. 42.5avg frags to ananas and 43.5 avg to mel. El?intarha, jams and boyzone in the top 5 with qandrane and SKK.

Division 2

The battlefield of titans, may I say. Looks like Chopsticks Ninjas going strong by only one game lost and 28 points. Though, Freedom is first just by one point to Ninjas (Freedom leading with 29 points). Paranoids and Nobbs R Us are too only 1 and 2 points down from Freedom. SSC played 15 games and they has 25 points but thats not enough to top three. We have very interesting players in this div. Full of div1 stars, well, div1 stars as they should play in div1, but these guys aint so active nowadays i think. Whajna is the freedom-man with 55.8avg frags and 94% played maps. Chopsies have strong team with CrazyMac, Fah-Q, Forsberg and Dahmer. Fifi in fappers is also the teamguy with 78% played maps and avg 46.3.

Division 1

'Dom whinar alltid', is the name of this division. Here we can have a look at the top 3 clans. Slackers, Lege Artis and Firing Squad. These looks pretty familiar to all of us and they have only 3 points differense. Bad Game Slackers and Earthquake coming behind 1 and 2 points, but they can do still surprises in their last 3 games. Fragomatic looking strong too, played 7 games and only one lost vs ToT. F0m has to face LA, SR, FS and BGSR still. You can really wait these matches! Keyplayers here are prolly SR hib with 100% activity with 64.1 avg frags and LA's dag with full activity too. Dag have 59.4avg frags, which gives 5th position in division and 20th in whole league. Speccable guys are also FS razor and reppie, EQ's jezaja and firehoppir and BGSR's link and angua. We all hope to see tight matches in the future.

Good luck for the playoffs and of course, for the last league matches! QW still rocks!



  Titlefight  040320  

Vote Quake. I had to put this up, since im the greatest fan of QW and Quake ever. Lets take the others down! :)



  Inactivity and consequences  040319  

Every clan that's been removed from the league according to inactivity will also have all their games rejected. This is the most fair way to handle it. Otherwise the clans that've had the opportunity to play that idle clan and get's alot of nice fragstats will have an advantage over the teams that just got plain WO's. Ofcourse this sux for clans that did make a huge positive fragstat against that opponent, but justice must cover all clans not just a few. Next season we'll probably set a max number of WO's for the clans, if they reach that number they automatically get kicked from league. Hopefully that action will stop this wo flooding a bit :)



  About wo's  040317  

There has been a lot of problems in some clans when they've tried to schedule matches. Because of some clans inactivity and stuff, the crew will take this stuff under the concern of what we should do. I hope this post leaves questions to the time after crews meeting, which is thursday 20.00CET. Chill down and try to get games scheduled and played. We will inform players and clans in these pages, after we've made up decisions. Good luck and have fun and don't forget to enjoy with QW!



  Overview and stuff  040304  

Fourth week rolling on NQR and matches played pretty nicely. Few clans removed from the lists because they wanted to, reason was they had no guys for the lineup. But anyways, go ahead for playing, playing and playing! Theres still time though.

Division 5
FNU leading a pretty tight div5 with 2 points before the Oblivion. [O] played one match less than FNU. Interesting stuff, Batida Swing played 9 games and looks extra strong. Waiting the big matches between FNU-Batida and Batida-VVV. TBL has been most active with 17 played games and you can find RaidSoft's interview from here. Wartyard and 2oo havent scored yet, but we'll know they'll get points! Good to see lower divisions in action, div5 still most active!

Division 4
There will be an interesting show, thinking about the last of this NQR. Pretty nice clans in top of div4. POFF played already 14 games, JW 10, Holy 9 and ASS 8. Still many things that can happen! There's also chance to hHh and Osams (both good old guru-clans) which can hop up in the top of this division. Waiting to see those guys more in action. Both played 7 games. Jihad Warriors leading by 2 points before Holy and POFF.

Division 3

Here we have a one over others. SKK have given only 4 maps to enemies and would prolly take a league win. Qandrane played 2 games less with one loss. Jams coming back and prolly putting some real hard stuff to get the top three. Boyzone 3rd, but already played 15 games (9wins/6losses). Dubbuk want perhaps to be in top 3, but only 6 games played. Never know what happens!

Division 2

BWL and CN looking strong here with 0 losses. They've been such a idle though, comparing to the top 4 clans. Time will show what happens! This is the prolly tightest division at the moment, and anything can happen here. Pretty nice amount of played games but we wanna see Paranoids, BWL and CN in action.

Division 1
Ok. The hottest division ever? Biggest games like LA-SR ended for the W.O. and we're only waiting what happens next. LA leads by 2 points before BGSR and divines. Firing Squad took over Lege Artis, which could be count as a pretty nice surprise. Slackers have 7 wins and going strong straight to the top if they get some games. There will be a pretty huge fight to get in top 8, since Fudoh played only 5 games and they got 10 points, like Fragomatic and Tribe of Tjernobyl. Hope there will be right clans in top 8, after this season ends before the playoffs! GL to all.

I suck as a overview writer but gg! And gl!



  More interviews!  040303  

We have now added two more interviews have to our Interviews section. The first one is with a rather unknown player in division 5: RaidSoft who plays in TBL ("The Big Losers").
The second one features Thump4 from Fired, the only clan from North America competing in this season of NQR. Enjoy!


  Interviews opened  040227  

Im here, dont push me down too hard from beginning, I'll need some support etc. But, thanks for the NQR crew for taking me in and I'll try to be help as much as i can. Anyway, interviews opened with Jaguar. Have fun and gl.

01.03.2004 00.30 CET
I just added jkka aka keeo in interviews section. Check out what keeowalk.bsp-man thinks about this all!

// oosi


  To be or not to be...  040226  

Were are we heading? The last days turbulence in qw-community affects us all one way or another. The massive criticism against one of our admins tended more and more to look like some kind of witch-hunt from middle ages. Voices have also been arised against whole crew, where we've been called not so sweet things. We normally let those remarks passes by, because we must use the energy to get things rolling here rather than end up in some useless offending duel. You may think what you want about our admin skills. We are not perfect and sometimes perhaps we make decisions that could have been better, but progress is also a process of tryal and error and if you don't dare try ways that haven't been walked before you just have to stick to the same old comfortable road.

There are people out here in our community with long experience, interesting thoughts about how to lead QW-gaming in the future. But if you want us to seriously listen to your proposals you shouldn't start the dialogue by calling us various invectives. That's not the way to build a sense of mutual respect for each others perspective. We put alot of time in running this league, but we also need fuel to feed our motivation to continue to do so. Now we have to regroup in admin crew after Para's departure and I guess we have to take it in turns who'll stand in the spotlight. The show must go on, let's bury the war axe for now and let us all take a little more care of this "little" (beloved?) community. // Icce


  ParadokS steps down.  040224  

As a result of my inability to be 100% impartial and handling sollutions with wisdom and grace, I have decided to step down from the NQR admin crew. I have come to terms with the fact that my involvement in the league from a participating players pov, with the history I have, can have an effect on my judgement trying to be a 100% active and impartial admin in NQR. I will still be around helping Kryten with the last touch and technicalities regarding the playoffs, but for the remaining of this season I will be stepping down - so I ask you not to contact me with any issues you or your clan may have in relation to NQR6.

I wish luck to the rest of the admin crew and I'm confident that they will have no problems taking care of any issues that may arise. I can only encourage clans and players to do their part. Play your games, report with JPG shots only. So far I must say that I am very pleased. Only 4-5 reports with pcx shots and lots of games played are some of the things that makes it worthwhile piecing a league like this together.

See you in playoffs!

// ParadokS



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