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2004-06-09 Kala vs. Fired 0-3 Silver playoff - final details
2004-06-06 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-1 Gold playoff - final details
2004-05-20 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Gold playoff - semi-finals details
2004-05-17 OLw vs. HoLY 3-1 Bronze playoff - final details
2004-05-17 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. El?intarha 3-0 Silver playoff - 3rd-place match details
2004-05-17 Batida Swing vs. Apocalypse 2000 3-2 Bronze playoff - 3rd-placed match details
2004-05-11 El?intarha vs. Fired 1-3 Silver playoff - semi-finals details
  NQR Season 6  040118  

Hello Quakers, fraggers and fellow brothers in arms!

It's time to kick off yet another season of NQR, the 6th season! First of all we would like to thank all participants that battled it out in NQR 5, we sure hope all clans had a pleasent season. I know many players/clans voiced their displeasure about no playoffs/relegation games for divisions below 1. But all that's gonna change now :)

We have been very busy behind the scenes planning and discussing the 'new' NQR league system, maps, rules and a bunch of other stuff. We have now finally reached an agreement on all of the above. We think and hope that this new system will bring much fun and competivness for all clans/players involved, no matter which level of skill. We will now present you with the new league system, maps/map system, rules update; such as the updated rules regarding player transfers and nicknames.

League System

As you can see, we have chosen to stay with the 3-1-0 point system, divisional system will be same as last season, only lower number of divisions, and more clans per division, this is due to the changes made to the playoffs section. The big changes are in the playoff stages, where we chose to use an FA-stylish system.

Nations Quake Rank uses a "3-1-0" points system, split over a number of divisions. The divisions are skill-based and so, in theory, the better clans will be in Division 1 and the lesser-skilled clans in the lower divisions. Each clan will play every other clan in their division once, and only once (during the regular season).

The points system works as follows:

You win a game that ends 2-0: 3 points
You win a game that ends 2-1: 3 points
You lose a game that ends 1-2: 1 point
You lose a game that ends 0-2: 0 points

If teams are even on points in the table, the following will seperate the clans (in this order): 1. Map difference. 2. The game between the two clans. 3. Number of maps won. 4. Frag difference.

Playoff system:

After the regular season has finished, the playoff stage begins. NQR 6 contains a totally new FA-stylish playoff stage. The top 8 teams from each division will go into a knockout playoff where lower division teams also can climb and meet teams in higher divisions, because there are no defined limits. All playoff games exept semifinal and final will be played over 3 maps, (semifinals/finals are best of 5 maps). In best of 3, a decider can be agreed upon between the teams, else decided by throw-away system (first picker is chosen by random). In best of 5 (semifinals and finals) both teams pick a map each, after those 2 have been played they then pick again a map each (if 2:0 after first 2 maps, team with 0 maps pick first for 3rd map, when/if 4 maps have been played, the remaining map that has not yet been played should be played as decider).

For a more detailed look at the playoff system click here -> NQR 6 Playoff system.

Maps and map system

Official map pool: [CMT4 DM2 DM3 E1M2 xxx] (xxx map will be decided before season start by a poll. Each clan will get 1 vote when they signup. They can vote for either E2M2TDM or E3M6TDM).

This pool is to be utilized throughout the league, from division games to playoffs, all the way to the finals. You can select any map as your homemap for any given match.

Best of 3:
If the result is 1-1 after two maps have been played, a decider map will be required. If the same map has been played both first maps the decider will be that map as well. Else a map will be agreed upon between the teams, or selected by the throw away system (a team is chosen randomly to throw first map). Example: team1 picks CMT4, teams2 picks DM3 - a decider map will be picked from DM2 E1M2 xxx. Team1 is chosen randomly to throw away first map. Team1 throws away DM2, team2 throws away E1M2, xxx will be played as decider.

Rules updates

No fakenicking/aliasing will be tolerated. Please respect the league and the other participants by using your respective nicks. If we see this: FIRST time we will give you a warning. Second time, the player in question will be a subject to recieving harsh penalties such as a timed kick/ban or a permanent kick/ban from the NQR League.
If a player on the scoreboard is not listed in the members list his frags will ofcourse not be counted. Don't ask admins to add scores of players in your team that were using fakenick during games.

KFjump & other scripts
This is something that has been on topic for discussion in quite some time, on forums and QW sites. Jump scripts such as KFJump are allowed in NQR. We would really rather see some scripts banned, but we believe this is something that should be limited within mod/server/client - we don't want to play police on servers and walk through demos to see if ppl actually used scripts.

Player transfers:
During the regular season you will still be able to recruit 2 players. But we urge clans to respect the division they are put in, and not take in higher division players. As a natural step of player transfers admins have to approve every single request. It is admin policy not to allow playertransfers that will seriously compromise the 'levelness' of a division as it was originally constructed at the start of the season (as a starting point we will evaluate a player and decide what division we think he fits in. We will then not allow him to join a clan more than 1 divisions below).

The signups will start pretty soon so stay tuned - this will be announced on IRC and here on

// The NQR Crew



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